Drop In and Live!!

So its time to hit the keypad again. I have decided to write about doing my friend Arion Lights Creative Mastery Course over the past six weeks. Before doing it I had done several one on one sessions with him as I had won one in a Silent Auction at Menergy, a mens retreat I attended late last year. I had spoken to David who had done the previous course and he said that it added to the power of the one on one sessions so I enrolled on the payment plan.

I went along looking forward to the first night and this poem by Arion probably explains where I was going in:

Dear creator…I wanted to say Sorry
I have got life a little bit mixed up
I thought you gave me a purpose I had to fulfil
And I have been trying so hard to do it
But I got tired and Lost, In all my effort
Then finally I realised you were not asking me to do it
You were offering it to me as a gift
And all I had to do was empty myself for you
And now I offer my whole being as your canvas
So the beautiful purpose you whispered on the mountain
Can flow in every pore and melt the deepest marrow
And through me all who grace my dance
Sorry Again about that
It is much more fun this way…

The six weeks was a journey in facing the beauty and the crap of life and letting go and accepting it all.

First week we look at Essence – the sacred place within us all that remembers the truth, beauty and wisdom of who we really are. This place is not readily obtainable when you are a head merchant like myself and the thoughts are going through at thousands a second. So I spent a lot of time coming home to the Breath and fighting my monkey mind.

Second week Arion added the distinction of Embodiment – a process that takes you through what are the patterns that a situation creates in your Breath, Movement, feelings, Thought, Sight and Word. I had definitely not done this in all the other courses and seminars I had tried to fix myself with over the Years. I will put the six quotes here so I don’t give away too much as it is a experiential thing and Arion has an online program coming up so it will be available world wide.


If you want to master your world, master your breath. The breath is the gateway to the Soul.


Our body structure shapes the foundation of our reality


Beyond our ever-changing surface emotions is an ocean of raw creative energy that can be awoken and ridden like a wild dragon


Beyond the fragile immature thought of our human mind is a vast and limitless intelligence that can be the wise and directive force in our lives


What we see is not fixed but a wild tapestry of possibility woven by the focus of our perception


Beyond just describing reality our words are of the pure essence of creation, directing reality in each moment, inside and out

I did my first two on Joyous Belonging and I am enough as these are two issues I have constantly battled over my time on this planet.

Week three we looked at the Yin and Yang of Mother and Father and how to move from Action to get things done Essence to Essence expressing Action. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s quote on this sums it up pretty well

When I am….completely myself, entirely alone
then my ideas flow best and most abundantly
Whence and how these ideas come
I know not nor can I force them

Creating the essence of my visions through the six domains was fun sometimes and excruciating at other times. I did the ones I found easiest first and didn’t look at the one regarding my home for two weeks, no issue there, not.

By now you might be asking a question what does Arion Look like, so here he is.


By the time week four came around Life had been putting things in the way of completing the homework, yes you do have homework, its not that difficult, listening to some guided meditation and filling some sheets out, so I was looking forward to what we call Renewal. The distinction that Everything is a gift was freeing as with everyone else I have areas I do not like visiting. My deep down one is I am Revoltingly disgusting, a joyous space to hang out in.. I found in Visiting these areas it allowed me to be more in the world through simply accepting it and not fighting it. Doing this through the six domains took me places I had not been before in confronting this lock, an expression used in the course to name something that quells your freedom in areas in your life.

The focus of week five was Liberation, the possibility of living free from the confines of the Mind, Yay!! The deeper I am willing to do this work the more layers I will have courage to shed, the deeper the calling the more the practice will become sacred and the deeper the calling the simpler it will become. I by now knew with my core that when I am suffering it is because I have put the essence of whatever the situation is outside me, so this work is an ode to personal responsibility.


Celebration and sadness were in the air week six, we had a communal picnic on the lawn outside and then had a completion exercise inside where we held the course, its very cosy. Back to Arion for some words on what I got out of this course,

Everything is here now. Everything
You can create anything that you embody as essence and allow into action
The only thing that stands in your way is identification with thoughts and feelings
Thats All.

I battle with this on an hourly basis but I have the tools to transform it. Thank you from my heart space Arion for becoming my Facebook friend and being such a mad bastard at Menergy and offering your session in the silent auction. I will use this work for the rest of my life.

As I mentioned before he is taking it worldwide, here is the link https://www.facebook.com/events/1565828673697982/ get on board and transform the world.

Namaste my friends until next time



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