Where do you get Yours?

I recently started my new small business, Rod has a way with Words. I started with a rush, dedicating hours to it, getting cards made, a webpage up, made bids for contracts but it has suddenly stopped lighting my life up.

I was speaking to my business mentor Arion, yes even startups need one about this in my usual clinical mind driven manner, when he asked me what was the Essence behind my vision for it. I do work with Arion via the Activation School, Creative Mastery for Life and with Danielle LaPorte via the Desire Map Process Your core desired feeling for a Luscious Life.

So after a healthy battle with my mind fighting me getting in touch with the Essence that I had come up with I was able to be in the presence of being Valued. For each project we have in our  lives if we do not have an Essence or a feeling why we are doing what we do it quickly become day to day drudgery.

So where do you get your value from. It may be in Bliss, Ecstasy , Power or any other of the many feelings that empower us in our lives, we each have a different version of it. I have chosen 15 quotes as to what being valued means to me, here we go :


1. Don’t ever forget your value, find the people who cheer when you enter the room because they see it in spades. They are your keepers.


2. Bob Dylan had a world wide hit with I want You Bobs Hit, can you imagine it selling so well if it was title I Value You?


3. Steve Maraboli is known as the worlds most quoted man. He directs us towards placing value on ourselves that you should step up to on a daily basis.


4. Armies do not lead themselves, they need people who value the cause they are fighting for. Be it Joan of Arc, or William Wallace We Few Men, it is the great leaders that have triumphed in life.


5. Famous American Naive artist Grandma Moses who began painting in earnest at the ripe old age of 78 knows the Value of looking at the moments in life that satisfy not degenerate the value of your blessed life.


6. What you did with your time  is what you will value your life for, your family , your friends who will attend your funeral and say I remember the value they were in my life.


7. Up to the age of 50 I was physically fit and then my mental health issues began. Hospitalised 5 times in 8 years I learnt the hard way the value of personal freedom, I lost it for over a six month period. I do not recommend  having this occur in your life.


8. As I mentioned in the quote above about time, its not about the money exchanged it’s about the Essence of the actions people take, done from their passion they are giving you their everything.


9. My friend Emeli Paulo, founder of Collective Potential is currently doing 30 Days of Real videos on Facebook, I think they are called Vlogs. Em’s FB Page. She would love this quote. She values getting real as much as I do people being valued.


10. Author of my all time favourite quote ; Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead was a cultural Icon back in the days of the hippy movement. Her words and wisdom still live on.


11. Known as the leader of the French romantic school of art in the 1800’s Eugene knew way back then it wasn’t about the work that was being done, it was the purity of the essence behind it.


12. Love and Respect for All, Everyone Included the ethos I created for my FB page Interculturalism. Join up and help transform the world.


13. Time for some directness, living in that you are Valued does not include this practice. Time to let go.


14. Negative Feedback is about them not you, replace them with people who have you walk the talk and live inside your values and praise you for doing it, A Ho!!

Value 15

15. D. H. Lawrence, the man I simply call Lawrence. I have watched David lean’s classic film about 20 times over the years. When you live from your Essence or Core Desired Feeling this state is obtainable whenever you wish to enter it.

So what is Yours? I wish you the best in locating it, it will transform your life. Namaste until next Monday, my dear friends.









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