Phoenix touches the Earth

My friend Phoenix Onesong Maradola is about to leave our beloved city of Naarm/Melbourne to follow her heart. Phoenix is the best music set producer in Australia without par, there is music, then there is Phoenix. It means I may have to travel up to the shire once again after she and Carl have settled. I find the wounded souls of the shire make me sad.

A Marc and Angel list to begin with:

  1. Find gratitude around difficult people.
  2. Find gratitude when you find yourself complaining
  3. 3. Find gratitude when you are overwhelmed.: add this phrase to any overwhelming thought:: I need to go grocery shopping and pay the bills, and pick the kids up from school in an hour…and I love it. My inbox is filled with two dozen client e-mails that need a response today…and I love it!!!
  4. Find gratitude after job loss.
  5. Find Gratitude amid health problems.
  6. Find gratitude when someone you loves dies.

Magnificence from Marc and Angel once again, I will meet these geniuses of the empowering list one day

  1. But not many as much as Phoenix.

And we have the earth wisdom of Phoenix to assist us through these

Heart work equals Phoenix’s magical words.

Fuck science and trchnology, the heart rules, OK.

A blast on a steamy Cairns night in Cairns

Fucked that up, didn’t we .

Unless Big Pharma have fried your bra ins.

My favourite element.

I love the power of the element of fire.

What wonderful advice from Mother Earth.

We are one.

Phoenix can connect you with Earth Magic, it is her superpower.

Phoenix is not after money, she is after souls.

my favourite is St. James, Naarm/Melbourne is the coffee capital of the world

Thank you Phoenix, I love you and always will.

Over to me, I live my life inside the space of: It’s up to us, Because we can, It’s our time. Love and Rerspect for All – Everybody included. Leonard – Tje light gets in, GGill Scott-Herob: The revolution will not be televised, Me – Fuck Rupert Murdoch.

If you enjoy The experience tgat are Phoenixes sets, you can sponsor her for a minimum of 2.99 euros a month, it is worth so much more, I would love a thousand dollars a month to show her that her wisdom is worth so much more, Shine on, my beauty.


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