Birthday Cards are Keepers.

I wouldn’t like to be the proprietor of a birthday card business these days, I received one versus 108 Facebook birthday wishes. I remember back in the day when I use to hang them on string because I got so many.

What makes a good birthday wish. I read the person’s Facebook page to find something I can acknowledge them for and attach a photo, It takes about as long as it would to write a card. The majority of people just say happy birthday, signs of the lack of importance or time given to fulfilling their requirement.

I suppose the ease of doing a Facebook post means you get more blessings than in the past but how many of them do you remember a month later.

I looked up some of the quotes that used to be in Birthday Cards and thought I would comment on what they were trying to pass on to the person having a Birthday.


1. You can see many silly and virtually unreadable cards about getting old, This beautiful quote gives some respect to the journey that growing old is.


2. Sunshine, Rainbows and Rainfall would make for an interested special day, had to throw in a jibe about age at the end though, a shame really.


3. Birthdays are an opportunity for true friends to say to each other what it is that they love about each other that cements the friendship.


4. I really like this one because it is unrestricted acknowledgemnt of the person receiving the birthday card.


5. Was does Birthday stand for? This is a pretty damn great list of what it can, Acknowledgement City.


6. Do we believe and support our friends. This beautiful quote and the butterfly imagery create a strong message for the birthday person to recieve.


7. Nature is an important part in our lives as we grow up, what if nature celebrated you birthday as well, it would be pretty special.


8. They have jumping castles and clowns and DJ’s at 1st birthdays now, Who is that all really for, this beautiful message would mean more in my humble opinion.


9. A little confronting this statement from Abe Lincoln, but a timely reminder some people are old at 20 while others are young at 90. What would you think if you received a card with this in it.


10. The birthday card we all never receive. Just a reminder we will all get it one day.


11. What happened to aging gracefully, billions spent on anti ageing products, then there is the ultimate thing to do, lie about your age.


12. There is so much evidence today that the quality of your life is dependant on the amount that you give back to others, The generous wish in this quote to receive it back a thousandfold is beautiful.


13. Seven guidelines to live a life by so that when your birthday comes around each year it is a real celebration of the soul.


14. Being in the present, The Power of Now , you will never have this moment again, celebrate it for all it is worth.


15. Look at the stars on the night of your birthday to remember that those things that happen to you on a daily basis are quite insignificant in the highway of the universe.

Another 15 done and dusted, Namaste to you all my friends but a special mention to my friend who personifies Namaste to me, its Paul Monteith’s 66th birthday today , have a good one my friend.



1 thought on “Birthday Cards are Keepers.

  1. You have always written such thoughtful and insightful messages in our cards, you could probably start your own greeting card business. Having said that, I suppose the nice thing about your birthday card wishes is that you write them yourself. Namaste. 🙏🏻

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