Its funny what you find when you do a major cleanup of your apartment, I found these two rather interesting pieces of paper that I had written two lists on, One was entitled Blissipline , so thanks to Joseph Campbell for the title of this blog, its not even a word in the dictionary but I like it a lot.

I wrote Being in the state of flow at the top of the page, Thinking about this I sense this is what we are all seeking in our lives and have to work on the things that prevent us from living in this blissful place all of the time, I’m getting there.

Next was Happiness in the Present, this related to we spend a lot of time remembering the good old times and looking forward to future events but the only moment that true happiness can exist is right now so its up to us to choose that moment to moment.


Now we come to the list, 10 Tactics to attract Bliss into your life:

1. Daily Gratitude Log

I do this via the Desire Map Planner by the brilliant Danielle LaPorte, her Desire Map process is one of the most transformational things I have come across to transform your to do lists. Heres a link to her work,, the book is cheap but you have to put a little time aside for the process

2. Awesomeness Report

I blind people with my Awesomeness, something to work on daily, owning our own greatness in the face of that voice in our head that maybe saying something else. A Powerful tool.

3. Share 10% of profit with employees

If you don’t have employees at the moment but are working towards it change this to Pay yourself 10% of your money before paying anyone else. The change is extraordinary in your relationships when everybody is on side.

4. Sweet Sugar Love Machine

Flourish on Praise, Praise each other. If you do this well you do not even to know the person to praise them as it becomes a skill and raises your empathatic ability.

5. 45/5

5 hours a week out of 50 doing work and stuff should be put aside to learn new things, the world does not stop changing and you need to keep up.


6. Weekly sharing and Training

You learn by teaching, all those new things that you are learning start giving classes on it to your friends or at a neighbourhood house, who knows where it will lead, the world is your oyster. Remember the greats all started small.

7. Group Meditation

Guided Visualisation, Have a vision for what you want in your life and spend some time imagining it in the quiet of stilling the mind.

8. Company sponsored fun

If you are a company of one go dancing, camping, ten pin bowling, trampolining. If not down tools and take all employees at least once a month on a fun adventure, You and they will return the love in spades.

9. Positive Stamina

Look past the wrong, look to the future. Create a Vision board, put the jungle retreat in the Amazon on there. Its a reminder of your dreams.

10. Experiences and Connections

You’re happy when you help others to be happy. As I mentioned above we choose to be happy or not, not always easy but if you are doing it with others the journey is much easier.

I send out thanks to who ever I made this list from listening to, I suspect it was Vishen Lakhiani, CEO of Mindvalley describing his company values, I would like to work for a company that had these values.

The other list will have to wait until next time, its titled Life’s Questions

Namaste until next time, my friends



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