Stand by your?

I made one of the toughest decisions in a long time the other day. I told the woman I thought could be my soul-mate to go away. I had sent her an SMS message daily , that’s the way she liked to communicate, for the past five months what I liked or loved about her.

Yet she continually reminded me that I was being negative towards her and seemed to store them in a negativity database to bring out when she felt like. The last time she did it was during a conversation where she contacted me saying she had been sad and teary and thanking me for my latest SMS.

I offered to stop what I was doing and come and see her. It went through this weird process which ended up in her messaging she was not sure whether she wanted to see me due to my negativity. This is why I do not like communicating by SMS, it is totally impersonal and can be misconstrued by both parties.

I have chosen 15 quotes about breaking up, one of the things I used to consider the hardest thing to do. Here they are.


1. It takes you to get to that point where you know your rights are being abused before you say enough is enough, do it and hope they get the message .


2. My heart has been hurting since I did it, The last thing I wrote was that PS I still love you, but self love has to come first.


3. It takes something to do this, you argue with yourself remembering the good times, and I will miss them so much. But I have grown as a person over the last six months and know what I want in my life


4. The she’ll be right syndrome. The horses head on the meal table Say it like the image you prefer but you have to go all the way down in your relationships to come out the other side.


5. Not at this point yet, far to soon and my heart is still hurting. But I can relate to the concept, it seems it will open space for me.


6. I told her that I would change my life to see her more often because I did think of her a lot when doing things wishing I was that she was there. Now I won’t have to, shame really.


7. I’m not sure if this is true for me at the moment, they say you should fight cat and dog for those you love.


8. I didn’t realising it was hurting me until the last time, I had always apologised for doing it, then realised I wasn’t the person she was referring to, so got the lesson.


9. In my heart I don’t want to do this, but my anxiety level says something else, that for my health I need to or have it dramatically change.


10. This is a nice way of putting it, perhaps they should put it on all government forms.


11. I thought I was satisfied with where I was at, my truth had other ideas and said stand up for yourself.


12. Self explanatory, this is the silly humorous quote in case I got a little too serious.


13. Was I asleep, it didn’t feel like it. Will discover this over the next few weeks.


14. I suppose it happens in all friendships, that there is a honeymoon period. When you are not contacted for several days you realise that its over.


15. What would it be like if you had an unbreakable heart, I think it would have to be made of plastic. Meanwhile we journey down the Yellow brick road of Relationships.

I am getting sadder and sadder as I write this , yet I stand for my decision to have the right not to be criticized on an ongoing basis.

Namaste until next time my dear friends



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