Connection is, of the Soul!!

There are many forms of connection  across the world, religious sporting, kindred spirits and even family. I went to a card making day for the United Nations International Day of Friendship at Darebin Intercultural Centre in Melbourne where I voluntarily tutor English to two Sri Lankans, one Pakistani and three Chinese students. They give me a great connection to other cultures.

I made a card for each of my siblings , and I am going to send them on August 7th, which is the official day, I’m not sure how my older brother will take being told how I love him, it’s not his thing.

The quotes for connection are widespread across many facets of life, so let’s begin our travel down the road of being connected to something or someone in our lives.


1. Our connection to life can be like Anthony Robbins screaming out Just do It or like Eckhart Tolle cajoling us to just be in the now . Neither is an incorrect way to be connected to the earth. Kate Perry, OMG, has a courage song : Roar.


2. I grew up in Bendigo and went to  High School in the 1970’s. The  last friend I saw from those days was at least 15 years ago as I had to move away for work. I sometimes regret losing those wonderful friends I used to ride my bike to school with.


3. I’m not sure if this is the cinemaphotographer from Finding Tory, but I have been learning recently that it is not money you work for , it is your time that holds the value. when you lose value ,  you may contemplate this : Rock and Roll Suicide.


4. You can do well at things, but if they are not improving life on earth, why do you bother?


5. I’m sure we have all seen Steve Jobs, Tim Minchin’s and Jim Carrey’s commencement speeches. How many of the people listening follow the advice before they are sucked into the normality of a 9 to 5 job. Fear and Love.


6. And if we could connect to our younger selves, what would we say. Here is what actress Sandra Bullock suggested at a commencement speech she gave.


7. Make your connection with your spirit the best it can be , shoot high.  Terry Teachout (born February 6, 1956) is an American critic, biographer, librettist,author, playwright,and blogger. He is the drama critic of The Wall Street Journal, the critic-at-large of Commentary, and the author of “Sightings,” a column about the arts in America that appears biweekly in the Friday Wall Street Journal. He blogs at About Last Night and has written about the arts for many other magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times and National Review : We are the Champions of the World.


8. Jim Carrey again, I have listened to the speech mentioned above in full about twenty times, if you have time seek it out on Youtube, the one I have included is a shortened version.


9. I wrote a previous blog on Anam Cara, Irish for soul friend, people you can be apart from for years and it feels like a minute and it just continues like no time has passed: That’s what friends are for.


10. There is a saying the greatest compliment you can give someone is to really listen to them. I think this quote sums that situation up pretty well.


11. We are here for a short period of time, do not leave the planet worse than you found it: Peace Train.


12. Not your Love, but your vision, creativity, character, and your passion, then perhaps it has a chance.


13. Because it says so much about our changing types of connection: My thoughts on Google+


14. Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady of the United States and so much more. She said great empowering things, especially for women.


15. And, yes we are getting two commencement speeches in the add-ons, take it away: Steve Jobs.

As I said, different ways to look at connection, quotes, songs and speeches. Some of them are inspiring, some daggy – Australian for quirky, and some just classic.

Namaste until next time, my dear friends.




You are not a Tree!!

I suppose I spent the first 30 years of my life being a good country boy with not much ambition besides holding down a job that brought in some money so I could survive this life.

The first event that really changed it was when my sister rang me near her birthday and asked me had I heard anything about the Forum and would I like to come to an evening about it. Being a good brother I said yes as a sort of Birthday present. I could not imagine I would be running down the main street of St. Petersburg with the sports minister and mayor of that city that is larger than Sydney and Melbourne combined just a year and a half later after running the Moscow Peace Marathon.

This phone call was life changing for me as I had never really taken a look at my life up to the moment I enrolled in the Forum a couple of months later. It didn’t have a lot of effect at first because I sat there knowing what they were talking about. It was only when they said something my egotistical IQ did not understand or believe at the time that had me actually take part in the enquiry.

What changes our Lives? Is it looking across the room and seeing the person we know we are going to spend the rest of our life with, the birth of our first child, or in my case a willingness not to know something. Let’s have a look at what is said about it  out there:


1. How does one change their life? Winston Churchill, known as much for his cigar smoking as his words says it take old-fashioned courage, the ability to continue down the path of life. Lets be Brave.


2. Don’t listen to those negative stories in your head, go and talk to someone else who will point out the lies they are.


