Do you Live Yours?

I was wondering what to write about on the final day of the year, when this passed through my Facebook News Feed.

I can’t quite get an analogy for meeting people on FB.

It’s a bit like a party maybe but on FB, accepting friend requests is fraught with difficulty. At a party you might spend a while chatting with someone to find out who they are.

On FB the equivalent is looking at people’s profiles. Being a friend of a friend is not a valid reference, because the hackers, spammers and trolls have made it so. It’s your profile that tells the world who you are.

Like I’ve said, I don’t accept friend requests from people who do not show themselves on their profiles. Pictures of self, family and pets are no indication of who a person is, except they maybe indicate that the only thing public about this person is the generic, and this person does not care to step outside the common denominators of life.

Well a pale representation is not the richness of a human being and photos of family will never make up the difference.

Do we really have that much to hide? Are we really not allowed to have opinions, or discuss passions or inspirations, and are we not allowed to disagree with each other, with our employers opinions, with those who do not suffice as the leaders they claim to be? Something is wrong with that picture. Personally I’m not buying it.

My suggestion is, if you really cannot disclose to the world what you think and feel and who you really are then perhaps you could consider a pseudonym. FB cannot possibly keep track of them all. Just close your account, let your trusted friends know what you are doing, and start up a new one called Jane Carstairs or Adam Lake. No one cares what your name is but they do care who you are.

My friend Debra wrote this and it made me think of my 4,000 Gods and Goddesses of possibility on Facebook. I check each one and check if they are up to making a difference with their posts and if they have a PASSION. I send each of them a unique Facebook Birthday Card for being on my team.

So lets have a look at what the world says about living with passion. Here are the 15 quotes I have chosen, lets go :


1. Simple in its message, along with the passion throw in a handful of generosity. Its not about expecting something in return. Passion comes from within.


2. And who does our passion affect. Ralph Waldo Emerson says if even one person is touched by it, its worth the journey.


3. David Bowie wrote a song back in the 70’s titled Oh You Pretty Things: Classic BowieThey were all Passionate people.


4. I changed a quote to include this because it is so beautiful and empowering. Lets turn one into the other in 2016.


5. Beauty again, my friend Vic used to say if you Love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life. having discovered this at the tender age of 59, I would have to agree.


6. This perfect day, Every day is a once in a lifetime day, Choose Passion.


7.  Blogger turned New York Times best-selling author and speaker Mandy Hale is affectionately known around the world as “The Single Woman.” With a heart to inspire single women to live their best lives and to never, ever settle, Mandy cuts to the heart of the matter with her inspirational, straight-talking, witty, and often wildly humorous take on life and love.  Mandy’s Website.


8. Your Passion may be abstract art like my friend Yasemin, Yasemin’s Beautiful Art. She does all these things, buy some of her art, its beautiful and she needs money to heal at the moment.


9. Soul Growth, another way of saying living with passion, who said that it has to be perfect


10. Essence and Joy, two things I have been studying over the year through my participation with my mentor Arion Light and his Activation School – Arion’s website. I combine them in my passion day to day.


11. More and more people are walking away from the corporate world as they realise that money does not fulfil their hearts wishes. There is a new class of people , they live from their Passion.


12. Kelly Corrigan is an American writer born in the late 1960’s. Host of a show called Foreword, where deep thinkers take on deep subjects., she also launched a website called Circus of Cancer. Leading by example, she speaks her dreams out loud.



13. At times following  our passion we sometimes feel lost. Do the above and you will soon return to the path you are meant to be on.


14. Are you as equally good at giving and receiving. I cannot say this. i am a classic giver but have some weakness in the area of receiving. I love Oprah because she is pure Passion.

15. The lucky last, four simple words and the cute cat photo. Do it with Passion, your unique Passion!!

Well , this is the last blog for 2015, Thanks to all the people all around the world who read my words. Have a beautiful time celebrating the New year, and remember: Passion, turn to the Left, the Right, Upwards and Downwards, but especially Inwards.

Namaste until next Monday my dear friends.




They were here Before!!

