Being the Best Human you can be.

We have many names and distinctions to separate us. Country borders, styles of music we like, foods we eat or don’t eat, sporting teams we follow but besides all these labels we are all human. So lets have a look at what people have said about the human condition over the years.


1. Life can be pretty jumbled at times but if we give it our best shot we as a race will persevere and our human spirit will shine on through.


2. Underneath it all is Love, so to be our best is to love ourselves and emanate Love to all others, not as easy as it sounds.


3. E. E. Cummings wrote of humanity and how we have to battle to retain our uniqueness in a world that is training people to be clones and do and think the dame, never give in to this.


4. Life is an excellent place to hang out if we listen to our heart and act on what it sees is the best for us, its our mind that is the trickster.


5. We come on to the planet as a wide eyed bundle of joy. Then we get to make choices as we get older and older that the way we contribute to humanity, choose wisely, you cannot take them back.


6. It can take you your whole life to learn that getting what you want in life is not through being selfish it is in serving and helping others succeed, thats where the juice is.


7. How to be a happy human? Be excellent at what you do and how you relate to others, It will come back to you tenfold.


8. We live on this planet with thousands of other species, they have much to teach us, the cat and the dog are two of our favourites to make us more humane, love the planet and our siblings on it.


9. They thought about what it took to be a good human for most of history, This is a quote for the distant past that sums it up beautifully.


10. Sir Edmund Hillary raised the human spirit by conquering Mt. Everest, this was what he had to say about why he was able to do this amazing feat back in the 50’s virtually unaided.


11. They say perfectionism is the booby prize, we can do our best, it is better than not trying at all because we think we will fail and not do it 100% correct.


12. Confucius say is a common term written about the famous Chinese philosopher, here he says that humanity does not kill humans, but other unkind acts.


13. Words and Actions are what you will be remembered for , not your image. People may look at your photo after you have passed but it will be how they remember you treated them that will pass their lips.

I didn’t realise it was just on a month since I have visited the keyboards, hope you all have been well my friends, for me a little Skin Cancer operation but everything fine. namaste until next time.



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