Can they see Angels?

We often see our children talking to their imaginary friends or staring into space like they can see something that is invisible to the rest of us. What is it that is taken from us as we age that seems to bring so much joy to the innocence and joy of child’s play.

Over the centuries people have pondered this question and written great tomes about it, her are 15 of the more popular ones that may help explain the mystery.


1. As the newest arrivals on our planet babies are checking out all aspects that are available. They have to learn what is real or not, you cannot tell them this because they do not have language yet to understand what you are saying to them. What is it they see that holds them in such rapture for hours on end.


2. The imagination that children develop is like that of a great painter creating an exquisite image on a blank canvas, so many wondrous unexplainable things that they form into their daily child’s play.


3. Plato is considered one of the great thinkers of the ancient world, but he had something to say on the power of living life as play, learn from the children.


4. We need to work to make a living, but what if our work felt like play, joyful and exciting each day. Make play each day your priority.


5. Remember when you were young, a line from a very kitschy 70 or 80’s pop song. We have the opportunity to do this moment to moment, but how many of us take it to return to the totalled expressed joy of childhood?


6. Do you remember the first time you were dropped off at kindergarten? Lots of your fellow conspirators of play had to be dragged kicking screaming and crying into that monolithic building. They all knew the serious work was the play not the formal learning.


7. I remember trashing my mothers kitchen several times with cooking utensils and flour. I could never work out why I never got into trouble, I think Love is the word that explains it best.


8. Even famous people like Martin Luther King junior valued time with his children in the heady days of transforming the civil rights of people. Here he is laying back with his children partaking in some Child’s play.


9. The innocence of a child, especially a newborn baby sometimes bring tears to my eyes. it is this vulnerability that we spend so much money and time on trying to attain again as we have learnt to become more cynical as we age.


10. Carl Orrf was one of the most influential composers of the last century, his Carmen Baruna is sublime. But as important as his music was to him he equally believed in educating children in play. here is what he had to say on the subject.


11. Joy, freedom, contentment, inner and outer rest, peace with the world: these are a few of a child’s favourite things as they are participating in that heavenly state known as Child’s play.


12. Past , Present and Future, babies and young children have one of these distinctions. Now, Now, Now. Eckhart Tolle has made a fortune getting us back to this point. We once had it so it is obtainable again.


13. Sporting parents, we all have horror stories from growing up watching fellow children being forced to fulfil their parents lost dreams. Its great to know that there are sporting icons who don’t believe in this barbaric practice that has scarred many a child.


14. One of Rumi’s great parables, that retaining your joy of playing with children is what gives you great insight into the world.


15 Just one final reminder from our babies and children on how to enjoy life to the full, be in the present, don’t worry about what has gone in the past and we can’t be certain of our future, be in the NOW.

Another 15 beautiful insights into what is possible from that wondrous period of our life known as Child’s Play. Hopefully this will help you return there, even if just for a moment.

So Namaste to you my dear friends, until next time



1 thought on “Can they see Angels?

  1. Thanks for your observations and musings on the importance of play. Watching and being with children is definitely the best way to be reminded of how much fun it is to muck around. It’s good to see that more grown ups are starting to get back in touch with their playful natures.


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