Every Moment is an Opportunity!!

My new friend Rick is a big fan of Dan Millman. I must admit I have not read much of his work since Way of the Peaceful Warrior so I decided to check out what he had done since then.  I took a fancy to Everyday Enlightenment – The Twelve Gateways to Personal Growth. The Gateways are as follows:

  1. Discover Your Worth.
  2. Reclaim Your Will.
  3. Energize Your Body.
  4. Manage Your Money.
  5. Tame Your Mind.
  6. Trust Your Intuition.
  7. Accept Your Emotions.
  8. Face Your Fears.
  9. Illuminate Your Shadows.
  10. Embrace Your Sexuality.
  11. Awaken Your Heart.
  12. Serve Your World.

A great list to live a worthwhile life from. Dan speak about enlightenment as follows:

“When people ask me abstract questions about time, or space, or reincarnation, I may respond by asking whether they exercise regularly, eat a wholesome diet, get enough sleep, show kindness to others, and remember to take a slow, deep breath on occasion—because it seems important to bring our spiritual quest down to earth. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with philosophical speculation. But let’s not mistake conceptual thought for the spiritual practice of everyday life. After all, what does it serve to know whether angels wear earrings if we can’t hold a regular job or maintain a long-term relationship? What good does it do to pray like a saint or meditate like a yogi if we are unchanged when we open our eyes? What good to attend a place of worship on Saturday or Sunday if we lack compassion on Monday?”

So how do you how enlightenment, do you think you will ever get there? So very wise people have the following to say about it:


1. Mr Nature, David Suzuki says you can pick them because they walk above the ground, would certainly save on footwear.


2. I also love Pema’s stuff on compassion: Explaining Maitri.


3. I have had this quote in my altar for over 10 years.


4. Love this take on the Noble Eightfold Path, the crux of Buddhism: Alan Watts take at It.


5. Lao Tzu places it right at the feet of Self Love.


6. And here are my two favourite symptoms of Enlightenment from Deepak Chopra: Miracles.


7. Thích Nhất Hạnh born as Nguyễn Xuân Bảo on October 11, 1926, is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist, founder of the Plum Village Tradition. He is known for his universal stand for world peace.


8. Each day we get a new opportunity at it: A New Day Has Come.


9. As that famous quote says, Before Enlightenment – Chop Wood, Stack Wood. After Enlightenment – Chop Wood, Stack Wood.


10. A gentle reminder that you cannot get Enlightenment from others, it is a personal journey: Happy.


11. More wisdom from Thich.


12. Permanent and Unbreakable, real and present, still working on it: A Thousand Years.


13. Well, Are You?


14. Think Gandhi, MLK, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, even the author of this quote: One Tribe.


15. And from the man who sat under the Bodhi tree and became the Buddha, a reminder what can make the journey so difficult.

I love what Dan says about Self-worth: Self-worth is not a thing; it is a perception. Just as a gymnast begins a routine with ten points and receives deductions for each mistake, so you began life with a natural, complete sense of worth. (Have you ever met an infant with self-worth issues?) But as you grow, you serve as your own judge, deducting points when you misunderstand the nature of living and learning—when you forget you are a human-in-training and that making mistakes and having slips of integrity and mediocre moments are a part of life, not unforgivable sins.” 

If we agreed to give this up, our journey to enlightenment would be a much less perilous journey.

Today’s playlist begins with some wisdom and then tunes. Pema Chodron, Alan Watts and Deepak Chopra lead off with some wise words. Celine Dion, Pharrell Williams and Christina Perri follow with some beautiful tunes of possibility and we finish with Black Eyed Peas anthem to humanity, Enjoy: Every Moment is an Opportunity.

Remember to show Love and Respect for All, Everyone Included to your beloveds over the festive season until we meet again:



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