Who or what do you Love?

A question that takes up a lot of the human races time or a catchy Doors song : Classic Doors. What do we place value  on in our lives, for me its my family, I am fortunate enough to have three siblings who it is easy to appreciate for their kindness and generosity. Hugo, Ruth and Jann have helped me through many a tough time on my mental health journey. One could say I might not be here except for them.

So I have learnt not to undervalue Love and Friendship , so that what I’d like to discuss today, Value in our lives. I have chosen 15 delectable quotes to cover the subject, here we go.



1. There are many ways to say to somebody I value you in my life, this poster covers quite a few of them. Which is your favourite – I like You are crafted with beauty and purpose myself.


2. At times I found it difficult to relate to the fact I was someone of value. When in this state its good to have friends and family who love your more than the story you are listening to in your head.


3. Couldn’t find a funny one this time so have gone for the cute. Teddy Bear wisdom is always good value, I bet you didn’t know they could talk.


4. Second song, Baby I’m a Want You by Bread – Loaf of Bread, lots of songs written about how people fall in love looking across the room. Relationships that last are based on getting to know the person and valuing their place in you life before you take the big step of saying, yes, you are the one.


5. Dr. Steve Maraboli is a life-changing Speaker, bestselling Author, and Behavioral Science Academic. His empowering words, strategic insights, and social philosophies have been shared and published throughout the world in more than 25 languages. He is known as the worlds most quoted man reminds us of who is the most important person to value, go and have a look in the mirror.


6. Elvis was better known for his singing  than his quotes. Regarding his values it may even be said he had a Suspicious Mind, Elvis Sings. But in this quite famous quote he points to the fact there are 7,000,000,000 sets of values on the planet.


7. Go where you are valued and loved, all else is the abode of Energy vampires. This is not as easy to do as it seems but be strong, my darlings.


8. What values do we seek in the people we want close to us> The list in this quote is a pretty great place to start, As it says do not let them go, they are far to precious.


9. Thomas Fuller was an English churchman and historian. He is now remembered for his writings, particularly his Worthies of England, published after his death. He was a prolific author, and one of the first English writers able to live by his pen. This was back in the 16th century and even then they were saying hold on to that which is valuable to you.


10. Another Thomas Fuller quote, we walk around thinking we will never get sick from the day we are born, then Bam it hits us and we suddenly realise that our health is the most important thing we should value.


11. Thunderclap Newman had a number one hit back in the day with There’s something in the Air The Rocking 60’s. This quote makes us think how important it is to value other people’s something because it could be their everything. Love them for this offering.


12. In Google Images this was the most repeated quote, I liked this mage of it the best. It points to that the simple things in life are what brings us happiness, because the hoarded chattels we cannot take with us.


13. My 88 year old mums favourite ever Royal. When we go op shopping she still buys books about her if she sees them. Diana says listen to your heart not your head, that is where your true values lie.


14. One of the things I value most in Life, Music. It could be dais I love it, I have 25,000 songs on my Itunes.


15. I saved the mystical one to last. Souls are a bit woo woo for some people but this quote speaks to what I believe why we should value our friends and keep them real close.

I hope you have got some value out of this. Please take a  look at what you value in your life and make a commitment to be a better friend to it or them, its part of your soul after all.

Namaste until next Monday, my dear friends.




1 thought on “Who or what do you Love?

  1. Thanks for reminding us that it’s good to stop and reflect on what we most value. I agree that we are lucky to have each other – siblings are the people with whom one has the most connections, not that this is true for all families, but for us, the journey together has indeed been valuable. I like the quote about going with those who love and value us as too much of our energy can be used up trying to please or ‘change’ people who are committed to other things.

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