What’s that rumbling in my Gut?

I redid the process at Kundalini dance last night led by the remarkable Leyolah Antara, creator of the magnificent Kundalini Dance process that transformed my life in 2013 and set me back onto a healing path after being in a locked psych unit for six weeks a mere six months before. Here is the link to Leyolah’s web site : The Road to Freedom

The process was dancing blindfolded for up to two hours to investigate the wisdom inherently available by cleaning your Third Eye Chakra and freeing your intuition. We were meant to dance with a question in mind. In 2013 I chose How would I get to the $1300 festival that Nemone, my previous KuIdalini Dance teacher had said it would be good for me to go to when I had $50 in the bank. When I got home from the process, the payment plan email was the sixth I opened. I intuitively took from this I was meant to go , even though I had never heard of Tanishka Tantrika, The Moon Woman – she has 500,000 followers on Facebook, here’s her website, empowerment of women is her speciality : Star of Ishtar.

I chose as a question this time to dance to what would it take to cleanse the deep seeded mistrust of allowing myself  to be loved by women following an incident when I was five when I was dacked by my best friends two elder sisters. Look up any good Australian slang dictionary for its meaning. So we will see what my intuition or gut feeling or as my friend Lissa Rankin in her new book The Fear Cure our Inner Pilot Light comes up with.

That’s why I have chosen 15 images on intuition, that old gut feeling to comment on, two of them don’t even have words, the image speaks for itself. Here we go :


1. Sacredness is a very special word and state of being to many of my friends. They have stepped outside their servant status and honoured the path of the intuitive.



2. Sylvia Clare, author of the best selling book Trusting Your Intuition : Rediscover Your True Self to Achieve a Richer, More Rewarding Life has written many quotes on the subject, I like this one on transcending all other abilities.


3. It wants the best for you, but how often do we give in to the dark side of reason and logic of our closed mind.


4. Your Inner Pilot Light is a beautiful way of expressing that voice with in our gut that says get out, get out now.


5. Here’s the first wordless image, as you can see it doesn’t need them.It creates its own powerful scenario and touches me deeply.


6. Is your gut rumbling, that’s your hunch speaking to you to listen and listen deeply.


7. I  like number seven, Intuition has no age. How many times have we been shocked by the wisdom of our 5 year old nieces and nephews, How could they know that at such a young age.


8. A colourful mind map showing there are many ways to utilise our intuition, its not like our logical journey of right and wrong, black and white and good and evil.


9. The good old listen to your heart not your mind for the important things like who you love, what you do to fulfil your passion in life, where you live, who you live with and many other questions.


10. Trusting your Intuition, your third eye wisdom can transform your life into one of eternal bliss if you stick at it over an extended period.


11. McCall Erickson has a truly beautiful webpage, Pictures and Quotes on Life. He points at you have to become a risk taker and listen to that old gut feeling ,it gets you under its spell to sense the beauty that is possible following your intuition.


12. Ingrid Bergman was one of the greatest actresses from Hollywood’s lamented Golden Era. Her natural and unpretentious beauty and her immense acting talent made her one of the most celebrated figures in the history of American cinema. Bergman is also one of the most Oscar-awarded actresses, second only to Katherine Hepburn. This beautiful quote speaks to the training required to nurture that small voice inside.


13. Another quote that speaks to the power of intuition over closed logic, discovery over knowing. Leonardo is a prime example of what you can create if you are willing to be intuitive in your actions.



14. Learning from within, the heroes journey. Its takes a modicum of courage and bravery to walk this path. Doe Zantamata is an author, artist, and photographer. In addition to the Happiness in Your Life book series, she also creates and designs poster books of different titles, including “Happy By Nature,” “Old Children, A Book for “Adults”,” and others. I like her pointing to don’t let yourself be talked into something that doesn’t feel right.


15. Wordless image number two to finish on, good versus evil. You definitely don’t need words to define this one. Who do you listen to the most?

Well if I have as much success with my intention from last night that I did with my 2013 one I am looking forward to a whole new relationship with many of my women friends I adore but have been unable to fully appreciate due to my deep held belief.

Namaste and speak to you again on Thursday my dear friends.








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