Creativity is very Messy, and I am Very Creative!!

Hello dear friends. Was sitting here wondering what to create when I had an Aha moment, why not Creativity. What lights up your creativity juices. For me it is the word, My company is called Rod has a way with words My Business website and I write two blogs a week. Other things would be Transformation and Dance.

There are lots of cute quotes in the 15 I have chosen and even some that do not need words. Lets begin our journey:

creativity 1

1. Remember those beautiful days spent playing with our friends the dragons, the unicorns and the faeries before we were dragged off to that prison known as school. Some of you survived the journey and are now our creatives.

creativity 2

2. Know mainly as a scientist and considered one of the planets wisest individuals here are some lesser known facts about him Other Einstein Facts. He had a lot to say on creativity.

creativity 3

3. From the author of The Seven Hats principle Edward De Bono, I love the way this poster has been designed to support what it is pointing out, that you have to break the established pattern of a column for creativity to be involved.

creativity 4

4. To me color is part of the creativity process, even if it is the wrong color we can give it another try, creativity is not about perfection.

creativity 5

5. More wise words from Einstein, Its not in the area of logic that creativity dwells , its thinking what no on else has thought, good man Albert.

creativity 6

6. Vivien Greene was the widow of the distinguished novelist Graham Greene and an authority on doll’s houses. This famous quote sums creativity up very well for me. Its not on the perfect days that your creativity are tested its on the rainstorm above your  head days.

creativity 7

7. It doesn’t even say who wrote this but it doesn’t need to. One of the greatest lines ever written about human creativity.

creativity 8

8. No words needed here for this image. Pure creativity. but here is The Creativity Song

creativity 9

9. Love the simplicity of this one, try something else if its not working.

creativity 10

10. Danny Kaye was an American actor, singer, dancer, comedian, and musician. His performances featured physical comedy, idiosyncratic pantomimes, and rapid-fire novelty songs. You either loved or hated his creativity.Danny at his best.

creativity 11

11. Martin Luther King Jnr. points out that is the creative who make the difference in the world and help it be a better place.

creativity 12

12. Brian Thomas Littrell is an American singer-songwriter and occasional actor, best known as a member of the Backstreet Boys. He definitely landed among the stars in two different areas, music and film..

creativity 13

13. Along with creativity goes imagination as in the previous quote Lauren Bacall, famous actress stated that one must fly high to fulfill your creative potential, just walking along in life doesn’t achieve it.

creativity 14

14. Taken from Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland and made by the Cheshire Cat we must arm ourselves against the reality mainstream media push onto us.

creativity 15

15. I chose this one because it blows apart what is reality, a creative way of depicting a watermelon. Bing Crosby and Peggy Lee love watermelon: Watermelon Weather

To finish off here is my favorite poem about creativity:


I have no name
Until you name me.
I have no form
Until you shape me.
I don’t exist
Until you make me,
I am creativity.

I am waiting deep inside you
Touch my spark
And let me light you,
Give me life
And I’ll revive you
I am creativity.

Family Friend Poems.

Well I will see you all next Monday , my dear friends, Namaste until then.







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