Time for an Overhaul, Renewal is Needed.

I have been feeling the desire to transform what I do for a living. I was retired 4 and a half years ago by a federal agency Unfit to work ever again and placed on a life time pension. I believed this for two and a half years and did nothing eventually starting to do voluntary work as this did not necessarily mean that I was doing anything that I would receive value for my work.

Since I began writing my blog I have discovered that I also have great proof reading, marketing, editing and copy-writing skills I picked up in the seventies when I became joint Editor of a national Community Development journal by default. The editors left to drive around Australia and gifted the journal to the volunteers. It was pre-Internet, the early days of email so everything was basically a manual process. I did not use them for years except proof reading every sign and chalk board as I walked the streets of Melbourne. When I moved into a voluntary Social media role I discovered I still had the skills, they just had been dormant.

So what does it take to renew oneself? Here are my Fifteen favorite quotes and thoughts on the matter from over the pages of history.

renewal 1

1. I know that I will not be able to earn a living from these skills doing what I do or thinking that I’m to old and my skills are out of date, so I will have to open myself up to a new way of being about these matters.

renewal 2

2. If you think you know it all, there is a famous Gandhi quote

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Being frozen with your thoughts and ideas points to the fact that you have settled into the cement of rigidity.

renewal 3

3. Henri Amiel born in 1821 had great insight into the matter, stating that as long as you had the capability, you could renew.

renewal 6

4. Shamans who visit the West are often saddened by the way people with mental issues are treated. Breakdowns are seen in their communities as a stepping through to the next stage of a persons journey not a disease. Often to renew we have to go through the process of our situation being in breakdown.

renewal 7

5. Nature has been around a lot longer than we mortal humans, our time on earth is equivalent to a few minutes of natures history. It keeps regenerating again and again. Do we see our lives as regenerating moment to moment, not as much as we should if we wish to transform our lives.

renewal 8

6. We drive to work the same way, eat the same meals watch the same TV programs, then we walk into a cafe and the person who serves us changes our life for ever. Her or his fairy wings flutter and say come and play. Renewal at it’s most beautiful.

renewal 9

7. Socrates, one of our great ancient philosophers points out the importance of no regrets, don’t spend our time focusing on righting the wrongs of our past but to look forward and spend our time renewing our identity.

renewal 10

8. Jean Racine, one of France’s great playwrights from the 17th Century, doesn’t see quarrels as the impending end of a relationship , but the strengthening of people’s love through speaking up for what they required in the relationship.

Renewal 11

9.Why is renewal important, because it allows freshness in our lives, the joy of stopping and smelling the roses on a daily basis. As the founder of Buddhism was heard to comment, the root of all suffering is attachment.

renewal 12

10. This one is just too cute to not put in. What came first the egg or the chicken. Who cares.

Renewal 14

11. There are so many beliefs about death and what happens. the ease with which we go to it often affects how peaceful and pain-free our final years occur before we begin it all again, The ultimate renewal, or do we?

renewal 15

12. Wendell Berry, Author, Poet and Environmental Activist points out that some renewal is more important than others. We can renew our life and commitments but if we don’t renew our love of the planet it won’t matter much.

renewal 16

13. Our family and friends within our community are who we turn to when we have a down time in our lives. This makes it extremely important to look after these relationships om a daily basis, the non renewal of them could be very costly.

Renewal 17

14. Angela Anaïs Juana Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell, better known as Anais Nin points out that the act of renewal in relationships is one of the sparks that brightens them moment to moment. Renewal prevents stagnation in whatever you bring it to.

Renewal 18

15. Finally, life’s greatest renewal, our beloved children. The reason we go to the well time and time again. Who remind us that their is a simpler life and in a lot of cases, that we just gave up.

I still have to deal with those thoughts and feeling that will allow me to renew my position in Life. Luckily I am off to my Creative Mastery course tonight run by my friend Arion whose fabulous work enables you to work through this quite quickly. Here’s a link to find out more – Activation School home page.

Well it’s time to say Namaste again, enjoy the read and share it on Facebook if you like it.


Who helps make your Life Story special?

