No Expectations, Can we live without them.

I recently completed two courses , Creative Mastery via the Activation School, here’s the link for some more info – Creative Mastery Program and Sex and the Soul, here’s the link – Sex and the Soul. I was taken to many unfamiliar places but they have asked me to write a testimonial as to what I got out of it.

The major thing that I have got out of it is a seemingly total lack of expectation. We seem to walk through life expecting that it will turn out a certain way and often become disappointed when it does not. The definition of what an expectation is

a strong belief that something will happen or be the case. – “reality had not lived up to expectations”

So what do we have to say about that belief that often can leave us ecstatic or disappointed. Here are 15 quotes that ponder what society has made it mean


1.  Sri Chinmoy, one of the original masters who brought meditation to the west stated that in giving up expectation one achieved the blissful state of peace.


2. I had to think about this one, do I see a difference. I define hope as helping other people evolve. I think that action is involved for both because without it, hope or expectation are not going to happen.


3. The Bard – Sir Willy wrote many a classic play. He covered all the areas of life but saw that expectation was a tortured route to having our hearts suffer pain.


4. These four statements point to the fact that if you could live your life under them a state of genuine bliss would surround you on a day to day basis.


5. Do you live your life worrying about what other people think about you. Its not your job nor is it theirs to expect you to live by theirs.


6. My logical mind traps me in this quite regularly. When you are told you are intelligent you often put on a front that you know when you really don’t.  Actually all there is is questions and answers.


7. This instant gratification society we live in seems to be getting faster and faster, expecting more and more to satisfy our ever growing needs. The rate of mental health issues this creates is growing on a disproportionate scale and simplicity is seen as the way to reduce it.


8. It’s not my fault, my parents didn’t love me enough, my husband was never home, fill in the blanks ……. Your quality of life is your responsibility, even to the point of 100%. but that is too confronting for most of us.


9. Diana, The Princess of Wales fought against the staidness of the royal family to be involved in many charitable projects with no expectation of receiving anything in return. She did it out of the kindness of her heart.


10. Be aware of what is, this is a practice that has to be done moment to moment. You can create an ideal life through action but one must always be aware of what is so.


11. How often when someone does something for you do you immediately offer to something back for them. Just being in the moment of receiving is the true gift you have been given. The pure joy that it allows to ripple through your heart is priceless.


12. One must have a cat or dog quote. How long do we spend trying to get that exact shot of our loved ones we want when life is a natural process not a posed one.


13. People will respond in the way they see fit at that moment in time in their lives. They may be angry, loving or questioning of what you were intending. You can not control their response, only your reaction to it by being gracious in the giving of it.


14. Horace was a Roman poet born in 65 BC, a long, long time ago in human history. What would the world be like if we had listened to his sage advice back then.


15. And finally a reminder. I remember when I used to think 30 was old, I am twice that age now. This beautiful quote guides us to the power that acceptance and gratitude for what is will lead us to having a fulfilled if not long life.

Well it will be an experience and take some effort to remain in this state of no expectation, wish me luck.

Namaste until next time my dear friends.