Is Neil Young God

I recently brought a new Macbook Pro, my 2015 model lost access to its microphone and I knew it was time to upgrade. The new one does so many wonderful things, I am learning every day. I love the Youtube facilities on the premium channel. It has all the concerts from back in the day and from now as well. From Woodstock to Burning Man, they are all there. I am going through a Neil Young phase. I can not believe I walked out of his concert to score some dope back in the day.

Marc and Angel list:

  1. Your thirties, forties, and fifties won’t feel like your thirties, forties, and fifties.
  2. Bad things will happen to you and your friends.
  3. Everyone can make a huge difference.
  4. First impressions aren’t all they cracked up to be.
  5. Big results come when you narrow your focus. Love Yourself, and become your own priority.
  6. Sometimes you just have to go for it.
  7. It order to get, you have to give.
  8. Not much is worth fighting about.
  9. Don’t try to impress everyone.
  10. Keep having fun.
  11. Keep it simple.
  12. Little things stick with you.
  13. Keep your options to yourself.
  14. Manage your time.
  15. Manage your money.
  16. What you learn in school does matter.
  17. Drema will remain dreams if you don’t take action.

Vinyl rules, Okay.

And we have found each other again, let the Shibari commence.

Back in my bonging days, we lived this.

Who are you, Neil Young?

No, they liked Kahmal and Nana Mouskuri

Old man, take a look at yourself, I’m a lot like you.

At Farm Aid, every year is our Neil.

One of the lines of. my generation.

Take me ti the edge – Yes.

One of the great rock soloists ever, Neill Young.

Neil was actually the Love Prophet.

All of them copied the ngreat Neil Young, all of them.

We are all walking home – Ram Dass

Love or Chilli, Choose,

Back to me: Love and Respect for all, Everybody Included equals Interculturalism. IIs up to us, because we can, Its our tome. WE are charging the Machine Guns, Not all of us will make it, We know there are more of us than them. They know they have lost, Fuck Rupert Murdoch, see you in 4 days..


Am I a Billionaire

Two weeks ago I had a bank balance of $1.30 and for the first time in my life had to request a food parcel. I felt gutted..

Move forward two weeks and it was time for another of my many free webinars, this on wealth, says the man with a $1.30 bank balance. But they had Deepak Chopra and James Kornfield as the buying and they are always worthwhile. Have you seen the movie Riding with the Dragons, a fantasy at the heart? There were all these other dudes I had never heard of and they claimed they were millionaires and even, shudder, billionaires. I have recently has a Tjhor Eruption, no Kundalini Awakening for this bogan country boy Cats supporter, we won the flag, go Cats..

The course I had done looked at Love and Money archetypes, just what one needs after 30 years, and 8 more archetypes. F me when they got to the Nurturer archetype, being the World’s Greatest Volunteer, a laydown hand. Imagine my mild shock when I woke up the next day with access to all of the weird stuff I had done over the past 30 years that people would like me. Werner. Choedak,, ISTA, German yelling, all the good stuff, and they threw in a voice, something I had wished for all my life..

So i did the wealth summit, but could not find my glasses for two nights and yes I did comment to the host and panelists over this time, and of course, one must hang shit on the South African noted because we crapped on them in the cricket time after time. It seems some of the panelists found this mildly amusing and never told me what I was doing.

I threw songs and my opinion at them freely, they were only multi-millionaires and billionaires after all and what could an Age pensioner from Preston matter… Perhaps asking Jack Canfield he might be worth 480 million but what did he do on a day-to-day basis was a bit cheeky, but he did answer me the next day. Seems he built 700 houses for the texas flood victims, I told him that was not a bad start, and yes, I have become a smart arse after the eruption.

The participants claimed they would tell us how they made their millions for nothing, I could smell BS a mile off. Except I was wrong, dead wrong and they did, sure there were the $500 to $1,000m dollar courses but they were worth a minimum of ten times that. it seems one of them is a Louisiana Good old Boy and likes his Cajun music, as I did when I was a pisshead, especially a song, Ain’t nobody here but us chickens. Snap, it was the Good old Boys’ favorite song growing up, The multi-billionaire and the Age Pensioner had something in common..

so I kept swapping music he might like, The Vital Bits Spotify list from Melbourne’s most popular morning community radio show for example. And yes, the smart-arse thought he knew better than the wealthy ones because he had been an activist for 40 years.

We get to the steak knives, courses at about $500 to $1,000, so the one-dollar balance kid tuned out. lots of offerings but two really grabbed me, a 12-month mindset program and a course that covered all the aspects of a business. They sounded so good. i was a bit sad. I was going to miss out once again.

When I started getting links to $50,000 programs with the words you need to train brother, I was quite shocked. $120,000 dollars later one of them said I had to pay $50 dollars.. The 12-month program, and the business skills, all flowed forth, including programs from people not even on the panel, and the names involved, fuck me sums it up really..

I have had to decline some very famous people as I just had too much to handle. I have chosen my favorites and begun the journey, but they keep adding things during the programs, another 12-month business coaching program, and yes they sent me the link gratis..

Enough on that, time for marc and Angel’s kist:

  1. Free yourself from negative people.
  2. Let go of those who are already gone
  3. Give people you don’t know a fair chance
  4. Show everyone kindness and respect
  5. Accept people the way they are
  6. Encourage others and cheer for them
  7. Be your perfectly imperfect selfForgive people and move forward
  8. Do little things for others every day
  9. Pay attention to who your real friends are.
  10. Always be loyal.
  11. Stay in better touch with people who matter to you.
  12. Keep your promises and tell the truth
  13. Give what you want to receive.
  14. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  15. Allow others to make their own decisions
  16. Talk less and listen. more.
  17. Leave petty arguments behindKIgnore
  18. Ignore the unconstructive, hurtful commentary
  19. Pay attention to your relationship with yourself.

