Should You Ask?

I have changed my attitude to asking questions since watching this TED talk by Amanda Palmer on asking, I came across peoples fear of asking at work recently where I am Social media Manager. We have 500 FB friends and I asked them  to tell there Friends about us, the repercussions of this where not what I expected. I only work two days a week and received a call at home that I had to remove the request immediately.

My way I treat people who link with you on Facebook  or any social media was transformed after reading a book called Think Like a Rock Star, Rockstars have fans who love them and other people have customers, here is a link to  a talk Mark Collier the author gave, He gives five examples of bands/artists who have given power to their fans including Lady Gaga, go figure. So we have fans at work, not customers.

I could have got uppity about being told to take it off but did not, Its just another step in the process of asking becoming a valued commodity again. So a question, LOL – where do you just assume the answer and not bother asking,And a request that will transform your  life, ask 5 more questions a day and flourish.


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