What Maketh the Man?

I’m doing a workshop series called Sex and the Soul led by my friends Leyolah and Arion. Last night we looked at the divine masculine within us all, the get things done part of our personalities. As expected we men yelled a little to get in touch with our warrior side, but it made me think what does our society hold it to mean to be a man.

Wikipedia offers us the following:  The term manhood is used to describe the period in a human male’s life after he has transitioned from boyhood, having passed through puberty, usually having attained male secondary sexual characteristics, and symbolizes a male’s coming of age. The word man is used to mean any adult male. In English-speaking countries, many other words can also be used to mean an adult male such as guy, dude, buddy, bloke, fellow, chap and sometimes boy or lad. The term manhood is associated with masculinity and virility, which refer to male qualities and male gender roles.

We of the Conscious Awakening Male movement believe that it means so much more than this. here are 15 examples of what has been said over the ages about the subject.


Manhood is granted to men via aging in a societal sense but it takes much more than turning 30 to access the warrior spirit that lies dormant within the cloned race of boys that our Education system is turning out.


2. How often have we heard the catch cry I wasn’t responsible for  …… I was just doing my job. The entry to Manhood includes taking on full responsibility for everything that happens in our lives. 100% of it, nothing left out.


 3. Winston Churchill was famous for smoking Cigars, he also turned a nation into a tribe of warriors. He knew that a man must do what he must, with out this ethic a different result could have occurred.


4. It is said of the great men of all times that they walked their own path. They were often seemed to be dancing when there was no music. They knew better.


5. When we are genuinely creating our life , not following the orders of others, there is no sense of having beaten anyone. it is all pure essence.


6. I went to a retreat in 2013 and wrote my own vows to keep. They are on my fridge to remind me of them. Do not walk this earth to the beat of another’s drum. Each of us has a true purpose, find yours and live it out fully.


7. Are you clever or wise, Often we are waiting for someone to finish speaking so we can show them how clever we are with our answer. The wise man truly listens and shows this via his question.


8. Society was so scared of this man they locked him up and threw away the key. A member of the notorious Black Panther Party in the 60’s.  He did not compromise his beliefs and saw the journey to manhood as one of no compromises. Rdical then and still radical now.


9. Integrity, another of those things that seems to be slipping in our instant gratification society was paramount to Gandhi when he was leading the people of India to freedom. Looking around the world one does not find that many political leaders that give value to this these days.


10. The pictures of men standing around together in working clothes do not represent the true nature of the diverse brotherhood on the planet these days. Yes, some men even wear Pink.


11. They say that musicians and artists are the true healers of our planet. Power held in the hands of the wrong type of man can send out a call for them to restore the balance.


12. My other favourite quote of this extraordinary African American who lived in the 1800’s is “The soul that is within me no man can degrade” Such powerful words in a time where his brothers were still in slavery.


13. Why do so many men think that Arrogance is preferable to the vulnerability of being truthful about their mistakes and foibles. The more men can be in touch with their feelings around not meeting expectations and express them honestly the greater chance relationships have.


14. What makes a great relationship between a man and their partner. Authenticity, a sense of Safety and a good belly laugh are three ingredients that brew up a great broth.


15. This ones for you Arion, You question us to not look outside or in our knowledge for whats going on. How our lives would be different if we aced this test.

I don’t know what else will come up this week in regard to my Divine masculine, It’s an interesting journey so far down the Sex and the Soul path, I just know that I am so glad I chose to take it.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts on Manhood, Namaste my friends till next time



1 thought on “What Maketh the Man?

  1. I did enjoy your thoughts on manhood. I think it’s a good idea to take time out to explore gender, especially one’s unconscious beliefs. My dream analyst once asked if I have considered that both my mother and I are mysogynist, based on a dream I shared with her. Such a confronting notion but it has provided me with a question that I often ask myself, is this true? The kind of inquiry you are currently doing will be a real contribution to your evolution as a balanced and loving human being. Great work!


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