Caring for Others = Too Sensitive?

For the first few years of our lives we rely on our parents to take care of us, they are not accused of being too sensitive. I spend a day with my mother recently where she kept showing me a picture in our family reunion book of when I was a young child saying that I was a shy, sensitive child. Due to her memory issues Mum did it about 15 times in two hours.

Does this mean that I was a more difficult child to raise, that I reacted to things more readily than my siblings. I don’t ask my mother what she means by it as she is 88 years young and doesn’t remember what happened 5 minutes ago. So I have decided to see what society says about the Sensitive individuals that populate it. I have chosen 15 inspiring quotes on the subject, Lets explore them :

sensitivity 1

1. There are many articles and lists on what the actions of our pups and moggies mean. I agree with the statement that they know when their masters are angry or craving love, they are sensitive creatures who love those who care for them.

Sensitivity 2

2. Its sensible to show your emotions by being sensitive to others and discussing your own because if you hold them in they will cause illness to arise. As a sufferer of Depression and Anxiety who was hospitalise 5 times I can assert the dangers of doing this.

Sensitive 3 

3. Henry David Thoreau was an American author, poet, philosopher, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister, development critic, surveyor, and historian in the 1800’s. Famous for his quotes, He states the heart is our most sensitive organ.

Sensitivity 4

4. Roy Ayers is a funk, soul and jazz composer. People who choose the Artists Way often face being considered sensitive as they grow up through the school system.

Sensitivity 5

5. Love is the way of the sensitive soul. They feel what others are feeling, are highly empathetic and know when to contribute to another.

Sensitivity 6

6. In being empathetic this opens up the area of suffering to enter your life, but you are also gifted  much more Love and many more dreams of the night and day varieties.

Sensitivity 7

7. Sometimes we sensitive people let people stay too long in out lives. This is something to always keep working on, staying strong and always Moving.

Sensitivity 8

8. In our country boys are trained from a very early age to act like a man, this means no displays of emotion or sensitivity, that is women’s business. There are a lot of wounded souls amongst these men, I know I was one of them, at the age of 61 I am working my way out of this by attending men’s groups and ecstatic dance.

Sensitivity 9

9. Time for a song, sensitive people tend to believe in the magic in life, here is Beyonce’s song about that, Yes we Believe in Magic. This is how we react.

Senditivity 10

10. With all the horror that is reported on mainstream media, which I recommend turning off, being sensitive is an act of Courage, worthy of an award.

Sensitivity 11

11. Want to charm your beloved? Jane Austen says that the ultimate way to do this is through having a tender heart.

Sensitivity 12

12. What a great line, an Empathetic Bad-ass with Superpowers Oh Yeah!!

Sensitivity 13

13. Going through the struggle of the dark side gives you the gifts of appreciating life, a sensitivity and understanding of it and the ability to be compassionate.

Sensitivity 14

14. Beth Gibbons is the lead singer and lyricist for eclectic band Portishead, her distinct voice catches your attention every time you hear it, writing on many an emotive subject, here is one of my favourite tracks, Mysteries. This is an example of the above statement.

Sensitivity 15

15. The Heart is where you feel your sensitivity first, it is the home of Beauty and Love. These are signs you are a sensitive soul.

I  have enjoyed creating this blog, as the Dalai Lama says, we need more Lovers, Artists, Musicians not soldiers, millionaires. I think a large dose of sensitive people would help solve the issues he is pointing at as well.

Namaste until next Monday my dear friends.