Do Unicorns Dance?

Sacred Dance 8Had an amazing dance journey over the past three days, the first a Sacred Cacao ceremony, the second a pyschotranced filled shared house party spectacular and finally the completion of my beloved Kundalini dance journey with Leyolah Antara – Pathways to Ecstatic Awakening.

It was interesting that even though I danced to 4.30 a.m. in the morning at the house party I did not feel as touched by the music or the fellow dancers  as at the other two events, which had my think that purposeful sacred dancing is a different experience to moving and shaking your body.

So having thought about it my definition of Sacred Dance is an exploration of movement that heals and transforms your soul. I researched as to what other people had to say about it and chose these 15 gems, Gabrielle Roth and Michael Jackson feature quite a bit. Here we go :

sacred dance 1

1. Possibly the greatest poet to have lived Rumi equates the sacredness of Dance to be able to crete verse as you move through the dance floor.

sacred dance 2

2. Gabrielle Roth (February 4, 1941 – October 22, 2012[1]) was an American dancer and musician in the world music and trance dance genres, with a special interest in shamanism. She created the 5Rhythms approach to movement in the late 1970s; there are now hundreds of 5Rhythms teachers worldwide who use her approach in their work.

Sacred Dance 4

3. Dancing with Life day by day guarantees that love will be present on an ongoing basis.

Sacred Dance 5

4. Sacred dance has been a part of societies for generations. Black Elk, a Lakota Chieftain in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s compared completion of Sacred dance to floating in the air.

Sacred dance 6

5. Sacred Dance practice takes a dedication to the art and a willingness to push through what you already know. It could be said it is a firm of Worship.

Sacred dance 6

6. If we persist with Sacred dance it will flow over into other parts of our life making the dance all parts of our journey. And Yes, we will be healing and creating a better world.

Sacred dance 7

7. From the Moonwalk to the incredible dance steps in Thriller The Killer of Thriller, Michael Jackson believed that dance is an eternal journey that is part of Consciousness, we as dancers are  just its current disicples.

Sacred Dance 8

8. To reach the stage of no judgements of others and ourselves on the dance floor, that is the moment of sacred dance.

Sacred Dance 9

9. The five stages of the 5 Rhythm’s Wave are Flow, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness – Gabrielle’s Wave. Dancing these as a daily practice makes this sort of life available to anyone.

Sacred Dance 10

10. When you obtain that magical and sacred moment on the dance floor when there is no you, just the dance, Empty Mind as my Tai Chi teacher Andy refers to it as, the Balance of Synergy becomes available.

Sacred Dance 11

11. Mata Hari is better known for being executed as a spy in WW1 than for her career, she was an exotic dancer and courtesan, but this beautiful quote shows that she did not see it as a secondary role.

Sacred Dance 12

12. The first time I heard about Gabrielle Roth was when I brought her book Sweat Your Prayers at Savers in Sydney Road Brunswick. My hand reached out and pulled it out of the secondhand books for $1, an action that would change my life profoundly.

Sacred dance 13

13. It seems they can : Pink Fluffy Unicorns dancing on Rainbows

Sacred dance 14

14. Early Christianity demonised dance but Famed Anarchist Emma Goldman had a different view, that the revolution would not succeed without it.

Sacred dance 15

15. Editor of the renowned Huffington Post, Arianna feels that you need to balance planning with free thinking to allow all of life to dance at it wildest and most effective.

I will miss my Sunday nights in Fitzroy with the people who are willing to discover what is possible through Sacred Dance. I honour Leyolah Antara for creating this beautiful and sacred journey but request that she not forget us, the Men of Dance when planning her 2016

Namaste until Thursday my dear Friends.