Should You Ask?

I have changed my attitude to asking questions since watching this TED talk by Amanda Palmer on asking, I came across peoples fear of asking at work recently where I am Social media Manager. We have 500 FB friends and I asked them  to tell there Friends about us, the repercussions of this where not what I expected. I only work two days a week and received a call at home that I had to remove the request immediately.

My way I treat people who link with you on Facebook  or any social media was transformed after reading a book called Think Like a Rock Star, Rockstars have fans who love them and other people have customers, here is a link to  a talk Mark Collier the author gave, He gives five examples of bands/artists who have given power to their fans including Lady Gaga, go figure. So we have fans at work, not customers.

I could have got uppity about being told to take it off but did not, Its just another step in the process of asking becoming a valued commodity again. So a question, LOL – where do you just assume the answer and not bother asking,And a request that will transform your  life, ask 5 more questions a day and flourish.

My CD’s cost me $1.00

Do you op shop, go to thrift stores, to recycle stores? My sister Ruth and I have been taking my 87 year old mum op shopping in Australia every Tuesday for the past 5 years. Edna taught us to opshop and volunteered in her local church op shop from an early age. Over this time we have come to know really well the specialties of each op shop in Melbourne’s northern suburbs and some of our favourite suburbs in the south and south east.

The mental illness store in High Street Northcote has a fantastic range of mens brand shirts for the outrageous price of $8.00. I brought a Tommy Hillfigger shirt there and when I told my work mate Luciano he said they sell for $120, bargain. There are some stores that are selling at label  prices in the last few years and that is why I love Brotherhood of St. Laurence stores, they live by the ethos that you charge by item, shirts $5.00, trousers $6.00, jackets $7.00 not by label. I brought a London Fog jacket at their Watsonia store last winter for $7.00. i was interested in the retail price as I had heard of the label. I had just saved $343.00, another bargain.

A great place to source information is on the speciality blogs that are proliferating on line about this sacred practice on of my favourites is, they also have a Facebook link where you get to share your special purchases of the week. Another site I got onto recently is, a spunky young thing who knows her labels and does great pictures, there are heaps of them just google op shops or thrift stores for your state, county or country and you can access the passion of many like minded souls who love a bargain.

There are many large super stores like Savers in Melbourne, an idea that was imported from Canada I believe . Just checked their site, they started in 1954, same age as me, 60 years of providing quality bargains. Both my nephews have worked in Savers in Brunswick. I think that is one of the joys of Op shopping, the staff are  mainly volunteers and genuinely love being there. I have had many a great conversation with staff at the Salvo’s, Vinnies and other like minded stores and they have always been passionate. Here’s the link for Savers:

I also found one in High Street that sells CD’s for $1.00, CD’s range for this price to the outrageous price of $3.25. As I keep my music on my computer and iPhone these days I buy them and recycle them next week. I recently found Crowded Houses greatest hits and my all time favourite disco era band, Chic’s greatest hits. $2.00 for 2 hours of quality music. I will always love my mother Edna May Williams for passing on the gift of loving an Op Shop and my sisters Ruth and jann for being huge Op shoppers as well, thats how I started my wooden horse collection. My Chinese star sign is that of the Wooden horse and my sister from Tasmania Jann lobbed one birthday with about 15 horses in different shape and form informing me everybody needs to collect at least one thing. Have added a few to the collection since then, Its amazing how they seem to appear in your opshop after you need them when you didn’t notice them before.

So take an oath today: I ………… will willingly and lovingly buy from Op Shops/ Thrift stores from today on and donate to worthwhile causes and save shitloads of money. Yay!!!!!

4.15 a.m. , Wide awake for 3 hours

I had an amazing weekend, attended two inspirational events. The first was a Kundalini empowerment in Carnegie. heres an article that gives you a sense of what opening your Kundalini channels offers you During the night an unexplained flash went through the room, powerful stuff. When they started talking about the gurus involved I was a bit apprehensive as I have had a past experience of my guru having affairs with his students. I got over this and settled into the evening, Miroslav, Charmaine and Zoorian were wonderful facilitators. Simple techniques that were respectful of everybody in the room.

The second was Own Your Fuck, a sexuality exploration. it was take two for me as I had attended the first one six weeks ago. i got so much out of the first one I simply had to attend again. No sex involved , no touching , just awesome heart felt processes. A sound shower for 40 minutes where you accessed your body and made the sound that was necessary to clear your blockages. An interview with your penis/Vagina using the name you call it. My name is tripod, different to last time when it was The Lovehammer. In this interview you ask what is your relationship with your Tripod and then you reverse the situation and you interview your Tripod and how it feels about the relationship.

Lots of dancing and great vegan food down the road at Friends of the Earth, ten bucks for lots of healthy food. its interesting the people who attended, quite a few men which is unusual as it is women who are leading the transformation of sexuality movement in Australia. Miroslav and Belinda have the ability to attract all sorts of people.

Here are their links, Belinda and Miroslav  This how I am writing this at 4.30 after having been awake for three hours. I got home well sated and went to bed at 9.40, 4 hours later I woke up, wide awake. I only sleep four hours a night now since starting using Body Balance but thats another story. Thanks to all the beautiful people I shared these experiences with, you have allowed me to get closer to my soul. Namaste, all.

A few of My favourite Things, via lists.

I like lists, it shows people have taken the time to research and think about a subject and are willing to pass their wisdom on. I may not agree with it but I am appreciative of the time and passion they have put into it.

