What is Love to you?

I haven’t written a blog since January 1st, a classic case of writers block in this arena, Instead I have been writing daily koans about love on my Facebook page, todays is Love Evolves minute to minute, It is expansive. I have sat in front of the computer several times and attempted to write one but have become free to do it after attending my Friend Arion Lights Creative Mastery course. I learnt to accept my dark spaces and it seems to have shifted a lot.

One of my friends Tania PM’d me the following after she had sent an earlier message thanking me for my posts – Ahhh.. that is wonderful Rod! I see… you are very good with words and uplifting… Choosing to be in the Year of Love.. I like that ! Could you perhaps elaborate on that and share it with us? I am sure many of your friends would like to know what that means, and how it translates into your life.

Last Year I was in the year of the horse and I turned 60, so I thought I would choose an area to empower me in 2015, so I choose the Year of Love. My life purpose is to have the paradigm of Love and Respect for All, Everyone included be the world wide conversation. Just a little thing to take on so I have set a goal of having 10,000 members of my Facebook group Interculturalism within 2 years, this will challenge me sufficiently and is measurable.

I was trying to look up Wikipedia’s version of Love but it doesn’t want to play. So here are some of the koans I have written and what they mean to me in the area of Love.

1. Love Inspires us when we are in touch with our soul.

I believe that Love is underlying all things and that the entry point is from our heart to our eternal soul. The mind has far too much dross attached to the subject to empower us.

2. Love is different every day. It becomes the past, but we live it in the now.

How often does the opportunity to express our love for someone or something show up in our life. I would say daily, do we charge towards these opportunities, It takes an act of bravery for it to be the natural thing to do.

3. Love can be gentle or fierce, All is Magnificent

We all have had days wondering why the bleep did we choose this person to love and days that it is so heart warningly beautiful it oozes out of our pores. Whatever type it is it is the exact type we need at that moment.

4. Decide to be one of those people who share it – Love

When the human race was created the purpose was to be in communities that interacted with each other, I believe this was to be from the space of Love.

5. Acts of Love are beautiful, small or large, It doesn’t matter which

What do you choose when interacting with people, do you follow your judgement of do I like them or not or do you act from Love, asking the question What would love do?

6. Love rewards the Brave, meet it with courage

I know that I often listen to my head as to why I should not express my love for someone, the cost is a moment of glorious ecstasy.

7. Make Peace with All, that is the way of Love

There is always the opportunity to defuse situations by coming from Love, If love is present anger disipates.

8. Make love to your heart, It loves you totally

When we practice the Art of Love, our best friend is our Heart, It is totally on our side

9. Love what you do and the World will Love you back

How do you find love in your life, find what you are passionate about, the world will mysteriously transform into one of wonder.

10. Here’s a new paradigm, take time for love every day

In this ever quickening fast paced world, we often bitch and complain that we don’t have time to do things. Make certain one of your daily practices is to Love.

So Tania, how does it translate in my life? Since taking this on I have visited the dark spaces of my unlovability and worked on accepting it, allowing for miraculous moments of blissful Love to occur.

Also I noticed people have still been reading my blogs even though I have not written one for a very very long time, I thank you for having faith in me.

Namaste until next time my friendsNamaste


1 thought on “What is Love to you?

  1. I particularly like the practise of asking yourself on a daily basis, ‘What would love do?’ It seems to me that these four words work powerfully as a grounding mechanism, a phrase that would be of great assistance when we feel overcome by our reactions.


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