There is a quote incorrectly attributed to the Buddha that the master will appear when the disciple/student is ready. It is actually from the Theosophical tradition.

In 1875 Helena Blavatsky, Henry Steel Olcott, and William Quan Judge co-founded The Theosophical Society. Blavatsky combined Eastern religious traditions with Western esoteric teachings to create a synthesis she called the Perennial Religion. She developed this in Isis Unveiled (1877) and The Secret Doctrine (1888), her major works and exposition of her Theosophy..

The second example I will give is the young monk asking the head monk how do you find your master, and what qualities must they have. He replied, they must have been here before you. Is it this simple the Art of Mastery or do we never reach it, is it a journey for our whole lifetime and  we get as close as we do to it as we pass on.

I have chosen 15 quotes covering most of the centuries wisdom has been on the planet, no Oprah but we have the big man, Tony Robbins.

Here we go :


1. Presence, not knowledge, study is behind Mastery. If you are not present in the moment you may as well be watching T.V.


2. Doing what you have been doing to get to where you are at the moment will get you a certain result, not often mastery. here’s a talk Marianne gave at Google on Creativity and Leadership, Enjoy – Marianne’s Wisdom.


3. Infinitude – the state or quality of being infinite or having no limit. Mastery fits well into this description. it takes away logical explanation.


4. Back to Leonardo’s time for confirmation that Mastery is not attainable as an outer skill unless you have achieved it in the inner arena.


5. If you do not master your feelings you have very little chance of mastery very much else. This os where control actions comes from. Overcoming fears, self judgements are an  essential part of the journey.


6. I went to the Australian Open tennis once and watched a match on a side court, I could not even register the ball because of the speed it was travelling at. So confidence would have made no difference in me mastering hitting the ball.


7. Bruce Lee is heavily quoted in the area of mastery, but he knew that is was mastering yourself not your opponent that was your real victory.


8. Hard work, not a weekend course! Michelangelo one of our great inventors and all round genius points  out that it takes old fashioned hard Yakka to obtain anything like Mastery.


9. Robert Greene researched many of the great geniuses of history to write this masterful book on releasing your passion and getting closer to having mastery in your life – Link to Book.


10. The ultimate test, Self Mastery. doing the things we should do versus those we should not. Listening to the angel not the devil on our shoulders. It comes from Integrity in all matters.


11. Sometimes referred to as “The father of the American navy”, John Paul Jones knew back in the 1700’s he would not defeat the superior British forces if the did not engender faith in his men.


12. Maslow also pointed to this , without strong foundations do not even think of mastering the finer points. Do the Work – Byron Katie, Access to the Work.


13. We know what our creativity is, our Inner Pilot Light whispers it to us our whole life.  We do not have to look far it, but to take action and master it our circumstances cry foul for a lotto us.


14. Mastery is not a race, one must include patience when travelling the path.


15. You can attend as many  of Tony’s seminars as you like, they have inspirational names : Unleash the Power Within, Date with Destiny and Life and Wealth Mastery. Tony warns you the knowledge means nothing without the action.

I believe that the more effort you put into travelling the path that is our life and that you add integrity and hard work to it you will get closer to the elusive mark of mastery.

Namaste until next Thursday my dear friends










Surrender, Rumi Style!!

I was so busy yesterday doing pre Xmas things, that the blog did not appear out of my fingers. And after a sumptuous lunch with the family and relatives I was wandering around the apartment looking on the walls for inspiration.

Thats where I go to when i’m stuck, I have posters, writing from courses and quotes from my favourites. When the real estate agent who recently sold my flat saw them he took a step backwards. its OK though another investor brought it and she loved them and wants me to stay.

I read through them and saw the following Rumi quote – This is Love: to fly toward a secret Sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of Life. Finally to take a step without Feet. I keep this on the wall because it challenges my logical way of thinking about Life.

I also recently did a find a word for the year exercise via the fine work of Susannah Conway Find Your Word for 2016. My Anam Cara Emeli passed this on to me , its really worth while over a 5 day period. My word is Sacredness but another word I was considering was Surrender.

