How do we take vows for another?

wedding wishes

I was cleaning up my displays on my fridge today when I came across My Seven Vows to myself. You may ask why one would make vows to oneself, before I attended Rainbow bridge 13:13:13 lead by the awesome Tanishka Tantrika I would have asked you the same question, vows are for marriage aren’t they? Not necessarily.

Ask yourself, how do you keep vows for another when you don’t have any for yourself. Its wonderful to say you will honour and obey, in sickness and health etc. etc. – this obviously has some flaws in it as over one third of marriages end up in divorce in the western world, what happened to the vows that were taken.

The writing of my vows were part of a ceremony of marrying yourself, falling totally in love with you heart and soul. This bright up so much stuff for me that I fell asleep during the process in the total art of resistance to the process, luckily I woke up for the essential bit.

So here they are:

1. I promise to display my emotions

2. I promise to love how I look

3. I promise to live a healthy life.

4. i promise to give and receive love

5. I promise to speak my truth always.

6. I promise to allow communication to flow effortlessly

7. I promise to light up my life as an example for others.

I am better at these some days than others, the human condition. My request to you all, get married to the most important person in your life first before you take it on this someone else, and take on some vows to empower yourself.

Namaste to next time, my friends.