Poverty existence versus abundance,choose

  1. Be
  1. I hung out in poverty land for 40 years.


This is where i have my Werner Brain-Farts.

My nephews wife grew up in Tanzania.

The maestro speaks, Warren Buffett is the man,

But yoiu get coverage, musician BS

You need both, economy and community.

From day one teach the children well.

How much sleep do you need?

Uber-rich people never have money in the bank, no tax.

The Good old Boy is a fine example og this

Shake that moneymaker, Cute songtotlllt.

Francis was more known for his scientific elocutions, but this is quite wise on money as well.

Well, each and every day as I listened to this summit and more and more gifts in the form of line course arrived advising. me I needed to train and no money changed hands, I realized I had reached a hiatus with my newfound buddies, especially the good old boy, with whom I had become really cozy and like a lifetime buddy in a very short period of time. What was the limit to which he would invest in my crazy Werner Brain fart ideas? I have come to believe that there are no boundaries to I t at the moment, so theoretically, I. had become a billionaire. Fuck me are the two words that come to. mind,.

Back ot my traditional ending: Love and Respect for All, Its up to Us, Because we Can, Its Our Time, As we charged the machine guns, knowing that we all will not make it through, Inside there are more of us than them, and they know they have lost. These are my pithy slogans that make a difference, I am entering the brave new world of being paid for what I have done for nothing besides the fact I love words that empower, and see you on the other side of abundance. See you in Florida, Good old Boy. You rock for transforming my world and allowing me to become the philanthropist I have dreamt of being my whole life

When my opinion is the truth

Recently I have been a part of two incidents where the damage that when your opinion is the truth is believed can cause untold damage. The players are me and three women named Charlotte, Mel and Natty. I’m specifically naming them so they get to see the damage that this can cause on a day-to-day basis. In the first case, with Charlotte, it will cost the organisation she works for $50,000 or the reputation of the said organisation being spread across the media airwaves, it is the ASRC, supposedly a kind caring one. I the second case it is two selfish close-minded women who will do anything to have a safe life, Mel and natty, partners in crime.

Marc and Angels list:

  1. Life is not Easy
  2. you will vail sometimes
  3. Right now, there is a lot you don’t know
  4. there may not be a tomorrow
  5. There’s a lot you can’t control
  6. information is not true knowledge
  7. You can’t be successful without providing value
  8. Someone else will always have more than you
  9. You can’t change the past
  10. The only person who can make you happy is you.
  11. There will always be people who don’t like you
  12. You won’t always get what you want.
  13. 13. in life you get what you put in.
  14. Some friends will come and go.
  15. Doing the same thing each day hinders self-growth
  16. You will never feel 100 per cent ready for something new.

  1. in life, you get what you put in.

As long as I feel okay, fuck you.

I don’t, for some bizarre reason, I still like you, Mel.

I felt at moments walking 30 kms home, you both deserved this Netty and Mel.

The wrong one is the self opinionated one who believes their opinion is the truth

Raise that finger in the air, they all deserve it.

Or tell you where they are.

And yo

Phoenix touches the Earth

My friend Phoenix Onesong Maradola is about to leave our beloved city of Naarm/Melbourne to follow her heart. Phoenix is the best music set producer in Australia without par, there is music, then there is Phoenix. It means I may have to travel up to the shire once again after she and Carl have settled. I find the wounded souls of the shire make me sad.

A Marc and Angel list to begin with:

  1. Find gratitude around difficult people.
  2. Find gratitude when you find yourself complaining
  3. 3. Find gratitude when you are overwhelmed.: add this phrase to any overwhelming thought:: I need to go grocery shopping and pay the bills, and pick the kids up from school in an hour…and I love it. My inbox is filled with two dozen client e-mails that need a response today…and I love it!!!
  4. Find gratitude after job loss.
  5. Find Gratitude amid health problems.
  6. Find gratitude when someone you loves dies.

Magnificence from Marc and Angel once again, I will meet these geniuses of the empowering list one day

  1. But not many as much as Phoenix.

And we have the earth wisdom of Phoenix to assist us through these

Heart work equals Phoenix’s magical words.

Fuck science and trchnology, the heart rules, OK.

A blast on a steamy Cairns night in Cairns

Fucked that up, didn’t we .

Unless Big Pharma have fried your bra ins.

My favourite element.

I love the power of the element of fire.

What wonderful advice from Mother Earth.

We are one.

Phoenix can connect you with Earth Magic, it is her superpower.

Phoenix is not after money, she is after souls.

my favourite is St. James, Naarm/Melbourne is the coffee capital of the world

Thank you Phoenix, I love you and always will.

Over to me, I live my life inside the space of: It’s up to us, Because we can, It’s our time. Love and Rerspect for All – Everybody included. Leonard – Tje light gets in, GGill Scott-Herob: The revolution will not be televised, Me – Fuck Rupert Murdoch.

If you enjoy The experience tgat are Phoenixes sets, you can sponsor her for a minimum of 2.99 euros a month, it is worth so much more, I would love a thousand dollars a month to show her that her wisdom is worth so much more, Shine on, my beauty.