I put Surrender quotes into Google images, thats where I get all mine from, but two listings underneath it was Surrender quotes by Rumi, I knew what I had to do. So lets look at 15 quotes by Rumi on surrender, here we go.


1. How much of our lives do we resist surrendering to new adventures, would you go with your dream partner if they came up to you in the street and said, lets runaway to Jamaica now?


2. I have been learning to surrender to my emotions more and more. I imagine I will be freer to deal with moments like these were they fly back and forth between extremes at the end of the rainbow.


3. We, or at least I have spent a lot of money on this question, some of it from a good place, some not so great. I have been hospitalised 5 times due to mental health issues. My last mentor has suggested I do body work and get out of my head. it has made  profound changes in my life.


4. When we are coming from Conscious spirit the necessity to blame others drops away, responsibility becomes the gift it is.


5. I sure those of us still waiting, especially if you are in your 60’s like me find this one confronting. I surrender to its wisdom.


6. How often do we repeat the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, same with questions I’m afraid.


7. Underlying all there is Love, drink copiously of it and you will remember this.


8. Don’t know how this snuck in, but Eckhart is a fine philosopher on the subject of surrender as well.


9. Here’s the silent one, the one without words, drink it in.


10. I know I have looked in totally the wrong place for the friendships and love i seek in my life, when it has been there all along, surrender to what is so.


11. I have written lists and burnt them so that what my soulmate is like is out there in the ether. When I met someone who was one for a while, she was nothing like it, all my other desires did melt away.


12. Perhaps Rumi’s  most famous quote on Love and Surrender, if we really got this we would be able to hear Sacred Love, that time when someone or you say I Love You and it never has to be said again because it is heard for a life time.


13. Surrender to this and have your life explode in 2016, I dare you.


14. Place you hand above your heart and knock, it has been waiting a long time for you to enter!!


15. We finish with one off my bucket list, Sufi spinning. Perhaps its as simple as this not to become a dizzy wreck as I do after 60 seconds. Sufi’s do it for hours.

I was speaking to one of the Iranian asylum seekers about my love for their poet Rumi, Abdul looked at me strangely, I think Wikipedia explains it well. Only in the west is he known but such a simple name.

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī (Persian: جلال‌الدین محمد رومی‎‎), also known as Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī (جلال‌الدین محمد بلخى),Mawlānā/Mevlânâ (مولانا, “our master”), Mevlevî/Mawlawī (مولوی, “my master”), and more popularly simply as Rumi (1207 – 17 December 1273), was a 13th-century Persian[1][8] poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic.[9] Rumi’s influence transcends national borders and ethnic divisions: Iranians, Tajiks, Turks, Greeks, Pashtuns, other Central Asian Muslims, and the Muslims of South Asia have greatly appreciated his spiritual legacy for the past seven centuries.[10] His poems have been widely translated into many of the world’s languages and transposed into various formats. Rumi has been described as the “most popular poet”[11] and the “best selling poet” in the United States.

Well I hope this gives you an idea of how highly I regard Rumi. Namaste until Monday my dear friends.


The Irish got it Right!!

I was given the honour of being declared someone’s Anam Cara the other day. We are entirely different people – Emeli is a kick Ass entrepreneur who is about having people see their purpose in life through workshops and retreats and I am a wordsmith who loves blogs and conscious dancing.

Historically, your Anam Cara is a person to whom you look as the person to share, confess and reveal the hidden intimacies in your life. With your Anam Cara you can express your mind, your heart, the very core of your innermost self. Your friendship with your anam cara is not just a friendship, but also an act of belonging, a place of recognition. Therefore, the most powerful gift you can bring to your friendship with your Anam Cara is your attention and awareness. It is your responsibility to be completely present with your Anam Cara.

So what does society have to say about Anam Cara’s, I have chosen 15 pertinent quotes to examine this, here we go.


1. Your Anam Cara may not be your lover or partner, He or she may not even be your bestie or live in the same state or country. But you simply know when you meet them that they are.


