Birthday Cards are Keepers.

I wouldn’t like to be the proprietor of a birthday card business these days, I received one versus 108 Facebook birthday wishes. I remember back in the day when I use to hang them on string because I got so many.

What makes a good birthday wish. I read the person’s Facebook page to find something I can acknowledge them for and attach a photo, It takes about as long as it would to write a card. The majority of people just say happy birthday, signs of the lack of importance or time given to fulfilling their requirement.

I suppose the ease of doing a Facebook post means you get more blessings than in the past but how many of them do you remember a month later.

I looked up some of the quotes that used to be in Birthday Cards and thought I would comment on what they were trying to pass on to the person having a Birthday.


1. You can see many silly and virtually unreadable cards about getting old, This beautiful quote gives some respect to the journey that growing old is.


2. Sunshine, Rainbows and Rainfall would make for an interested special day, had to throw in a jibe about age at the end though, a shame really.


3. Birthdays are an opportunity for true friends to say to each other what it is that they love about each other that cements the friendship.


4. I really like this one because it is unrestricted acknowledgemnt of the person receiving the birthday card.


5. Was does Birthday stand for? This is a pretty damn great list of what it can, Acknowledgement City.


6. Do we believe and support our friends. This beautiful quote and the butterfly imagery create a strong message for the birthday person to recieve.


7. Nature is an important part in our lives as we grow up, what if nature celebrated you birthday as well, it would be pretty special.


8. They have jumping castles and clowns and DJ’s at 1st birthdays now, Who is that all really for, this beautiful message would mean more in my humble opinion.


9. A little confronting this statement from Abe Lincoln, but a timely reminder some people are old at 20 while others are young at 90. What would you think if you received a card with this in it.


10. The birthday card we all never receive. Just a reminder we will all get it one day.


11. What happened to aging gracefully, billions spent on anti ageing products, then there is the ultimate thing to do, lie about your age.


12. There is so much evidence today that the quality of your life is dependant on the amount that you give back to others, The generous wish in this quote to receive it back a thousandfold is beautiful.


13. Seven guidelines to live a life by so that when your birthday comes around each year it is a real celebration of the soul.


14. Being in the present, The Power of Now , you will never have this moment again, celebrate it for all it is worth.


15. Look at the stars on the night of your birthday to remember that those things that happen to you on a daily basis are quite insignificant in the highway of the universe.

Another 15 done and dusted, Namaste to you all my friends but a special mention to my friend who personifies Namaste to me, its Paul Monteith’s 66th birthday today , have a good one my friend.


H.O.P.E. = Helping other People Evolve

Some teachers say that hope is not a good attribute to have, myself I believe that it really stands for the title of this blog, Helping other people evolve. We arrive on this planet a bundle of wonderment and then partake on the journey of life until we leave at the other end, sated and well worn out.

So what do we say about evolving along the path, here are some of my favourite quotes and saying about the subject, 15 of course.


1. Rappers such as Tupac had dark sides but as all creative people they also had their moments of clarity. Here is on of Tupac’s on that we have the need to grow to evolve.


2. How often do we await our holidays to escape our “real” world. What about evolving your world into one where there is no difference between work and holidays, how amazing would that be.


3. We often to have to break free of our old practices and patterns to move forward to another plain of existence, to forgo our old patterns.


4.Social media and Television is not aimed at making us more evolved, in fact they have become the weapon of government to control us, take your own journey to become more compassionate , do not believe what they write as the truth.


5. Do you remember what you believed a year ago to be true, some of this will have changed and it will change in the next twelve months,we evolve and grow or live a slow death.


6. Businesses that were on the Fortune 500 disappear as do musical artists from the Top 40, All forms of endeavour must continue to grow or they wither on the vine.


7. Life is short, Chase your dreams and live your passion.


8. We must evolve by spreading Love across the world to stamp out the evil that is being spread by the money barons and arms merchants in the name of misplaced nationalism.


9. Our carbon make up is the same but we have a unique DNA and genetic code. This allows for every person who has ever inhabited our planet to create their little piece of originality, use it wisely.


10. Sometimes we enter those dark periods where it seems everything that can go wrong does, keep on putting one foot in front of the other because eventually we reach those places we never thought imaginable.


11. Our mind is often over-active and thinks of why things won’t work, worrying what other people will think, expecting it to work with no evidence. A tip, turn the noise down and let in naturally evolve.


12. Have you ever fallen asleep on a bus or train and ended up getting lost. Instead of panicking take this as an opportunity to learn and evolve, it is one of your greatest opportunities to expand when we travel.


13. Science claims the Universe has been evolving for 4 billion years, looking at what is going gone our planet I think we forget this from time to time. Evolve not destroy.


14. Authority tries to control people with their rules and regulations. Its you job to challenge them and challenge yourself in the doing of it, Go for It.