So I would like to do a list of my favourite new thought leaders on the airwaves, they are not in rank, they are all valuable in what they offer to the planet.

1. Mastin Kipp:, I met Mastin in Sydney last year when I travelled up from Melbourne only to find they had put the wrong address on the Facebook event page. I missed the first half hour of Kundalini Yoga but was honoured to take part in his inspiring Heart Process. He blogs daily and get into your soul, highly recommended.

2. Lissa Rankin:, I came across Lissa via Mastin when he used to have people write blogs on his page, he has stopped this practice. her blog made my heart shudder, wrote a remarkable book called Mind over medicine which relates her journey from M.D. to thought leader, you work through a process and do a self diagnosis and a prescription in the end. Also created the distinction Your Inner Pilot Light, I like it much more than your Intuition. Get the book.

3. The Purpose Fairy;, my favourite list provider. Came out of Romania to be featured on Oprah and at the Awesomeness festival. Have gained so many insights reading her quirky outlook on life, I share her lists to my network a lot.

4. Jeff Brown:, the distinction of enrealment not enlightenment shook me to my soul. His books, I’ve brought all three are gems. You can read one page of one book and it will do you for the day or week for that matter. He posts a lot on Facebook and each one can change your life.

5.Martin Soulreader: Aura & Soul Psychology, posts the best quotes and Images on the Facebook realm on a consistent basis. has a web page that has lots of services on it, haven’t utilised them yet but very reasonably priced, does very good short Youtube videos.

6. Danielle La Porte: Another Canadian like Jeff Brown,, her workbooks The Fire Starter Sessions and The Desire Map should be required reading in all high schools. As I wrote in my last blog she will change you life from to do lists to living from your passions.

7. Izabella Siodmak:, I got onto Izabella through her ex lover who I did a retreat with, she kept liking his posts and I friended her on Facebook as you do. her books The pages of Power for Him and for her can transform your life if you are honest.

8. Leyolah Antara: Founder of the magnificent Kundalini Dance lifestyle,
Leyolah is a powerful shaman whose forte is Womens sexuality. I came across when I went to a Kirtan evening in Melbourne Australia and it had advertised a Kundalini Dance. I didn’t know what it was but enjoyed it so much I enrolled for an 8 week dance course at the age of 59. It opened my heart Chakra so much and I met my next list participant out of it.

9. Tanishka Tantrika, The Moon Woman, I went to the Rainbow Bridge 13:13:13 retreat out of doing Kundalini Dance. A this retreat I became a man, an elder and married myself making it possible to marry someone else, not bad at the age of 59. Tanishka was channeling I do not know what, but when asked to repeat it, said sorry darling, she likes the word darling. Her Moon Woman site has over 400,000 likes on Facebook, she deserves it, get on board.

10. Miroslav Petrovic and Paras Paradise Yazdani, Two switched on young things, founder of Tribe Heart events in Melbourne Australia with elemental themes, drug and alcohol free, kid friendly, don’t have a website re their transformational work yet but keep an eye on them. Mykki is an inspirational course leader and very inovative. his recent Own your Fuck sexuality work shop was awe inspiring. Paras loves clean living and healthy food, has Bliss days Link to them on Facebook.

Do you Travel?

I made a new soulmate recently, We were discussing where we had been and she asked a question that has stuck in my mind, Do you Travel? I have been to places around the world, had the main street of St. Petersburg closed to run down on a Friday afternoon in the name of ending world hunger, the Australian ambassador in Moscow would not believe us until we showed him pictures, it is rather unbelievable and the way it happened is even more unbelievable.

We were talking about Burning Man at the time and how we would both like to go there. Samaria asked me why I wanted to go, was it part of my journey. This is a totally different way of looking at “Travel” than what it is normally considered. We go on holidays or move city’s but do we see it as a step in our journey of growth. I don’t think the advertising world paint the picture of travel that way.

This would mean that our whole life is a travel experience and our holidays to such places as Burning Man a bonus. My bucket list bonuses include visiting the 5 power sites around the world, Tibet, Burning Man, Taos, Uluru – Haven’t been there yet even though I have spent 60 years in Australia.

So I thank Samaria for opening up a whole new beautiful way of viewing the world and am enjoying the experience of travelling moment to moment, enjoy your journeys.

Appreciating Our Daily Life.

Shunryu Suzuki once said – Our way is to go step by step, appreciating our everyday Life. Then we can see what we are doing and where we are. How often do we forget this koan and fill our lives up with multiple tasking and things to do lists. I know that it has been difficult for me at times to break myself of this habit and just smell the roses. 

A useful tool I found was doing Daniele La Porte’s The Desire Map workbook. In this book you will work through all the things that inspire you and de motivate you. At the end you will come up with a list of 3 to 5 core desired feeling to live your life from.

Away with to do lists controlling your life, mine are I am Peace, I am Bliss, I am Love, I am H.O.P.E. – helping other people evolve and I am abundance. Since doing this process and a weekly checklist as to how I am going along in achieving my 2 to 3 goals for the year, yes 2 to 3 not 50 or 60 I have found that my head is so much clearer and I achieve much more of my what I will do this week to generate my core desired feelings. 

Why is it important to appreciate our daily lives, I believe that a lot of us are just existing in our lives when we do not. How many of you can remember all the things you did yesterday because we are focussing on what we need to do to ….., were we appreciating our daily lives, methinks not.

Danielle La Porte is one of the young thought leaders transforming the way we relate to living our lives powerfully. I recommend you take the time to go through the Desire Map process, it will transform your life, and its under 50 bucks.