What’s on Your Wall?

I recently received the phone call all renters dread a few weeks ago, the Real Estate agent advising you that the owners are selling. John advised me that if an investment buyer brought it I may be able to stay. My walls are covered with the displays of my life.

The Indigenous painting my sister gave me as a house-warming present four years ago, the Tiwi Island painting my friend did, the letters that you write at my friend Jules Sutherland’s extraordinary events like Mojo Tantra Dance. I thought they would want me to remove them but they liked the homely look of them, I only had to take the 50 or so thing I had on my fridge. It goes up for auction Saturday so here’s to fingers crossed.

So I have a commitment to write a blog every Monday and Thursday and when I didn’t have something planned I used to look at my wall at home and something would inspire me. I write them at my voluntary position at Darebin Intercultural Centre between English students and the only thing above my desk is a Life is a Gift sticker, so what do we think of life is a gift across  the Universe. Here are my 15 quotes of Choice, Here we go :


1. Here is a formulae worth relating to, Who doesn’t like receiving a present or being in the present!!


2. Marinela Reka is a noted English poet, Her Web Page full of poems. This quote from her suggests that there is a way of living life that you could get presents daily not just on your birthday.


3. Life’s gifts do not come to you when you take your eyes off your vision and dreams on your daily journey.


4. Life is many things, these are all pretty cool ways of relating to it. Go forth and prosper.


5. David Viscott was a pioneer in the Talk Radio Therapy shows in the United States in the 1990’s . He points to the access to fulfilment in life is to give your gift away to others when you discover what it is.


6. Several of my friends are overseas at the moment at the bedside of their sick and ailing parents. One of the had not seen her mother for 15 years. She set up a fund to ask for help getting back to see her before she passed on, of course we contributed what we could.


7. It isn’t always the famous who come up with the best quotes or insights. This unknown quote speaks beautifully about the gift a simple kiss can be between two people.


8. Who would suspect that a revered Basketball Coach would be remembered more for his quotes than his sporting feats. Jim Vivano is remembered got this beautiful quote about the influence parental belief can have on their children.


9. Another unknown person came up with this quaint idea, live each day as a thank you note. If we did this the art of letter writing would be flourishing.


10. Do you unwrap your day as if it is a precious gift, or do you just fall out of bed, throw a coffee down , get in the car and speed off to work. Mindfulness added to your day adds something to its quality.


11.This person likes the number 15 like I do. 15 fantastic things to spark your day off on an ongoing basis. 


12. Are you Awake? most of the great disciples aren’t asking you to become Muslim, Christian, Orthodox or Buddhist. They are asking you to awake to the power of Love in your life, Are you Awake?


13. Its always good to remember that life’s gifts are not always what you expect. This saying came from the Trojan War, when the Greek army left a wooden Horse full of soldiers outside the gates of Troy. The Trojans thought it was a parting gifts. Boy, did they get it wrong.


14. Maria Shriver calls herself an Architect for Change. Ex Wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger : Powered by Inspiration, Maria looks to the simple things such as friendship to fulfil your life’s purpose.


15. Finally the thing you cannot be paid enough for if you offer it from your heart, Your time. This is what your friends and family love you for, the giving of your time to them without attachments.

Some of these would be great posters to put on your walls, I am not a minimalist like my brother in law, I think wall space is to proudly display what you are up to in your life.

Namaste until next Monday my dear Friends.






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