I recently went to an introduction to an event called Sex and the Soul, it contained Tantric practices so I was hesitant as always when that word is bandied around. As the people running it are my two main teachers in life My heart trusted them but my circumstantial driven mind still had the thoughts that some of it would be unsafe.

It was a beautifully joyous sacred occasion, honoring Men and Women on an equal level and opening up the possibility of huge expansion of your sexuality and all areas of your life really. I didn’t get better at the practice of the bump and grind of sex, that isn’t what its about. But riding home on the tram a few days later it hit me the main thing I had got was that I was so much more accessible to myself and other people to share my life story with and that it could be juicy.

So what does life have to say about our Life stories and how has society related to it over time. Here they are, my favorite 15 sayings on the matter and a few of my thoughts on them.

story 1

1. This is what I and I’m sure quite a few other people travelling on the Love realm dream of, How sexy would this be in your life.


2. What kind of people are we? Often flawed at time, we all do our best to be the best person we can be for another. Find the one’s who will give their all for you, even if it doesn’t fit your list.


3. Songs tell us the stories of our lives year to year. What were the melancholy songs that you used to stand and shout out next to your friends in those,imy case smoke filled rooms that now move you to tears as you remember the good and bad times of your ill spent youth.


4. I have to agree with this one, how did I get to be 60 with my own Seniors card. You can still, and I do dance like you are a third of that age, its your choice to listen to the conversation that there are things you can no longer do.


5. Our stories contain everything, the highs and the lows, the love and the pain. When it becomes just reminiscing the events and feelings that took place and you don’t become crippled by the memories, the pain has miraculously gone.


6. There’s the past, the present and the future. Those times we believe that we think we can control the third of these is when we are most disappointed. The joy in life is those unexpected meetings that transform what we can accept in our lives.


7. All those things we are told and boxed into become our Life. We often forget they are just a story and that stories can be scrunched up and re written in a new magnificent version.


8. Do you make a difference with your life story, do you give to others of your wisdom, time and spirit. The bettering of humanity is not in focusing on yourself all the time. Yes we need to get better, but it is in the grand purpose of taking others with us that will transform our wounded planet.


9. How often do we say or think, It’s their fault, not mine. Turn around , go back and begin again. You are letting others write your story, that beautiful eulogy to your magnificent life.


10. Are you an introvert or an extrovert , a whisperer or a yelling full out type. All stories are there to be told. Nothing wrong in how you tell it, just live it full out.


11. Do our stories get heavier as we grow older. This humorous take on our stories by Garfield is my favorite excuse why I have an expanded tummy.


12. Imagination is what makes our stories great to listen to. Today in our schools they are focusing on Knowledge, memorizing by rort. This saddens me that they are building clones not unique individuals who will live their amazing stories.


13. I don’t think I will ever be able to explain why one drunken night I said to the people I had just met, see you in 4 weeks. Yes I did the Melbourne Stair Climb and came fourth last, I smoked 40 cigarettes a day when I did this. Funny thing is they gave you a beer at the end.


14. Virginia Woolf, one of the great women of history, has us looks at those could have been, would have been ghosts that permeate our past when we decide no instead of going for it full out.


15. And finally for a little bit of light entertainment, what song describes you blessed , sacred life story. I have chosen Give Peace a chance by John Lennon. What will you choose

My theme song.

Well another 15 ways to look at how we can live our Life story well. Thank you for taking the time to have a look at your Life Story and Namaste until next time.


How have you Changed?

I was writing in my Desire Map journal this morning and on the page I was using was this question that is the title of the blog. It got me to thinking what had changed in my 61 years.

I had moved from the country to the city and now have lived longer in an urban environment than the spacious plains I grew up in. Yet I still say I am a country boy when people ask where am I from. My hair has turned grey, my waist expanded and I have become a vegan twice.

So what has been said about changing over the eons of time, here are the 15 quotes I have chosen that illustrate it for me.


1. Remember the good old days, my mum used to say this and I swore that it would never pass my lips. The world has changed so much that people regularly post redundant things on Facebook so they can remember, yes – the good old days.


2. We meet people in our lives that expect us to never change, always please them by staying the sweet beautiful person they met, we have a divorce rate of over 33% in our country. Guess what this does not happen, people grow day to day.


