Reality Rampage of Power

I’ve been doing Izabella Siodmak – – The Pages of Power for Him for the past month. As I wrote in a previous blog I met Izabella on line via her ex lover I did a retreat with in the beautiful Byron shire in the Australian hinterlands, we both kept liking his posts so why not befriend each other. After a few months of doing this I thought I would check out what Izabella did so I went to her website, all good thought leaders have one, I’ve got one

Discovered that she ran a retreat centre and produced these awesome workbooks. I ordered it and it was so pretty I couldn’t write in it so reproduced the pages and am now up to my second sheet. I do them every day and am proud to say I am creating a powerful new me through this practice. Here’s a few of the questions Izabella get you to ponder and write an empowering answer to.

– I am empowered whenever I ….

– I feel strong in my body when …, we all have body image stuff.

– I stand in my clarity and certainty when ….

– I experience my power when I am around…. looking at this one I have done a bit of a clean out.

– I now embrace the power of …… create your new life

– The strengths other see in me include….. Acknowledgement is a great thing to have as part of your daily practice.

– I see the power in others when……. As is Acknowledgement of Others

and I deserve…. create an empowering wish list, not a to do list.

Thats enough, don’t want to give it all away. Theres one for her as well as him and several other goodies. Check it out, its nearly time for Chrissie presents.

The workbook ends with the aptly titled Reality Rampage of Power.

I know what I want.

Everything works out well for me.

It’s just perfect.

Life is filled with ease, grace, knowing, clarity and my alignment in my power.

I accept only the best in Myself.

It’s easy to accept only the best.

I feel my power. I am the Power.

I am the power of the Youniverse.

I trust myself in each moment.

I am immeasurably divine and I know it in every particle of my being.

And So It Is.

I wrote this blog after doing todays answers, I am buzzing, Thanks Izabella – you rock, my Northern sister.


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