2. Back in the 1500’s Paracelsus came up with this beautiful quote that to me describes the Anam Cara relationship divinely. Partelsus was strangely called the Father of Toxicology as well as beng a being a philosopher.


3. Its said that with your Anam Cara you could sit there for days and days and resolve deep issues. My friend Kavisha, who is a renowned musician and chantress says the healing is not in the words, its in the silence in between.


4. It could have been easy for me to overlook Emeli as on of my Anam Cara’s, we meet putting chairs out at a yoga and meditation event mutual friends were running. It was when Em did a 45 minute workshop promising that you would know what stopped you in Life and delivered that caught my attention.


5. I love Ten Years After I’m Going Home from Woodstock , one of the great raw guitar performances Adam Cara Live. it reminds me of the joy you feel being around these people.


6. I was at a party Saturday night and overheard my friends housemate saying she was bored. it was full of bush doofers who would open a conversation with which doofs do you go to. She had just come back from working on AIDS projects in Africa and Asia. We had this amazing conversation about what we saw as  making a difference for several hours. It was an honour to meet her soul.


7. John O’Donohue wrote the 1977 best seller Anam Cara. A former ex priest , he traces the expression back to the monastic traditions. I love you have arrived at your most Sacred Place – Home. Here is his last recorded talk on the subject – The beauty of Anam Cara.


8. John O’Donohue was skilled with his words and his quotes on the subject are very moving and this one touches me in many places.


9. More from John, after all he wrote the book on the subject, its on my list to read with about 6 others. This mystical quote speaks to how I feel about Emeli because it is not how we look, and what we say that draws us to be Anam Cara, it is other worldly.


10. I don’t know how many Anam Cara you are allowed in your life but another dear friend and I were discussing Yoni staring, I think this constitutes feeling the confidence to share everything.


11. I think this is self explanatory as to what it has to do with Anam Cara, it is breathtaking beautiful in its simplicity.


12. It was only less than two years ago I met Emeli, I am 61. but those two years feel like they contain as much of a journey as the previous 59.


13. Time for another song, Continental Robert Desouza and the Dynamic Hypnotics from 1984, he’s still performing around Sydney. Its a soul kind of Feeling Anam Cara Feeling.


14. Elephant and Cat, Anam Cara come in strange combinations, but they always feel Oh So right.


15. I like throwing in an Oprah quote or An image without words, I believe these beautiful butterfly friends are Anam Cara.

So when Emeli explained Anam Cara to me, I believed I entered a new phase in my life, as well as being an Elder, no longer a little boy I am  an Aman Cara, sweet.

Namaste until Thursday , my dear friendsNamaste2












Where do you get Yours?

I recently started my new small business, Rod has a way with Words. I started with a rush, dedicating hours to it, getting cards made, a webpage up, made bids for contracts but it has suddenly stopped lighting my life up.

I was speaking to my business mentor Arion, yes even startups need one about this in my usual clinical mind driven manner, when he asked me what was the Essence behind my vision for it. I do work with Arion via the Activation School, Creative Mastery for Life and with Danielle LaPorte via the Desire Map Process Your core desired feeling for a Luscious Life.

So after a healthy battle with my mind fighting me getting in touch with the Essence that I had come up with I was able to be in the presence of being Valued. For each project we have in our  lives if we do not have an Essence or a feeling why we are doing what we do it quickly become day to day drudgery.

So where do you get your value from. It may be in Bliss, Ecstasy , Power or any other of the many feelings that empower us in our lives, we each have a different version of it. I have chosen 15 quotes as to what being valued means to me, here we go :


1. Don’t ever forget your value, find the people who cheer when you enter the room because they see it in spades. They are your keepers.


2. Bob Dylan had a world wide hit with I want You Bobs Hit, can you imagine it selling so well if it was title I Value You?


3. Steve Maraboli is known as the worlds most quoted man. He directs us towards placing value on ourselves that you should step up to on a daily basis.


4. Armies do not lead themselves, they need people who value the cause they are fighting for. Be it Joan of Arc, or William Wallace We Few Men, it is the great leaders that have triumphed in life.


