As long as you don’t need them!!

I saw a beautiful word on the way to my volunteer work today, when I got their I was told I was no longer a volunteer but a visitor and have to wear an ID identifying me as so, I have been volunteering there for 3 and a half years, bureaucracy is a beautiful thing.

The word I saw was transference, I wasn’t sure of its exact meaning so I went to google, here it is : definition of transference:

Transference is a phenomenon characterised by unconscious redirection of feelings from one person to another. One definition of transference is “the inappropriate repetition in the present of a relationship that was important in a person’s childhood”. Another definition is “the redirection of feelings and desires and especially of those unconsciously retained from childhood toward a new object”. Still another definition is “a reproduction of emotions relating to repressed experiences, especially of childhood, and the substitution of another person… for the original object of the repressed impulses”. Transference was first described by psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, who acknowledged its importance for psychoanalysis for better understanding of the patient’s feelings.

I’m still not sure if I know what it means after that but I will have a go at discussing the following quotes on it:

  1. trans1
    1. Have you been to see a film and left disappointed because their interpretation didn’t match the one you had created from reading the book in your head, I know I have.

    2. In the definition it talks about repetition in the present, if the repetition is of a negative nature get away from that transference: Bad Vibe.


3. I have a friend who does self development work, he says it is to have people                    become sane in an insane world, he must have read this.


4. How often do we fear situations in out life, and when they occur the result is                  nothing like the expectation, for me its a fear of heights, what’s yours: Guts over              Fear.


5. Arthur M. Jolly  is an American playwright and screenwriter. In 2006, he was                   awarded an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowship in                 Screenwriting for a script named The Free Republic of Bobistan.


6. Are you great at hugging , holding and being held. To me this is the greatest act            of transference of the soul, spirit, energy through action: I Want to Hug You.


7. Nationalism, one of the great tools of fascism. Sport taken to extremes, killing              in the name of!!


8. James Frank Dobie – was an American folklorist, writer, and newspaper                           columnist best known for many books depicting the richness and traditions of life           in rural  Texas during the days of the open range. As a public figure, he was known           in his lifetime for his outspoken liberal views against Texas state politics, and for             his long personal war against what he saw as bragging Texans, religious prejudice,           restraints on individual liberty, and the assault of the mechanised world on the                 human spirit. He was instrumental in the saving of the Texas Longhorn breed of               cattle from extinction. Imagine what he would have thought of our crazy                             times: The Human Spirit.



9. Aren’t they so charismatic: we all know one of them. In the conscious dance                 community I hang in, I know quite a few thankfully, people who are alive and full             of enthusiasm.


10. That first day of school when we are with our mothers normally, and they                     leave us behind with a whole lot of strangers, how long did it take you to get over             the first day blues: First Day of School.


11. How often do we transfer our vision into reality? I put it in google, guess the                  result: 20,300,000. I suppose that’s why they call it leadership.


12. Simone Weil  was a French philosopher, mystic, and political activist. After                   her graduation from formal education, Weil became a teacher. She taught                            intermittently throughout the 1930s, taking several breaks due to poor health and            to devote herself to political activism, work that would see her assisting in the                  trade union movement, taking the side of the Anarchists known as the Durruti                 Column in the Spanish Civil War, and spending more than a year working as a                   labourer, mostly in auto factories, so she could better understand the working                   class : Never Know.


13. Father of the Star Trek phenomenon, Gene Roddenberry –  was asked to write a            series called Riverboat, set in 1860’s Mississippi. When he discovered that the                    producers wanted no black people on the show, he argued so much with them                    that he lost the job, but what a great question. 


14. The father of transference, Sigmund Freud lightening the situation a                             little: The Cigar Song.


15. The Diva of soul Nina Simone lived with the transference that music can be, a            blessing or the burden of fame throughout her life, suffering mental health issues            and family breakdown as well as playing to some of the biggest audiences of her               era.

So what have you transferred from your childhood and who do you relate to like they            were that person who did that to you the first time, It’s a life time journey battling the          transference of our minds.

       Namaste until next time my dear friends.







1 thought on “As long as you don’t need them!!

  1. The main area I have come across the word ‘transference’ is in relation to a person developing strong feelings for a teacher, therapist etc because they feel understood or ‘gotten’ by that person. I have experienced this as a student and as a ‘patient’ a few times. It is said that what the person really wanted or needed was that understanding from their parents, which may no longer be possible. So then the challenge seems to be to understand and love ourselves.


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