I just Awesomed all over the Place!!

I’m reading The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakshani, founder of Mindvalley. In it, he defines three kinds of happiness:

  1. Happiness from Special and Unique Experiences
  2. Happiness from growth and Awakening
  3. Happiness from Meaning

Chances are we live our life somewhere in between our highest high and lowest low. Researchers call this phenomenon hedonic adaption. Vishen talks of using Blissipline to raise our happiness on a daily basis through three practices:

  1. The Power of Gratitude
  2. Forgiveness
  3. The Practice of Giving

So how do you raise your happiness levels, let’s look at what the world has been saying about it over the years:


1. There are times in my life, I have thought, Why Me!!, now I realize I would not be leading the extraordinary Life I do now without these experiences.


2. Do not give up your happy land for others, you have to live there: Happiness is a warm Gun.


3. The first five statements sum up our childhood until they put us in the system that is meant to educate us. Fight for the right to party to be happy.


4. Not as easy as this classic Banksy image makes it: Letting Go.


5. One ingredient that helps a lot is a simple smile, practice it daily.


6. The Power of Now, not our to-do lists. Eckhart Tolle is the man for this: The Power of Now.


7. One of the practices to achieve number 6.


8. At 62 I am having the most awesome years of my life. I call myself an elder of the conscious community who has not brought the bullshit: Elder Hip Hop.


9. We are visiting that time that is the height of Object worship, captured by the retail industry Christmas has lost it original meaning many decades ago.


10.I have a daily practice to repeat the I Love You mantra in the mirror because I know that this is true but that I sometimes forget: Roar.


11. Go on, you know you can put it in your purse or wallet and bring it out when you need to.


12. How old were you when you were told to grow up and act like an adult, hopefully, it still happens today for you: Dancing Queen.


13. This quote comes from The Maxims of Marmaduke, written in 1908. It is ageless and just as relevant in this century.


14. Forgetting those things that wrecked the relationship will have a greater effect than apologizing or forgiving: Forget about Me.


15. Remember these people: Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, J.K. Rowling, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Mark Pinkus, Jack Dorsey, Susan Boyle, Abraham Lincoln and Colonel Sanders. All took to at least the age of 30 to find their passions and become successful.

So what is your awesome, never give up on finding it, remember it’s a journey, not a destination.

Namaste until next time, my dear friends.





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