5. Famous American Naive artist Grandma Moses who began painting in earnest at the ripe old age of 78 knows the Value of looking at the moments in life that satisfy not degenerate the value of your blessed life.


6. What you did with your time  is what you will value your life for, your family , your friends who will attend your funeral and say I remember the value they were in my life.


7. Up to the age of 50 I was physically fit and then my mental health issues began. Hospitalised 5 times in 8 years I learnt the hard way the value of personal freedom, I lost it for over a six month period. I do not recommend  having this occur in your life.


8. As I mentioned in the quote above about time, its not about the money exchanged it’s about the Essence of the actions people take, done from their passion they are giving you their everything.


9. My friend Emeli Paulo, founder of Collective Potential is currently doing 30 Days of Real videos on Facebook, I think they are called Vlogs. Em’s FB Page. She would love this quote. She values getting real as much as I do people being valued.


10. Author of my all time favourite quote ; Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead was a cultural Icon back in the days of the hippy movement. Her words and wisdom still live on.


11. Known as the leader of the French romantic school of art in the 1800’s Eugene knew way back then it wasn’t about the work that was being done, it was the purity of the essence behind it.


12. Love and Respect for All, Everyone Included the ethos I created for my FB page Interculturalism. Join up and help transform the world.


13. Time for some directness, living in that you are Valued does not include this practice. Time to let go.


14. Negative Feedback is about them not you, replace them with people who have you walk the talk and live inside your values and praise you for doing it, A Ho!!

Value 15

15. D. H. Lawrence, the man I simply call Lawrence. I have watched David lean’s classic film about 20 times over the years. When you live from your Essence or Core Desired Feeling this state is obtainable whenever you wish to enter it.

So what is Yours? I wish you the best in locating it, it will transform your life. Namaste until next Monday, my dear friends.








Love to Love You Baby!!

So I chose this title so I can link Donna Summer, Yay!! Disco Gold

I went to one of my favourite dance journeys last Saturday Mojo Tantra Dance which I have been attending over the past year run by my dear friend Jules Sutherland. The people who attend are beautiful souls but most are single which is not how we were intended to be.

Even some of the partnered people behave like they are not but what would it take for each of us to discover Sacred Love with each other. I define Sacred love as  meaning that you have a devoted, everlasting and precious love for someone who you want to spend your life with.

So what gets in the way for us, the beautiful people of the conscious movement of Melbourne Australia to have Sacred Love in our life.

I have chosen 15 quotes to make comment on. Here we go :


1. When you fall in love the energy it provides you is amazing until we realise that we have given the power to the other person and then we begin to feel drained as if a Vampire is sucking our life force out of us. This is not Sacred Love.


2. Are souls made of star stuff. When Sacred Love becomes existent in our lives this statement by Emily Bronte rings so True.


3. With our instant gratification lifestyles some will find this statement quite confronting. No Ending, Nadda, Never, Eternally Yours etc. etc.


4. Is your toilet sacred, discover Sacred Love and yes my friends that little room at the end of the hall becomes part of it.


5. Robinson Crusoe got lost for years. with Sacred Love you can get lost for ever, in the nice way.


6. This is why Sacred Love is Sacred. You don’t say it flippantly, because when you say these three words to the person you are declaring it to, you will never have to say it again.


7. Falling in Love is often based on the physical in Holywood movies. Sacred Love is falling in Love with the whole Freaking lot.


8. Barbara De Angelis is an American relationship consultant, lecturer and author, TV personality, relationship and personal growth adviser. I love this quote of hers, what a great gift to give to Life.


9. Johnny Depp  cannot only act, he can say some deep shit as well. Four Questions of Sacred Love all with the same answer, Awesome.


10. THIS!!


11. Abira Mukherjee, a highly talented and versatile singer of Hindustani classical, Indian light and folk music, understands the Sacredness of Life and the power of Sacred Love.


12. I’ve used this quote before but I love Charlie Chaplin, mainly for his famous speech The best of Charlie. For Sacred Love to be available handle this first.