3. There will be moments in your life that you rediscover your two-year old tantrum ability, NO, with this I will not put up with. Here’s why MLK was considered such a change leader : I’ve been to the Mountaintop.


4. The meaning of life is not to get your values from mainstream media but from  personal experience, then you truly know how it affects you.


5. Eleanor Roosevelt said the essential thing is to learn and that there is no experience from which you can’t learn something. My mentor Arion says it  like this: Everything is a gift. At times it hurts me when I try to comprehend this lifestyle. You could say Its Living not Dreaming.


6. Do you agree with this?


7. Over to John Lennon: Imagine.


8. How many of the men out there were trained not to be emotive and shed tears because it was not being manly? Luckily our society has changed and this is no longer such a crime.


9. I was just turning 30 when I chose the latter. Let’s hear from the Sesame Street crew: Don’t Give Up.


10. My God, of which I don’t really have one, that hurt. Which type, which pain?


11. I’m a How I met your Mother fan, big time. If you are not you will not know who this proud and out gay actor who played the womaniser of the series is. Such an irony. Here’s Tegan and Sara from the Lego movie : Everything is Awesome!!.


12. Life will not always go the way you want  it to, time for some yachting lessons so you can sail your way back.


13. My friend Emeli says it You’re Allowed, to live your dreams, she’s referring to. Arnie, the terminator in the classic movie series says  it even simpler: I will do! Rise Up!!


14. Albert Einstein , 14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955) was a German-born theoretical physicist. He developed the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics). Einstein’s work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science. Einstein is best known in popular culture for his mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc2 (which has been dubbed “the world’s most famous equation”). He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his “services to theoretical physics”, in particular his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect, a pivotal step in the evolution of quantum theory. His research has changed many lives.


15. Possibly the oldest quote with the youngest and cutest image. Confucius points out how to change your life, begin by taking a step at a time : One Step at a Time!!

The title of this blog comes from another quote: f you don’t like where you are, then change it – You are not a Tree. Victimhood is the booby prize, take that step from tree hood today.

Namaste until next time, my dear friends



Constructing Fear!!

Recently in our country there has been a politician elected who bases her policies on fear and hate, her name is Pauline Hanson and she calls her party One Nation, one nation if you happen to be of white Anglo Saxon descent. She received over 500,000 votes so she is not alone.

Following up on this a mainstream journalist called for the banning of Muslim immigration because she was afraid for her children to walk the street due to terrorism, two people have been killed by terrorists in our country, and yes they were Muslim.

A Muslim journalist replied to her call, here is the video Destruction or Construction. At the end he called for the following, “You might just be angrily tweeting at someone who said something outrageous. What I’m suggesting is while it feels good to choose destruction, right now I think we need to try construction.”

Construction or Constructive thought in place of fear and loathing would create a very different world to what is being created via mainstream media worldwide. I recently watched a mainstream news broadcast and the first six reports were about death, so I turned it off as I would prefer ignorance to this being pumped into my thought patterns.

There are many opinions on constructive thought throughout the annals of time, lets go on a journey:


1. We need to spread this through classrooms, Love and Courage before the eschewed values of the media barons get hold of our children’s minds.


2. As does hate never decrease, you cannot solve hatred with more hatred or fear, it requires love and Happiness. Pharrell William’s Happy.


3. American Speaker, Poet, Lyricist and Author Sydney Madwed was told by his second grade teacher that his voice and the songs he was making up did not fit in so he could not sing with his class. It took him to the age of 57 to rediscover his talent for poetry.


4. It is often how constructive criticism is that allows us to grow from it, imagine if we had an entire Constructive Summer.


5. Michael Leunig, one of Australia’s living legends and greatest cartoonists uses a duck as his image of calmness. Here is the link to his gallery, be inspired Michael’s magic.


6. Henry Ford, inventor of the first mass assembly line changed the conversation towards cars, here’s a classic tune about one of his iconic models : Mustang Sally.


7. What can be done in the name of pleasing people, taking away their fears.


8. In what Waleed did in his video he was questioning that fear and hate only becomes more fear and hate. He was willing to question this paradigm. Question It.


9. We are seeing the danger worldwide of the former of this modalities being the mainstream methodology. Perhaps this should be displayed in every government institution that exists on the planet.