15. What happened one second ago is entirely different to what is happening know, everything is continually evolving, how do you want your contribution to be remembered?

Well another informative blog finished,  Namaste until next time my friends


It goes to my Heart.

My empathic traits are returning big time. Recently a friend posted a picture of her self with her girlfriends on Facebook and all the quotes were gorgeous, stunning,powerful women etc, etc. I felt like crying for her because all I could feel was the immense sadness emanating from her body. She had just returned from overseas and had posted how she was having difficulty assimilating back after separating from her lover who lives in another country.

so you know I like lists and the number 15 so here are 15 quotes or sayings about empathy and being an empath.


1. Is being an empath a good thing or a bad thing, you can shut your eyes and block things out but when you feel it in your heart it doesn’t go away, light or shadow.


2. Seeing Listening and Feeling, the three major skills of an empath that allow you to heal others and let them know that someone else relates to what they are going through.


3. Our intuitive streak, Empathy, gut feeling when all our logical sensibilities are telling us to go the other way, yes you are an Empath and the former win out most of the time.


4. We speak our truth, this may be after a very rocky journey, See most of humanity doesn’t and you can see it.


5. Blessed are the few, and when we hone in on the suffering of the planet it sometimes feels like a curse. It takes inner strength to be an Empath.


6. As an empath you can help heal other people with one word or one touch or lots of words or touches. But you are there for others as your dominant purpose on the planet.


7. As an empathic individual you may go through rough patches where what is happening around you in the world is all consuming and saddens you. At this time its goodto remember your purpose is that of a healer.


8. Imagine if all of our judges were Empaths. Would it change the sentencing of prisoners if the judge could feel the pain that they had suffered during their lives. A worthy experiment.


9. With training and practice you can lessen the effect of outside energy but also must be aware of your internal energies. its up to us to be the change in the planets energy.


10. As empaths we attend to attract likeminded people and you hear real stories, not its good and I feel fine. THis is raw honest communication, Yummy.


11. Its Tenzin Gyatso, HHDL 80th Birthday, he is one of our spiritual leaders and he keeps pointing us towards the responsibility that being an empath is, keep on track.


12. As empaths you don’t need to be directly adjacent to the person to sense whats going on, Possibly could be the reason why so many Empaths I know become Reiki masters and distance healers.


13. One of my empathic friends formed a Facebook group called the Anchors of Love, thats what i see the purpose of me being an empath is, to send out the Love.


14. A funny analogy, putting yourself in another socks, but this is what we do when we want to be comfortable to share whats going on, we take off our shoes and sometime even our socks and become more vulnerable.


15 When I was downloading the images I lost count and only did 14 so I had to find another one. I found this piece of powerful writing. The quest for Love Justice and wisdom after the heroes journey. The uniting of dreamers, we can change the world.

Well we have reached the end, so time to sign off. Namaste my friends until next time.


Being the Best Human you can be.

We have many names and distinctions to separate us. Country borders, styles of music we like, foods we eat or don’t eat, sporting teams we follow but besides all these labels we are all human. So lets have a look at what people have said about the human condition over the years.


1. Life can be pretty jumbled at times but if we give it our best shot we as a race will persevere and our human spirit will shine on through.


2. Underneath it all is Love, so to be our best is to love ourselves and emanate Love to all others, not as easy as it sounds.


3. E. E. Cummings wrote of humanity and how we have to battle to retain our uniqueness in a world that is training people to be clones and do and think the dame, never give in to this.


4. Life is an excellent place to hang out if we listen to our heart and act on what it sees is the best for us, its our mind that is the trickster.


5. We come on to the planet as a wide eyed bundle of joy. Then we get to make choices as we get older and older that the way we contribute to humanity, choose wisely, you cannot take them back.


6. It can take you your whole life to learn that getting what you want in life is not through being selfish it is in serving and helping others succeed, thats where the juice is.


7. How to be a happy human? Be excellent at what you do and how you relate to others, It will come back to you tenfold.


8. We live on this planet with thousands of other species, they have much to teach us, the cat and the dog are two of our favourites to make us more humane, love the planet and our siblings on it.


9. They thought about what it took to be a good human for most of history, This is a quote for the distant past that sums it up beautifully.


10. Sir Edmund Hillary raised the human spirit by conquering Mt. Everest, this was what he had to say about why he was able to do this amazing feat back in the 50’s virtually unaided.


11. They say perfectionism is the booby prize, we can do our best, it is better than not trying at all because we think we will fail and not do it 100% correct.


12. Confucius say is a common term written about the famous Chinese philosopher, here he says that humanity does not kill humans, but other unkind acts.


13. Words and Actions are what you will be remembered for , not your image. People may look at your photo after you have passed but it will be how they remember you treated them that will pass their lips.

I didn’t realise it was just on a month since I have visited the keyboards, hope you all have been well my friends, for me a little Skin Cancer operation but everything fine. namaste until next time.