Friendship, Cheap at half the Price

Is there a price for friendship? What is a true friend versus a fair-weather one, here are my and some other better known peoples thoughts on it.

I have experienced some heart shuddering moments of friendship through my journey with my mental health issues.People who would not give up on me when I had entered the dark zone of self hatred, for this I must thank my siblings and friends I have made over the years, some of who I thought fitted into the fair-weather arena.

The quote I use to explain friendship is as follows: You cannot judge the value of a friendship, the great ones are based in Love which is priceless at its core. Lets see what others have to say on the matter.

1. friendship1

The Marquise de Sevigne, born in the sixteenth century, was famous for her letters and musing on friendship, In this well known quote she point to the fact that true friends are around when life is rocky as well as smooth sailing.


Martin Luther King is a modern icon of oratory yet in regard to friendship he does not talk about remembering words spoken, but those beautiful moments of silence that occur between friends where words are not necessary.

3. Friendship3

I recently met one of these old friends that Jim Henson is pointing to in this quote, we had met once before but there was nothing I wanted to hold back from her when I got a chance to have a long conversation with her.

4. friendship4

Aristotle was more than a great philosopher and a bugger for the bottle he was a deeply spiritual man, he authored this quote that close friendships are like one soul in two bodies, beautiful.

5. friendship5

How often have we formed friendships because that particular soon to be friend had the same quirky liking or hobby we had, C.S.Lewis the author penned this great ode to just those moments.

6. Friendship6

Ralph Waldo Emerson points to the time I did the worst white South African gumboot dancing in front of a crowd of 5,000 people with two of my oldest friends, you give each other permission to be silly when you know the ins and out of each other.

7. Friendship8

The bard William Shakespeare reminds us that friendships are meant to grow as well as be safe places to hang out in.

8. Friendship7

Albert Camus speaks to what is beautiful about great friendships, that they happen side by side, not trying to one up our friends or follow their beckon and call.

9. Friendship9

Kahil Gibran is not just remembered for the iconic tome The prophet he also is remembered for his spiritual quotes, this is one of them that I like a lot.

10. Friendship10

Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the American president was often in trouble with the establishment for her outspoken views but this lovely quote speaks to a person with a beautiful caring heart.

So I hope this has demonstrated that friendship is a subject that has fascinated people over the centuries, namaste until next time my friends.



1 thought on “Friendship, Cheap at half the Price

  1. Friendship is such a mystery – on one hand we can have childhood friends that are so special and yet we can also meet new people and after having known them for just a moment, feel like we have known then all our lives.


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