Forever is only the Beginning!!

You can trust the promise of this opening: Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning. That is at one with your life’s desire – John O’donohue” 

If you do not know who John O’Donohue is check out his brilliant book on Anam Cara, celtic for soul friend. My friend Em graced me with declaring me one of her Anam Cara’s – I had not heard the term or distinction until that moment but it explained a lot of people in my life when I researched it a bit. Begin to check out where these people are in your life because you are important, you are incredible, you are loved, your presence is needed here.

You can have a new beginning in every moment, let’s take a journey through them:


1. We get to add the colour to the film of our lives.


Aurelius was a Roman emperor in the second century. He was also one of the wisest men to have lived on our planet and wrote words that are read today still: Today my life Begins.


3. We are at the starting line of life moment to moment, they have fired the gun, time to go.


4. Imagine if we saw the universe instead of blue or grey skies, it would alter or perception of what is possible in life pretty quickly: You Can’t Touch This.


5. Get all that you know out of your head, and then you can begin anew, a fresh beginning.


6. The More effort you put in, the easier it will become. It eventually will flow as you want it to: Push It.


7. Seneca the Younger (c. 4 BC – AD 65), fully Lucius Annaeus Seneca and also known simply as Seneca , was a Roman Stoic/philosopher, statesman, dramatist, and—in one work—humorist of the Silver Age of Latin literature. Unfortunately he was born in the time of the Roman emperor Nero, the fiddle as rome burned one who made him take is own life for being a suspect in an assassination attempt.


8. 4E’s that make a difference on an ongoing basis: Life’s what you make It.


9. definitely the most well known of the quotes I have chosen today.


10. You can’t change the events of the past, may be you can change the effect it has on you by focusing on what can be: Company.


11. The seed becomes a mighty tree, says it all really.


12. They make fantasy films about the other possibility. If we get this our lives transform: Song for a new Beginning.



13. I love the last line. Who are you when you are with people, do you ring a new beginning each time, or is it based on past memories?


14. Are you prepared to be  pissed off to allow new beginnings on your life. To face that which you thought was unfaceable: Just like a Pill.


15. And here is a plan for your new beginning.

You deserve – eye contact, smiles in the morning, food made with pure intention, clean drinking water, fresh air, Hello, Please , Thankyou, time to think about it, a chance to show them what you’re made of, a second chance, an education, health care, including dental, multiple orgasms, weekends off, eight hours of sleep, play before work, to change your mind, to say no, to say yes, to have your deepest needs met, to be seen, to be loved for who you really are.

You deserve all of this – and more –  just because you showed up to life.

Namaste until next time, my dear friends.


1 thought on “Forever is only the Beginning!!

  1. The possibility of a new beginning in each moment is such a special gift to ourselves! It is easy to get caught up in what has been and what might have been, which tends to result in feelings of defeat. I agree that the presence of soul friends makes any day so much more enticing. (Well done on posting on your birthday! I hope you had a great day.) 🎉🎢❤️


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