Let Us strive to be fully Human

These words were written by Confucius 2.500 years ago as part of a quote – let us strive to be fully human and there will no longer be a place for evil. I believe there are 5 essential reasons that this has not occurred in this long, long, period of time.

1. Tribalism – The emphasis placed on tribe over humanity which leads to such shocking massacres and acts of genocide that occur around the world up to this day. Ukraine and Gaza come to mind. I think Rage against the Machines Killing in the name of expresses it beautifully, violent, out there music that shocks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNzIKoAy2pk.

2. Lack of Self Love – There are thousands of CD’s and books that tell us how to find the one to make us feel complete, then there are thousands of divorces each day when they don’t turn out to be that person. The emphasis that the answer to this is outside us is simply wrong.

3. Lack of gratitude – In this busy busy journey we call life the breakthrough in technologies have turned us into an instant gratification society. We have forgotten to remember to take time to smell the roses and be grateful for the simple things. I recommend a practice of starting a gratitude journal to get back in the habit.

4. Selling your soul for Money – I travel to where I do what I love Interculturalism on a train full of remorseful, shut down people where a word is not spoken. How did we become this from the out there life loving children we all once were. An education system that turns us into clones has a lot to answer for.

5. The death of Community  – I grew up in small country towns and the best and worst things was that everybody knew everything about you. It was safe to leave your car and pushbike unlocked even your house unlocked. We have gone in the totally opposite direction to a fear based society where we do not even know our next door neighbours, Volunteering in your local community helps break this down. Ask your neighbour to join you, you may be surprised at the result.

Getting to this part in the article I realise there are a lot more things one could add to the list but lets just start somewhere, namaste my friends.


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