3. Where does our ability to change come from. It is said some of our greatest ideas come from this state Tinkerbell is pointing to.


4. I and many others have been on the journey to access their heart space, when this happens it may seem to others you have changed, to me it was more like coming home.


5. In my life I have met three people I would say I have been in Love with, one of them most recently. Your looks do not change when you meet these special people, but your thoughts and moods are unrecognizable.


6. Your Soul speaks to you through that strange phenomenon we call our gut instinct. Those crazy ideas and the little voice saying go for it, or don’t do that. The Soul wants you to listen and act.


7. We know so little of the rest of the world from the patch of Earth where we put our feet up and call home. What is fed to us as news teaches us little of the rest of the world. This quote demonstrates that change takes place everywhere on our planet.


8. Often we spend times stressing about the changes in our lives, I like this way of looking at it that musician Alexis Korner has taken on board. Lightens it up heaps.


9. Another look at people wanting us to stay the same, We change every second of the day, it just takes longer to notice them some times.


10. Just had to throw this one in to point out how much what is interpreted as entering your teenage years has changed when this so true quote can even exist.


11. Friendships are funny things. Some you keep for a lifetime and are so special that if you do not see someone for years when you meet its like a day has passed. Others slip and slide off your radar screen and we wonder why.


12. Halle Berry, one of my favorite actresses, makes a salient point here, that what we are all seeking is to Love, ourselves and others. The people involved may change, but underlying it all is the sacredness of Love.


13. I can relate to this powerful statement, there I was chugging along and one of these special relationships popped up challenging my life. Now all I want to do is spend time with that person.


14. Change takes Courage, not listening to the doubting voice in your head and the people who do not want you to change. Step forward and make the changes you were put on the planet to create.


15. How difficult is it to change. This simple statement points to a fact that we often deny. Just Like that.

We have come to the end of another look at what drives the human spirit. So one more I say Namaste until next time my friends


When Language Ends, What Then?

I had been ruminating on what to write my blog about this week, but after spending a particularly creative day at my friend Emeli’s business Collective Potential the thought ballon went off so here they are , 15 perspectives on creativity, some quite famous , others virtually unknown.

The great inventors, artists and musicians were often considered flakey in their own time and most definitely did not fit in and many died penniless as their recognition came years later. What do we say about this area, creativity , that has changed our planet time and time again over the ages.


1. Henry Matisse painted beautiful flowers, he also penned one of the greatest quotes about creativity, simply three words, Creativity takes Courage. When we get to our fear factor that is where creativity kicks in, in that area we have not been before, the Unknown.


2. Remember as a child when you trashed your mum’s kitchen making your first cake, flour and cake mix and dirty bowls everywhere. One of our first major acts of creativity and it definitely was not tidy. Guess what, creativity rarely is.


3. Sylvia Plath’s poems were often considered on the dark side, but they always seemed to strike a cord with the reader. On creativity she pointed to the danger of trying to be creative when you were visiting the realm of self doubt. Do something to get out of this state before journeying down its path.


4. Some say Love is the drug, creative types know that the boredom of a life without creativity is the drug that feeds their adrenaline glands.


5. Four years old, playing knights and dragons with our imaginary friendly dragon, other kids come along and join in the game until everybody in the playground is taking part. Creativity, pass it on.


6. Author of the 9 Intense Experiences, Brian Vaszily points to the fact that creativity is actually showing other people their blind spots, something new and exciting that they can add to their daily life.


7. The M word, Edison made a million of these before he came across the right formulae for the light globe. Yes on your creative path you are going to make many mistakes. In fact if you are not you are not being creative.


8. Einstein, motley hair, eccentric as hell. But he always had that cheeky grin that one wears when you are being totally creative, much fun.


9. Let it go , Let it Out , Let it all Unravel. Let it free and It will be a path on which to travel. Michael Leunig’s beautiful ode to letting go, this is the world of creativity, go there.


10. Do we call them goals those things we attain to and that are not in existence yet, but in the world to be. I use Danielle LaPorte’s Core Desired Feelings from the Desire Map technology to relate to this area of my life. Mine are Peace, Bliss, Love, H.O.P.E. – Helping other people evolve and Abundance. Living out of these is much more fulfilling than any To Do list.


