H.O.P.E. = Helping other People Evolve

Some teachers say that hope is not a good attribute to have, myself I believe that it really stands for the title of this blog, Helping other people evolve. We arrive on this planet a bundle of wonderment and then partake on the journey of life until we leave at the other end, sated and well worn out.

So what do we say about evolving along the path, here are some of my favourite quotes and saying about the subject, 15 of course.


1. Rappers such as Tupac had dark sides but as all creative people they also had their moments of clarity. Here is on of Tupac’s on that we have the need to grow to evolve.


2. How often do we await our holidays to escape our “real” world. What about evolving your world into one where there is no difference between work and holidays, how amazing would that be.


3. We often to have to break free of our old practices and patterns to move forward to another plain of existence, to forgo our old patterns.


4.Social media and Television is not aimed at making us more evolved, in fact they have become the weapon of government to control us, take your own journey to become more compassionate , do not believe what they write as the truth.


5. Do you remember what you believed a year ago to be true, some of this will have changed and it will change in the next twelve months,we evolve and grow or live a slow death.


6. Businesses that were on the Fortune 500 disappear as do musical artists from the Top 40, All forms of endeavour must continue to grow or they wither on the vine.


7. Life is short, Chase your dreams and live your passion.


8. We must evolve by spreading Love across the world to stamp out the evil that is being spread by the money barons and arms merchants in the name of misplaced nationalism.


9. Our carbon make up is the same but we have a unique DNA and genetic code. This allows for every person who has ever inhabited our planet to create their little piece of originality, use it wisely.


10. Sometimes we enter those dark periods where it seems everything that can go wrong does, keep on putting one foot in front of the other because eventually we reach those places we never thought imaginable.


11. Our mind is often over-active and thinks of why things won’t work, worrying what other people will think, expecting it to work with no evidence. A tip, turn the noise down and let in naturally evolve.


12. Have you ever fallen asleep on a bus or train and ended up getting lost. Instead of panicking take this as an opportunity to learn and evolve, it is one of your greatest opportunities to expand when we travel.


13. Science claims the Universe has been evolving for 4 billion years, looking at what is going gone our planet I think we forget this from time to time. Evolve not destroy.


14. Authority tries to control people with their rules and regulations. Its you job to challenge them and challenge yourself in the doing of it, Go for It.


15. What happened one second ago is entirely different to what is happening know, everything is continually evolving, how do you want your contribution to be remembered?

Well another informative blog finished,  Namaste until next time my friends



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