Who helps make your Life Story special?

I recently went to an introduction to an event called Sex and the Soul, it contained Tantric practices so I was hesitant as always when that word is bandied around. As the people running it are my two main teachers in life My heart trusted them but my circumstantial driven mind still had the thoughts that some of it would be unsafe.

It was a beautifully joyous sacred occasion, honoring Men and Women on an equal level and opening up the possibility of huge expansion of your sexuality and all areas of your life really. I didn’t get better at the practice of the bump and grind of sex, that isn’t what its about. But riding home on the tram a few days later it hit me the main thing I had got was that I was so much more accessible to myself and other people to share my life story with and that it could be juicy.

So what does life have to say about our Life stories and how has society related to it over time. Here they are, my favorite 15 sayings on the matter and a few of my thoughts on them.

story 1

1. This is what I and I’m sure quite a few other people travelling on the Love realm dream of, How sexy would this be in your life.


2. What kind of people are we? Often flawed at time, we all do our best to be the best person we can be for another. Find the one’s who will give their all for you, even if it doesn’t fit your list.


3. Songs tell us the stories of our lives year to year. What were the melancholy songs that you used to stand and shout out next to your friends in those,imy case smoke filled rooms that now move you to tears as you remember the good and bad times of your ill spent youth.


4. I have to agree with this one, how did I get to be 60 with my own Seniors card. You can still, and I do dance like you are a third of that age, its your choice to listen to the conversation that there are things you can no longer do.


5. Our stories contain everything, the highs and the lows, the love and the pain. When it becomes just reminiscing the events and feelings that took place and you don’t become crippled by the memories, the pain has miraculously gone.


6. There’s the past, the present and the future. Those times we believe that we think we can control the third of these is when we are most disappointed. The joy in life is those unexpected meetings that transform what we can accept in our lives.


7. All those things we are told and boxed into become our Life. We often forget they are just a story and that stories can be scrunched up and re written in a new magnificent version.


8. Do you make a difference with your life story, do you give to others of your wisdom, time and spirit. The bettering of humanity is not in focusing on yourself all the time. Yes we need to get better, but it is in the grand purpose of taking others with us that will transform our wounded planet.


9. How often do we say or think, It’s their fault, not mine. Turn around , go back and begin again. You are letting others write your story, that beautiful eulogy to your magnificent life.


10. Are you an introvert or an extrovert , a whisperer or a yelling full out type. All stories are there to be told. Nothing wrong in how you tell it, just live it full out.


11. Do our stories get heavier as we grow older. This humorous take on our stories by Garfield is my favorite excuse why I have an expanded tummy.


12. Imagination is what makes our stories great to listen to. Today in our schools they are focusing on Knowledge, memorizing by rort. This saddens me that they are building clones not unique individuals who will live their amazing stories.


13. I don’t think I will ever be able to explain why one drunken night I said to the people I had just met, see you in 4 weeks. Yes I did the Melbourne Stair Climb and came fourth last, I smoked 40 cigarettes a day when I did this. Funny thing is they gave you a beer at the end.


14. Virginia Woolf, one of the great women of history, has us looks at those could have been, would have been ghosts that permeate our past when we decide no instead of going for it full out.


15. And finally for a little bit of light entertainment, what song describes you blessed , sacred life story. I have chosen Give Peace a chance by John Lennon. What will you choose

My theme song.

Well another 15 ways to look at how we can live our Life story well. Thank you for taking the time to have a look at your Life Story and Namaste until next time.



1 thought on “Who helps make your Life Story special?

  1. The song that comes to mind for me is Ben Lee’s, ‘We’re all in this together’. I love turning my sights to this kind of philosophy of life and I don’t even mind it that the song is often used in advertisements because at least the idea is being spread far and wide. 😊

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