13. That broken arm, don’t worry about it. Sacred Love restores our whole being. Physical, Mental, and Ethereal.


14. No words needed, pure Sacred Love.


15. And finally, when it happens there are no rules. My friend met her life partner walking along Elizabeth Street in the city. He offered her a ride home on a hot day. They had sex and have been together 30 years. Go figure.

I wrote this because I looked around a room full of beautiful souls who deserve Sacred Love. I honour them as friends and wish that on the writing of this Sacred Love will enter all their lives.

Namaste until Thursday my dear friends.







What’s on Your Wall?

I recently received the phone call all renters dread a few weeks ago, the Real Estate agent advising you that the owners are selling. John advised me that if an investment buyer brought it I may be able to stay. My walls are covered with the displays of my life.

The Indigenous painting my sister gave me as a house-warming present four years ago, the Tiwi Island painting my friend did, the letters that you write at my friend Jules Sutherland’s extraordinary events like Mojo Tantra Dance. I thought they would want me to remove them but they liked the homely look of them, I only had to take the 50 or so thing I had on my fridge. It goes up for auction Saturday so here’s to fingers crossed.

So I have a commitment to write a blog every Monday and Thursday and when I didn’t have something planned I used to look at my wall at home and something would inspire me. I write them at my voluntary position at Darebin Intercultural Centre between English students and the only thing above my desk is a Life is a Gift sticker, so what do we think of life is a gift across  the Universe. Here are my 15 quotes of Choice, Here we go :


1. Here is a formulae worth relating to, Who doesn’t like receiving a present or being in the present!!


2. Marinela Reka is a noted English poet, Her Web Page full of poems. This quote from her suggests that there is a way of living life that you could get presents daily not just on your birthday.


3. Life’s gifts do not come to you when you take your eyes off your vision and dreams on your daily journey.


4. Life is many things, these are all pretty cool ways of relating to it. Go forth and prosper.


5. David Viscott was a pioneer in the Talk Radio Therapy shows in the United States in the 1990’s . He points to the access to fulfilment in life is to give your gift away to others when you discover what it is.


6. Several of my friends are overseas at the moment at the bedside of their sick and ailing parents. One of the had not seen her mother for 15 years. She set up a fund to ask for help getting back to see her before she passed on, of course we contributed what we could.


7. It isn’t always the famous who come up with the best quotes or insights. This unknown quote speaks beautifully about the gift a simple kiss can be between two people.


8. Who would suspect that a revered Basketball Coach would be remembered more for his quotes than his sporting feats. Jim Vivano is remembered got this beautiful quote about the influence parental belief can have on their children.


9. Another unknown person came up with this quaint idea, live each day as a thank you note. If we did this the art of letter writing would be flourishing.


10. Do you unwrap your day as if it is a precious gift, or do you just fall out of bed, throw a coffee down , get in the car and speed off to work. Mindfulness added to your day adds something to its quality.


11.This person likes the number 15 like I do. 15 fantastic things to spark your day off on an ongoing basis. 


12. Are you Awake? most of the great disciples aren’t asking you to become Muslim, Christian, Orthodox or Buddhist. They are asking you to awake to the power of Love in your life, Are you Awake?


13. Its always good to remember that life’s gifts are not always what you expect. This saying came from the Trojan War, when the Greek army left a wooden Horse full of soldiers outside the gates of Troy. The Trojans thought it was a parting gifts. Boy, did they get it wrong.


14. Maria Shriver calls herself an Architect for Change. Ex Wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger : Powered by Inspiration, Maria looks to the simple things such as friendship to fulfil your life’s purpose.


15. Finally the thing you cannot be paid enough for if you offer it from your heart, Your time. This is what your friends and family love you for, the giving of your time to them without attachments.

Some of these would be great posters to put on your walls, I am not a minimalist like my brother in law, I think wall space is to proudly display what you are up to in your life.

Namaste until next Monday my dear Friends.





Do Unicorns Dance?