10. If we learn to listen in these situations we would be On Top of the World


11. Audrey Hepburn , 4 May 1929 – 20 January 1993 was a British actress. Recognised as a film and fashion icon, Hepburn was active during Hollywood’s Golden Age. She was ranked by the American Film Institute as the third-greatest female screen legend in the Golden Age of Hollywood and was inducted into the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame. Audrey did not believe her greatest talents were her looks, but her positive, constructive attitude.


12. In their song Aussie Rockers Rose Tattoo speaks to this quote We can’t be Beaten.


13. From the great philosopher Author Unknown comes a piece of magic about where fear and loathing come from.


14. Fundamentally Fear is a choice, Jim Carrey says there is only two moods, Fear and Love. Bruce lee, film star and karate master goes for the latter : Positive Vibration.


15. That little inner voice with those harsh words that have constructed our worlds, I called them your sacred stories that you do not want people to know about you, ever. What if we could tell them with out any attachments, how different life would be.

I wish to believe the stories that what is happening on out planet is the old ways fighting for their survival against the coming of the new age of Atlantis. Our future may depend on it.

Namaste until next time, my dear friends.





Do we experience the Divine?

In this time of Pokemon Go, Facebook, Tinder and instantaneous gratification do we remember what it is to experience the divine? Those moments that make our heart shudder such as the birth of our children, the moment we looked across a room and realised that they were the person we were going to marry and other similar events that fill up our photo album of divinity.

This is the meaning of divinity according to the dictionary, number 5 shows how much our society has changed

Divinity – definition of divinity by The Free Dictionary

1. The state or quality of being divine.
2. a. Divinity The godhead; God. Used with the.

     b. A deity, such as a god or goddess.
3. Godlike character.
4. Theology.
5. A soft white candy, usually containing nuts.
Over the ages much has been said about what constitutes the divine, often dependant on how strong religion was at the time, lets begin our journey down this sacred path:
1. We often place divinity onto our favourite singers yet they never claim it for themselves, so lets go for Peace, Love and Understanding.
2. Daddy-Long-Legs is a 1912 epistolary novel by the American writer Jean Webster. It follows the protagonist, a young girl named Jerusha “Judy” Abbott, through her college years. She writes the letters to her benefactor, a rich man whom she has never seen.
3. One of the dangers of divinity to me is placing it on one character, it splits the world into believing that theirs is right and the other is wrong. Perhaps it should be A Love Song.
4. A Journey of Discovery – Uncover the mysteries of this key time in our history through ancient spiritual knowledge and new scientific research. Studies of specific numbers and letters have led to unusual findings hidden in lost knowledge and ancient mysteries. Unique and unusual patterns are discovered revealing profound links between modern scientists and ancient
philosophers. These new discoveries point to the beginning of a new era.


5. Washington Irving was an American short story writer, essayist, biographer, historian, and diplomat of the early 19th century. He is best known for his short stories “Rip Van Winkle” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, both of which appear in his book The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. His historical works include biographies of George Washington, Oliver Goldsmith and Muhammad, and several histories of 15th-century Spain dealing with subjects such as Christopher Columbus, the Moors and the Alhambra. Irving served as the U.S. ambassador to Spain from 1842 to 1846. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
6. The bard knew that it was in the everyday that we honed our divinity and that it was up to us how it turned out.
7. Doreen Virtue is the queen of Angels, she believe their is A Spirit in the Sky.
8. Cute animal quote of the blog, speaks to the law of divinity and the power of nature.
9.Charles seems to be saying there is divinity in  Every Moment.
10. Samuel Benjamin “Sam” Harris is an American author, philosopher, and neuroscientist. He is the co-founder and chief executive of Project Reason, a non-profit organisation that promotes science and secularism, and host of the podcast Waking Up with Sam Harris. His book The End of Faith, a critique of organised religion, appeared on The New York Times Best Seller list for 33 weeks and also won the PEN/Martha Albrand Award for First Nonfiction in 2005. Letter to a Christian Nation was a response to criticism of The End of Faith. In The Moral Landscape, Harris argues that science can help answer moral problems and aid human well-being. He subsequently published a long-form essay Lying in 2011, the short book Free Will in 2012, Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion in 2014 and, with British activist Maajid Nawaz, Islam and the Future of Tolerance: A Dialogue in 2015.


11. Your Inner Pilot Light, that feeling , that persistent voice that you sometimes don’t listen to, yet what it is saying was the correct path. It is your Divine Lover.


