Don’t waste a good Mistake!!

I have been reading a business development book written by Jack De Losa called Unprofessional. I have learned so much from it and after putting it down last night I thought about what sources I learn from these days and what were the ones I learned from during my previous  61 years.

I suppose the first I remember is Enid Blyton, an iconic English children’s writer who has sold over 600 million books, who has been accused of being elitist, sexist and racist in our more enlightened times but her books always had a high moralistic value that appealed to me.

How do you learn in these days of instant gratification? Do you Google it? Are you an  old school radio and print media fan? Let’s  have a look at how the world looks at it:


1. Three very important ways to look at learning, how many of them do you utilize?


2. There is a saying the day that you stop learning is the day you begin to die, I think that’s what Robert is referring to : It takes two to Tango.


3. I was often referred to as a curious child, I’m not sure which definition they were referring to: eager to know or learn something or strange; unusual.


4. We all come out with the same amount of knowledge, then it is up to our guardians to ensure that we attain a level of understanding that makes us a worthy human being: Absolute Beginners.


5. Sometimes I think whoever invented the examination system of schooling never learned this in their own education.


6. Check out Bill Cosby’s look in this clip : Reeling in the Years. My mum is 89 and still an avid reader.


7. His work includes several of the most popular children’s books of all time, selling over 600 million copies and being translated into more than 20 languages by the time of his death.


8. I wish I had known this acronym back in the day of my formal education. Called into the office and told not to come back because I hated it and never used to go: Feet , don’t fail me Now!


9. Gratitude is one of the great learning traditions, in Melbourne Australia, my home town, we have an FB page : Daily Gratitude Space. Join us and contribute what you have learned.


10. What a beautiful quote, live full out, learn like you were eternal : Eternal Flame.


11. Love my Lao Tzu, Confucious – Guess Who?


12. From the world’s most famous quotes author, The distinguished Anon. Get on the Unstoppable train : Unstoppable.


13. They say that it will keep occurring until you learn the lesson it/they have been sent to teach you. Yes, Life never stops teaching!!


14. It’s always an idea to do something with the learning, or it is really an obsolete practice: Do it like a Dude.


15. There is that part of learning we often try to ignore and wish that it would go away, guess what it doesn’t and yes, they happened as part of our learning.

Being alive puts you in the daily learning academy, do you resist the lessons or grow from this ever expanding life you have been given.

Namaste until next time my dear friends.





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