11. My friend Jules is wild and juvenile and one of the most creative people I know. His imagination is unfettered. He is often accused of not growing up. I think he should be given an Order of Australia for his contribution to the creativity of the planet.


12. Our minds often get blocked up with the grunge of our everyday lives, there are methods such as meditation, Yoga and my favourite Tai Chi to help clear them and allow some space for creativity to replace it.


13. Oh those times in our lives when it felt like everything was floating around torn asunder, not connected at all. A perfect opportunity to use your creative juices to restore some sense to it all.


14. We all have the same number of hours in the day as luminaries like Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Beethoven, Sir Richard Branson and my friend Emeli Paolo of Collective Potential. The difference in what they achieved and are going to achieve, go Emeli is that they knew and know that you cannot change the world by being like it, you have to do something radically different.


15. Fonzie in the classic 60’s TV show Happy Days couldn’t say the word sorry. In the world of Creativity you had better be able to be with being wrong, because you will be many times, that’s why it’s called creativity after all.

Another 15 vignettes pondered and written Namaste until next time my friends.


Can they see Angels?

We often see our children talking to their imaginary friends or staring into space like they can see something that is invisible to the rest of us. What is it that is taken from us as we age that seems to bring so much joy to the innocence and joy of child’s play.

Over the centuries people have pondered this question and written great tomes about it, her are 15 of the more popular ones that may help explain the mystery.


1. As the newest arrivals on our planet babies are checking out all aspects that are available. They have to learn what is real or not, you cannot tell them this because they do not have language yet to understand what you are saying to them. What is it they see that holds them in such rapture for hours on end.


2. The imagination that children develop is like that of a great painter creating an exquisite image on a blank canvas, so many wondrous unexplainable things that they form into their daily child’s play.


3. Plato is considered one of the great thinkers of the ancient world, but he had something to say on the power of living life as play, learn from the children.


4. We need to work to make a living, but what if our work felt like play, joyful and exciting each day. Make play each day your priority.


5. Remember when you were young, a line from a very kitschy 70 or 80’s pop song. We have the opportunity to do this moment to moment, but how many of us take it to return to the totalled expressed joy of childhood?


6. Do you remember the first time you were dropped off at kindergarten? Lots of your fellow conspirators of play had to be dragged kicking screaming and crying into that monolithic building. They all knew the serious work was the play not the formal learning.


7. I remember trashing my mothers kitchen several times with cooking utensils and flour. I could never work out why I never got into trouble, I think Love is the word that explains it best.


8. Even famous people like Martin Luther King junior valued time with his children in the heady days of transforming the civil rights of people. Here he is laying back with his children partaking in some Child’s play.


9. The innocence of a child, especially a newborn baby sometimes bring tears to my eyes. it is this vulnerability that we spend so much money and time on trying to attain again as we have learnt to become more cynical as we age.


10. Carl Orrf was one of the most influential composers of the last century, his Carmen Baruna is sublime. But as important as his music was to him he equally believed in educating children in play. here is what he had to say on the subject.


11. Joy, freedom, contentment, inner and outer rest, peace with the world: these are a few of a child’s favourite things as they are participating in that heavenly state known as Child’s play.


12. Past , Present and Future, babies and young children have one of these distinctions. Now, Now, Now. Eckhart Tolle has made a fortune getting us back to this point. We once had it so it is obtainable again.


13. Sporting parents, we all have horror stories from growing up watching fellow children being forced to fulfil their parents lost dreams. Its great to know that there are sporting icons who don’t believe in this barbaric practice that has scarred many a child.


14. One of Rumi’s great parables, that retaining your joy of playing with children is what gives you great insight into the world.


15 Just one final reminder from our babies and children on how to enjoy life to the full, be in the present, don’t worry about what has gone in the past and we can’t be certain of our future, be in the NOW.

Another 15 beautiful insights into what is possible from that wondrous period of our life known as Child’s Play. Hopefully this will help you return there, even if just for a moment.

So Namaste to you my dear friends, until next time