How have you Changed?

I was writing in my Desire Map journal this morning and on the page I was using was this question that is the title of the blog. It got me to thinking what had changed in my 61 years.

I had moved from the country to the city and now have lived longer in an urban environment than the spacious plains I grew up in. Yet I still say I am a country boy when people ask where am I from. My hair has turned grey, my waist expanded and I have become a vegan twice.

So what has been said about changing over the eons of time, here are the 15 quotes I have chosen that illustrate it for me.


1. Remember the good old days, my mum used to say this and I swore that it would never pass my lips. The world has changed so much that people regularly post redundant things on Facebook so they can remember, yes – the good old days.


2. We meet people in our lives that expect us to never change, always please them by staying the sweet beautiful person they met, we have a divorce rate of over 33% in our country. Guess what this does not happen, people grow day to day.


3. Where does our ability to change come from. It is said some of our greatest ideas come from this state Tinkerbell is pointing to.


4. I and many others have been on the journey to access their heart space, when this happens it may seem to others you have changed, to me it was more like coming home.


5. In my life I have met three people I would say I have been in Love with, one of them most recently. Your looks do not change when you meet these special people, but your thoughts and moods are unrecognizable.


6. Your Soul speaks to you through that strange phenomenon we call our gut instinct. Those crazy ideas and the little voice saying go for it, or don’t do that. The Soul wants you to listen and act.


7. We know so little of the rest of the world from the patch of Earth where we put our feet up and call home. What is fed to us as news teaches us little of the rest of the world. This quote demonstrates that change takes place everywhere on our planet.


8. Often we spend times stressing about the changes in our lives, I like this way of looking at it that musician Alexis Korner has taken on board. Lightens it up heaps.


9. Another look at people wanting us to stay the same, We change every second of the day, it just takes longer to notice them some times.


10. Just had to throw this one in to point out how much what is interpreted as entering your teenage years has changed when this so true quote can even exist.


11. Friendships are funny things. Some you keep for a lifetime and are so special that if you do not see someone for years when you meet its like a day has passed. Others slip and slide off your radar screen and we wonder why.


12. Halle Berry, one of my favorite actresses, makes a salient point here, that what we are all seeking is to Love, ourselves and others. The people involved may change, but underlying it all is the sacredness of Love.


13. I can relate to this powerful statement, there I was chugging along and one of these special relationships popped up challenging my life. Now all I want to do is spend time with that person.


14. Change takes Courage, not listening to the doubting voice in your head and the people who do not want you to change. Step forward and make the changes you were put on the planet to create.


15. How difficult is it to change. This simple statement points to a fact that we often deny. Just Like that.

We have come to the end of another look at what drives the human spirit. So one more I say Namaste until next time my friends



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