Sacred Dance 8Had an amazing dance journey over the past three days, the first a Sacred Cacao ceremony, the second a pyschotranced filled shared house party spectacular and finally the completion of my beloved Kundalini dance journey with Leyolah Antara – Pathways to Ecstatic Awakening.

It was interesting that even though I danced to 4.30 a.m. in the morning at the house party I did not feel as touched by the music or the fellow dancers  as at the other two events, which had my think that purposeful sacred dancing is a different experience to moving and shaking your body.

So having thought about it my definition of Sacred Dance is an exploration of movement that heals and transforms your soul. I researched as to what other people had to say about it and chose these 15 gems, Gabrielle Roth and Michael Jackson feature quite a bit. Here we go :

sacred dance 1

1. Possibly the greatest poet to have lived Rumi equates the sacredness of Dance to be able to crete verse as you move through the dance floor.

sacred dance 2

2. Gabrielle Roth (February 4, 1941 – October 22, 2012[1]) was an American dancer and musician in the world music and trance dance genres, with a special interest in shamanism. She created the 5Rhythms approach to movement in the late 1970s; there are now hundreds of 5Rhythms teachers worldwide who use her approach in their work.

Sacred Dance 4

3. Dancing with Life day by day guarantees that love will be present on an ongoing basis.

Sacred Dance 5

4. Sacred dance has been a part of societies for generations. Black Elk, a Lakota Chieftain in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s compared completion of Sacred dance to floating in the air.

Sacred dance 6

5. Sacred Dance practice takes a dedication to the art and a willingness to push through what you already know. It could be said it is a firm of Worship.

Sacred dance 6

6. If we persist with Sacred dance it will flow over into other parts of our life making the dance all parts of our journey. And Yes, we will be healing and creating a better world.

Sacred dance 7

7. From the Moonwalk to the incredible dance steps in Thriller The Killer of Thriller, Michael Jackson believed that dance is an eternal journey that is part of Consciousness, we as dancers are  just its current disicples.

Sacred Dance 8

8. To reach the stage of no judgements of others and ourselves on the dance floor, that is the moment of sacred dance.

Sacred Dance 9

9. The five stages of the 5 Rhythm’s Wave are Flow, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness – Gabrielle’s Wave. Dancing these as a daily practice makes this sort of life available to anyone.

Sacred Dance 10

10. When you obtain that magical and sacred moment on the dance floor when there is no you, just the dance, Empty Mind as my Tai Chi teacher Andy refers to it as, the Balance of Synergy becomes available.

Sacred Dance 11

11. Mata Hari is better known for being executed as a spy in WW1 than for her career, she was an exotic dancer and courtesan, but this beautiful quote shows that she did not see it as a secondary role.

Sacred Dance 12

12. The first time I heard about Gabrielle Roth was when I brought her book Sweat Your Prayers at Savers in Sydney Road Brunswick. My hand reached out and pulled it out of the secondhand books for $1, an action that would change my life profoundly.

Sacred dance 13

13. It seems they can : Pink Fluffy Unicorns dancing on Rainbows

Sacred dance 14

14. Early Christianity demonised dance but Famed Anarchist Emma Goldman had a different view, that the revolution would not succeed without it.

Sacred dance 15

15. Editor of the renowned Huffington Post, Arianna feels that you need to balance planning with free thinking to allow all of life to dance at it wildest and most effective.

I will miss my Sunday nights in Fitzroy with the people who are willing to discover what is possible through Sacred Dance. I honour Leyolah Antara for creating this beautiful and sacred journey but request that she not forget us, the Men of Dance when planning her 2016

Namaste until Thursday my dear Friends.










How do I Love Me, and Can You?

Been going through a really interesting process lately through two courses I am doing, Kundalini Dance for the second time : The Chakra Cleansing Journey and Creative Mastery for the fourth time : Living from Your Essence. I do them on a Sunday and Monday Nights, so after such a deep immersion a lot of stuff has been coming up.

I was raised in a family where such things as hugs and showing your emotions were verboten. So when I was sitting there Tuesday morning writing my Facebook birthday cards to my Facebook gods and goddesses of possibility, I call them that as we battle the negativity spread by others – I send a friend application to anyone who has a 100 mutual friends, its obvious we have been friends at another time just having not met on the physical plain this time in a lot of cases.

