Taking it All In.

My friend Jo Jo Smith posted a comment on the Orlando massacre today: No More Guns . I have been listening to my body as to how it feels about what it would take for a person to take the lives of 50 fellow human beings. In my mind I can’t imagine how you could devalue life that much, but on a daily basis people do it.

Who or what teaches us our human values? When my father passed I learnt a harsh lesson in expecting someone to be there and then they were no longer. You can have memories but its not the same. So what do people say about human values, 15 quotes that delve deep into it today. Lets begin the journey:


1. Elvis sings in his song Always on My Mind about making people feel second best, do you want to leave those type of fingerprints Second best or not.


2. The fourth estate is another way of referring to the media. I think they have forgotten the above human value, at least in the  country I reside in, Australia.


3. Your values cannot be challenged by it suddenly becoming the hard road to travel, they are what makes you who you are.


4. Brene Brown  has a beautiful definition of Integrity : Courage over Comfort, What’s right over fun, fast and easy, practicing your values not just professing them. I think it adequately covers what the above quote is pointing at.


5. I think they should have a subject that is called values all through our schooling years. Our later years would be so much easier and we would make a lot less mistakes.


6. It’s like always telling the truth, if you live from your values you do not have to remember what you did, as you have nothing to fear having done wrong.


7. Perhaps the greatest exponent of Human Values, Tenzin Gyatso, the Dalai Lama realises just how important it is to spread the message of having a set of harmonious values.


8. University degrees, hit singles, Trumps Billions are no replacement for living by your word. Reliable, Accountable, Integrity, treat people with these.


9. I’m sure if we lived our life this way we would live an extraordinary one. They say people who are knocked down, who then pause and ask the hard questions rise the strongest.


10. The labels we place on ourselves by country, religion, race or colour enable us to not be a good person to others, try being a human being.


11. Seems there are a few nations doing this over remembering that we are all part of the human race. We need a little more Respect – Aretha.


12. I must admit I had to look up who Helen Walton was,  Helen Robson Kemper Walton was the wife of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club founder Sam Walton. At one point in her life, she was the richest American and the eleventh-richest woman in the world.  Love her quote.


13. If you do what you Love for job, you will never work another day in your life.


14. Sherry Turkle is an M.I.T. professor who questions how Technology is treating our values and connection. her TED talk Connected but Alone has been watch over 3 million times. Perhaps she has got onto something.


15. This is what was forgotten in Orlando. I beg of you to restore these values to where they must be  held by all human beings , in our hearts and minds.

My friend Jo Jo has an anthem for these values, its called Standing In the Lovelight.

Namaste until next time, my dear friends.










1 thought on “Taking it All In.

  1. It IS hard to imagine how anyone could do something so cruel and heartless. I remember reading somewhere that people tend to become violent if they believe they are not being heard. (It was an article about men who are on death row for murder.) It’s hard not to lose faith in the human race at such times. My response is to spread the love even wider and to be kind to everyone I meet, so others don’t lose faith in our humanity.


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