12. Love and Respect for All, Everyone included – a statement of the divine.


12. Yes you are, look in the mirror daily.


13. Meditate 30 minutes a day and you will hear your divinity a lot louder. here is a short mindfulness meditation by Deepak’s meditation.


14. Has society stopped hearing Sacred Love, that space in life where we tell each other our Sacred stories so that we hear our own as well?



15. So when your divinity speaks to you , it’s a good idea to listen. Because your ripple effect could be what the world is waiting for. Your Ripple Effect.

Have a listen fir your divinity daily, It is speaking to you. It may be faded but it will never give up on you. After 5 psych unit hospitalisations I know this for a fact.

Namaste until next time my dear friends.


Love and Respect for All, Everyone Included.

I picked up a pocket guide to The Charter which speaks about Human Dignity, Equality and Freedom. It was promoting the state government where I live in Victoria, Australia Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities 2006. There are 27 sections of the charter covering from freedom of expression to cultural rights.

The title of this blog is a slogan I created about two and a half years ago to explain the ethos of Interculturalism where the rights of all human beings are respected. I also created an Interculturalism Facebook group for people to express examples that they came across , here’s the link : Interculturalism if you wish to join us.

Human rights are a subject that a lot of well known people have spoken on and I had many to choose my 15 examples from, lets begin our journey.


1. Unfortunately where I live in Australia we have been doing this for several years by detaining people in concentration camp conditions on off shore facilities. The fact that some staff refer to people by their boat number and not their name speaks very loudly that human rights do not exist in these facilities.


Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth. – Abraham Lincoln, the last independent nominee elected as the president of the United States. Unfortunately some countries seem to have forgotten this.
BQ_OLD_IE = true;


3. A member of the German Greens party Volker Beck is an outspoken supporter of gay rights and recompense for families persecuted by the Nazi’s. In 2006, Beck sponsored an anti-discrimination act in civil law and at the workplace, outlawing discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, sex, sexual identity, religion, age, and disability.


4. Anyone can be a champion of human rights, politicians, TV personalities, You.


5. The youngest Nobel Prize winner Malala is afraid of no one in her quest for equal rights, especially through the right to education. Peter Tosh sang a great song about this in the 70’s : Equal Rights and Justice.


6. Gandhi freed a nation from the oppression of the British Empirical rule but never gave up his belief that humankind was fundamentally good, dirty drops do not spoil the masses of great human beings out there.


7. I have the entire speech made by Martin Luther King, now so do you : I have a dream. Listen to this when you need to be inspired.


8. Sometimes I think it’s sad that we need to have a day to remind us of this. I look forward to the day it is no longer required.


9. Harriet Tubman  was an American abolitionist, humanitarian, and an armed scout and spy for the United States Army during the American Civil War. Born into slavery, Tubman escaped and subsequently made some thirteen missions to rescue approximately seventy enslaved families and friends, using the network of antislavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad. She later helped abolitionist John Brown recruit men for his raid on Harper’s Ferry, and in the post-war era was an active participant in the struggle for women’s suffrage. This song demonstrates what Harriet did beautifully : I’ll Fly Away.


10. Remember that curiosity and joy that babies have, everything is a gift in life. Why do we train them to forget this? Love is all you need and underlies all emotions.


11. What if everybody was Perfect. Pink thinks so: Perfect.


12. If you know another you can not really hate.


13. As Homer would say Doh!! YMCA.


14. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a declaration adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948 at the Palais de Chaillot, Paris. The Declaration arose directly from the experience of the Second World War and represents the first global expression of what many people believe to be the rights to which all human beings are inherently entitled. The full text is published by the United Nations on its website.


15. This is a struggle worth getting up for. As the Warriors of Love the Beatles sang back in the day: All you need is love.  And as Arudhati Roy stated: Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.

They are the rights of all people on our beloved planet, we have just forgotten and became focused on other crazy things such as war, profit and other such hedonistic pastimes. Lets give it up for Lent or Ramadan.

Namaste until  next time my dear friends.





I’ve got the Music in Me!!

I have 33,000 songs in my Itunes library, I subscribe to Apple My music, Spotify, have 130 albums on my Bandcamp play list, Mixcloud, Soundcloud and am subscibed to about 300 musicians webpages: so the above statement is my truth.