I have over 3,000 in my army and I was writing one to a friend from the conscious dance scene who is around the same age as me, I am 61. I was relating my transition to being an elder when I burst out crying for a solid half an hour. This is not something the well trained , in Control Rod Williams does. I got in touch with how I rip people off in not accepting the love they show me and the self love I often do not show myself.

So I did a  process from Creative Mastery where you locate the Source of the decision that you have made that would allow this to control your actions so long after it occurred, Its called Renewal and its intention is to accept what happened and create another possibility from it after diving into it and for me to stop making it wrong which was giving it its power over me. I came up with the Essence of Blissful Love, we will see what happens.

I recognised that delving into Self Love would be useful,so I have chosen 15 quotes from that arena and yes, Oprah makes an appearance. here we go –

Self Love 1

1. It takes courage to not listen to the negative messages that society puts out that there is a certain way you should be and you need this and that to achieve that state. Listen to your heart when this happens. It is the best judge of what you need to truly experience Self Love.

Self Love 2

2. Self does not mean selfish. It means to look within for these three most valuable things. My friend Lissa Rankin calls it Your Inner Pilot Light : Listen to your Gut, it knows you Best.

Self Love 3

3. We often define the world Love as being Lovey-Dovey in its context. Steve Maraboli, credited as the most quoted person on Earth, takes a different bent on it. Don’t buy into your own crap, thats self destruction not Self Love.

Self Love 4

4. Zig Zaglar was an American author and motivational speaker who believed that if you did not include self love as one of the following tenets – The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty, you were dooming yourself to failure.

Self Love 5

5. A simple message to tell yourself on waking. I’ve added it to my altar.

Self Love 6

6. What food do you feed yourself to empower you on a  day to day basis. Here’s a variety that will add lots of vitality to your overall health – Yes, Self Love is a superfood.

Self Love 7

7. Back to the heart, the space that Self Love resides in. Not your image in the mirror or that thought in your head, they often leave you wondering , not filled with wonder as the heart does.

Self Love 8

8. Dodinsky is the author of the NY Times bestselling book IN THE GARDEN OF THOUGHTS.

His intent was simply to share his reflections about life in order to help heal the wounds inflicted by life’s troubles. At the time, the man known by his readers as Dodinsky had no idea that within months of starting his blog In The Garden of Thoughts, thousands of readers would find healing through the modest words he planted.

Self Love 9

9. To survive in life we need at least the bare necessities, do you include Self Love as one of them, At times I didn’t and ended up in Pysch Units five times.

Self Love 10

10. MAC ANDERSON is the founder of Simple Truths and Successories, Inc., the leader in designing and marketing products for motivation and recognition.. My Self Love and Love of Music really, really like this quote of his.

Self Love 11

11. Its not having your ego take control when you free yourself of certain people and situations in your life that no longer fit in. According to Charlie Chaplin back in 1929, its knowing what Love of Oneself is.


Self Love 12

12. Here’s Oprah, she was in Melbourne last night, My friends Emeli and Alice went and said that took copious notes and it was fantastic. Oprah points to the value of Self Love. That if you do you don’t have to second guess your thoughts time and time again.

Self Love 13

13. Brenna Smith, founder of SheNOW,is creating a community for women who want to focus on their own adventures and lives first. She wants them to use their twenties to help create a better, more successful, and healthier future version of themselves, whether they get married down the road or not. She sees Self Love as being the decisions you make today being ones that help you be the person you want to become tomorrow.

Self Love 14

14. Authenticity, another way of saying Self Love takes you a lot quicker down the path of fulfilling the dreams that sleep within your soul.

Self Love 15

15. Sometime images say more than a thousand words. This beautiful image of creating the heart shape with our hands doesn’t need the words Self Love written on it.

It will be an interesting journey creating the Essence of Blissful Love. Writing this expose on Self Love has helped me understand what is required a lot more.

Namaste until next Monday my dear friends.