Love to Love You Baby!!

So I chose this title so I can link Donna Summer, Yay!! Disco Gold

I went to one of my favourite dance journeys last Saturday Mojo Tantra Dance which I have been attending over the past year run by my dear friend Jules Sutherland. The people who attend are beautiful souls but most are single which is not how we were intended to be.

Even some of the partnered people behave like they are not but what would it take for each of us to discover Sacred Love with each other. I define Sacred love as  meaning that you have a devoted, everlasting and precious love for someone who you want to spend your life with.

So what gets in the way for us, the beautiful people of the conscious movement of Melbourne Australia to have Sacred Love in our life.

I have chosen 15 quotes to make comment on. Here we go :


1. When you fall in love the energy it provides you is amazing until we realise that we have given the power to the other person and then we begin to feel drained as if a Vampire is sucking our life force out of us. This is not Sacred Love.


2. Are souls made of star stuff. When Sacred Love becomes existent in our lives this statement by Emily Bronte rings so True.


3. With our instant gratification lifestyles some will find this statement quite confronting. No Ending, Nadda, Never, Eternally Yours etc. etc.


4. Is your toilet sacred, discover Sacred Love and yes my friends that little room at the end of the hall becomes part of it.


5. Robinson Crusoe got lost for years. with Sacred Love you can get lost for ever, in the nice way.


6. This is why Sacred Love is Sacred. You don’t say it flippantly, because when you say these three words to the person you are declaring it to, you will never have to say it again.


7. Falling in Love is often based on the physical in Holywood movies. Sacred Love is falling in Love with the whole Freaking lot.


8. Barbara De Angelis is an American relationship consultant, lecturer and author, TV personality, relationship and personal growth adviser. I love this quote of hers, what a great gift to give to Life.


9. Johnny Depp  cannot only act, he can say some deep shit as well. Four Questions of Sacred Love all with the same answer, Awesome.


10. THIS!!


11. Abira Mukherjee, a highly talented and versatile singer of Hindustani classical, Indian light and folk music, understands the Sacredness of Life and the power of Sacred Love.


12. I’ve used this quote before but I love Charlie Chaplin, mainly for his famous speech The best of Charlie. For Sacred Love to be available handle this first.


13. That broken arm, don’t worry about it. Sacred Love restores our whole being. Physical, Mental, and Ethereal.


14. No words needed, pure Sacred Love.


15. And finally, when it happens there are no rules. My friend met her life partner walking along Elizabeth Street in the city. He offered her a ride home on a hot day. They had sex and have been together 30 years. Go figure.

I wrote this because I looked around a room full of beautiful souls who deserve Sacred Love. I honour them as friends and wish that on the writing of this Sacred Love will enter all their lives.

Namaste until Thursday my dear friends.








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