I cannot play an instrument as my right and left hand do not talk to each other but my dear friend Kavisha Mazzella taught me to sing as a member of The Moon’s a Balloon choir which I honour her for each and every day. The secret is learning to listen not to sing the words. Here is one of her songs to explain why she has such an exquisite ability to do so: Invisible Indivisible.

There are a lot of quotes about the love of music and it is my joy to select them and interpret what they mean to me: Here we go –


1. This statement is very truthful, I have never been able to get into death metal or people who are racist and sexist.


2. I am sure we all have our favourite up and down songs, probably two or three. Think of yours as you listen to one of my all time fave love songs: Let’s Stay Together.


3. Feelings are said to have colours, I agree with the sentiment expressed in this quotes that they also have sounds, rage is aargh and love is aaw to me.


4. You can be stock still to it, you can also be in a state of total chaos but there is always a solution to whatever problem you are facing in your music collection, it might even be the sounds of nature.20 minutes of natures bliss.


5. Because I like puns.


6. Seems Plato was a music dude as well as one of the worlds great philosophers. Here’s some Soul of the Universe music : I am a Soul.


7. Unlike native languages music is understood in every country on every continent of our planet. From Antarctica to Iceland the dulcet tones of an instrument can unite people from all races.


8. Well, I didn’t expect her to be a news anchor. Here’s a news musical Clip: Not the 9 O’clock news.


9. You can put her on in the mood you need to talk about at any time and it doesn’t cost you 200 dollars.


10. How often have you heard music being performed where you forget to eat and drink. I recently went to see one of my favourite ex rock gods Stephen Cummings, lead singer of one of Australia biggest bands in the 1970’s the Sports now a much loved singer songwriter who plays to crowds of 40, here is one of my favourite Steve songs: When Love comes Back to Haunt You.


11. Kavisha, who I mentioned before used to lead a session called Empty Sky, there would be 5 minute breaks of silence between silence. She believed that was where the magic and the healing lay.


12. Not Might mouse Modest Mouse, they are actually a band – The band’s name is derived from a passage from the Virginia Woolf story “The Mark on the Wall,” which reads, “I wish I could hit upon a pleasant track of thought, a track indirectly reflecting credit upon myself, for those are the pleasantest thoughts, and very frequent even in the minds of modest, mouse-coloured people, who believe genuinely that they dislike to hear their own praises. In Australia there is only one song you can use to depict the soul, here it is: Soul Kind of Feeling.


13. Best known for his Fanfare for the Common Man, Aaron Copland was an American composer, composition teacher, writer, and later in his career a conductor of his own and other American music. Instrumental in forging a distinctly American style of composition, in his later years he was often referred to as “the Dean of American Composers” and is best known to the public for the works he wrote in the 1930s and 1940s in a deliberately accessible style often referred to as “populist” and which the composer labelled his “vernacular” style.


14. Yes it’s mi-spelt but that is the joy of this form of music , its can be corny and yet so deep. My favourite is alternative country and my favourite artist : Gillian Welch.



15. As my musical ownership list proves , I totally believe in music, and I also believe in Unicorns.

pink unicorn 

Thanks for letting me write about my addiction once again, every little bit heelp on the path to recovery.

Namaste until next time my dear friends







Relax, Renew, Refresh!!

I have just begun to be able to relax again as I have had an injury caused by being pulled around the floor for three minutes to experience what it felt like to fly. Bring on three weeks of sleepless nights a lot of pain and  looks when I told people as to how it happened that I am a slightly unconnected individual.

I suppose we don’t really think how quickly our ability to relax and chill can be taken away from us, I hope I have learnt my lesson that relaxing take something as does stressing. Its amazing how many quotes on relaxing feature cute pictures of cats and dogs so I tried not to include to many in the 15 I have chosen to discuss this worthy subject, Let us begin our journey.


1. How many times a day do we forget this little mantra. Frankie goes to Hollywood implores us to Relax, don’t do It.


2. Which way do you wake up, I’m a bit of both.


3. This is possibly what my very fat in law cat Lhasa looked like as a kitten, cats have it all over their canine friends in the relaxing stakes.


4. The Chinese have given much to the world, one of the things is great philosophers who come up with great quotes. This is one of them.


5. Remember to include in your daily to do list time to do stuff like this, laying on the earth is very good for you.


6. Relaxation travels with its mates, here’s a group photo of them just chilling.


7. Relax, take it easy is a song that comes to mind when I think of the baths I have had over my life time : Mika’s beautiful song


8. My father was a teacher, as well as one sister and the other one was a lecturer. Sometimes the system in our country doesn’t allow for this as their marking time is not included in their attendance at the actual school. Cute Polar Bear.


