4.15 a.m. , Wide awake for 3 hours

I had an amazing weekend, attended two inspirational events. The first was a Kundalini empowerment in Carnegie. heres an article that gives you a sense of what opening your Kundalini channels offers you http://simonarich.com/kundalini-awakening-symptoms. During the night an unexplained flash went through the room, powerful stuff. When they started talking about the gurus involved I was a bit apprehensive as I have had a past experience of my guru having affairs with his students. I got over this and settled into the evening, Miroslav, Charmaine and Zoorian were wonderful facilitators. Simple techniques that were respectful of everybody in the room.

The second was Own Your Fuck, a sexuality exploration. it was take two for me as I had attended the first one six weeks ago. i got so much out of the first one I simply had to attend again. No sex involved , no touching , just awesome heart felt processes. A sound shower for 40 minutes where you accessed your body and made the sound that was necessary to clear your blockages. An interview with your penis/Vagina using the name you call it. My name is tripod, different to last time when it was The Lovehammer. In this interview you ask what is your relationship with your Tripod and then you reverse the situation and you interview your Tripod and how it feels about the relationship.

Lots of dancing and great vegan food down the road at Friends of the Earth, ten bucks for lots of healthy food. its interesting the people who attended, quite a few men which is unusual as it is women who are leading the transformation of sexuality movement in Australia. Miroslav and Belinda have the ability to attract all sorts of people.

Here are their links, Belinda https://www.facebook.com/pages/Holistic-Moon/142744245786346 and Miroslav https://www.tribeheart.com.au.  This how I am writing this at 4.30 after having been awake for three hours. I got home well sated and went to bed at 9.40, 4 hours later I woke up, wide awake. I only sleep four hours a night now since starting using Body Balance but thats another story. Thanks to all the beautiful people I shared these experiences with, you have allowed me to get closer to my soul. Namaste, all.


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