Do you Travel?

I made a new soulmate recently, We were discussing where we had been and she asked a question that has stuck in my mind, Do you Travel? I have been to places around the world, had the main street of St. Petersburg closed to run down on a Friday afternoon in the name of ending world hunger, the Australian ambassador in Moscow would not believe us until we showed him pictures, it is rather unbelievable and the way it happened is even more unbelievable.

We were talking about Burning Man at the time and how we would both like to go there. Samaria asked me why I wanted to go, was it part of my journey. This is a totally different way of looking at “Travel” than what it is normally considered. We go on holidays or move city’s but do we see it as a step in our journey of growth. I don’t think the advertising world paint the picture of travel that way.

This would mean that our whole life is a travel experience and our holidays to such places as Burning Man a bonus. My bucket list bonuses include visiting the 5 power sites around the world, Tibet, Burning Man, Taos, Uluru – Haven’t been there yet even though I have spent 60 years in Australia.

So I thank Samaria for opening up a whole new beautiful way of viewing the world and am enjoying the experience of travelling moment to moment, enjoy your journeys.


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