9. I believe that being in the presence of love is one of the most relaxing things you can do in your life. Find a loving community, family and friends and your stress will lower immediately.


10. Now this is one relaxed looking dude, bet he’s rocking out some awesome licks.


11. Our society has become so busy that there are even books being written on how to relax, I think the title of this particular book speaks to how difficult we have made a simple pastime.


12. If you find a job or career you love, you will not work another day in your life. Allan Watts agrees with sense of relaxed play in Life: Allan Watts on Relaxation.


13. One quote I did not choose said 7.45 roll over for a five minute nap, wake up at 8.30. have a 5 minute nap at work at 1.30 , wake up at 1.31 pm. Wayne Dyer’s quote speaks to something entirely different.


14. Had to sneak in one for the dog lovers, He/She looks super relaxed.


15. And we’ll finish with one of the most chilled out songs about relaxing. Take it away Mr. Marley :Don’t Worry ’bout a Thing.

So lets commit to living a more relaxed life and add some years to our time on Earth.

Namaste until next time, my dear friends.

It’s always Changing. Life that Is!!

I found out recently a friend had passed. He was young and it was unexpected, it was not in a nice way. I’ll leave it to your imagination. Everybody said that their life had been changed by the event and that it was not meant to happen that way. A wise friend then stated that we needed to be living our lives  like that each moment could be our last .

Someone stated that was impossible as our mind and thoughts were so static about what life consisted of. This led to a healthy discussion as to whether this was true for each individual. It turned out about 50/50, we are close friends who are willing to go the distance and support each other in what’s so for each other.

So what does society say about a changing life. Here are 15 views on it that come from both sides of the bench: Let us begin our journey.


1. I think they left the word belong out of this quote. Paulo Coelho de Souza is a Brazilian lyricist and novelist. He is the recipient of numerous international awards, amongst them the Crystal Award by the World Economic Forum. His novel The Alchemist has been translated into 80 languages. The author has sold over 200 million copies worldwide and is the all-time bestselling Portuguese language author.


2. This quote speaks to me of the power of remaining in the Now, not relying on the past or the future to sustain a life, but to enjoy the blissful moments we spend with our friends and family. 


3. How many of us are in the careers that were suggested to us at the school counselling session. I was meant to be a school teacher, as was my dear dad. Unfortunately the high school principal did not agree and told me I was not returning for my final year of high school and my first job was an an apprentice french polisher. Mel B sings about this sort of thing : For once in my Life.


4. I recently posted about not knocking on closed doors because what is behind them is not meant for you. This would be a good thing to do, run to the open one this way.


5. Hands up who remembers what this is being typed on. The word typed gives you a clue. Like typewriters becoming obsolete so do the previous chapters of our life. Be brave and type something new each day.


6. How could you not thing of our beloved David Bowie when you read about changes: David Live.


7. Today, and Today , and Today. Step forward bravely allowing for what educates you now but not what was taken away.


8. Happens, move on.


9. My sister pointed  out after reading the blog that this is by Meister Eckhart not Eckhart Tolle. Meister was well known for his work with pious lay groups such as the Friends of God and was succeeded by his more circumspect disciples John Tauler and Henry Suso. Since the 19th century, he has received renewed attention. He has acquired a status as a great mystic within contemporary popular spirituality, as well as considerable interest from scholars situating him within the medieval scholastic and philosophical tradition.


10. Each time I walk into a new workshop or experience I understand that this is what is waiting on the other side.


11. I have not become an astronaut, a prime minister but I have been many things but I still have many to go at the tender age of 61.


12. Kelly Heroes was a war film about an operation where all the bridges were burnt and they were not expected to come back : Burning Bridges.


13. Unfortunately most of us meet someone or something in our lives that the above statement can be related to. Take the advice.


14. My mentor Arion has a saying that you can get to a point in your life where everything is a gift. This would be after a lot of lessons learnt for me, I am not there yet.


15. Tomorrow is another day, I say take you first chances today, keep tomorrow in reserve. Here is my favourite Tomorrow song: Silverchair.

I hope that there is a song or saying that empowers you to get through your day, and always remember there is a new life possible in any moment.

Namaste until next time, dear friends.