Getting to the bottom of it all to be free.

I have recently been busy with an online Sacred Union course and a course I attended every Monday for six weeks called Creative Mastery. Here are the links if you wish to read more on the subject and During the process I explored the depths of what was my underlying thoughts of why life did not work at times. Creative Mastery has a lot of breath work and Sacred Union works on aligning your chakras with their relevant gods and goddesses to make your relationships shine.

I discovered and had it become OK to be my deepest darkest secret and that if people knew it I would not fall down a deep dark hole. So I have sort of fallen in love with life just walking along the street or being in a deep conversation and everything in between.

Having all this heart felt energy I have decided to pass on my thoughts on some of my favourite quotes on the subject.

1. We are not meant to have everybody in our worlds agree with our every word or action but it helps if our hearts beat as one.

heart to heart1

2. I have put myself in many a situation over my 60 years of existence where I have given away my power to the teacher or guru especially in the area of Tibetan Buddhism often forgetting the inspiring quote below. If you find a servant master situation arising run like hell, it isn’t it.


3. When I was growing up my greatest wish was to fly unaided, I tried parachuting, gliding, hang gliding, bungee jumping and several other equally dangerous past times. I realised that it was actually an inner journey and that the flying I wished ti do was of the spiritual kind. I fell several times quite a long way ending up in pysch clinics before I realised this.


4. During the courses I learnt that one must work on both the dark and light side of ones character. It allows for vulnerability to face that which we hide to grow into our strengths.

I am 1

5. I have a friend that every time we touch or hug it is like our bodies transport to the middle of the Sahara desert, an amazing temperature increase and heart rate flux. How does one measure such a re action on a scale of 1 to 10, what does it mean? 


6. We spend our life hoping like hope this will happen to us and when it does it speaks so true that we wondered why we ever doubted that it would.


7. How often do we shield our heart because our head says no, no, no, no to that action or those words that need to be said or done but we would rather play it safe and survive the moment.


8.  I was lucky that the person who did this for me was born into my family. My sister said to me I don’t care whatever you do, I will still love you. Allowed me to get in touch with love and begin my healing journey for real.


9. We often have great ideas during the night whilst asleep and we often forget them when we wake. They are called dreams, my dreams , your dreams. Its critical we are really awake to fulfill them.


10. Live as if this is all there is, beautiful ethos, walk to the edge, y darlings.


11. I have laughed, wept and had my heart shudder with joy at the beautiful prose that the poets of the world offer us. I had a friend who used to go to markets and create a poem from one word, a remarkable skill of the heart.


I am learning to balance life, this is what life does with balance.


So our first contact for a while, I promise to get back into it, Namaste until next time my friends.



1 thought on “Getting to the bottom of it all to be free.

  1. It must have been great to discover that your desire to fly was a spiritual desire rather than purely physical. It also sounds like you’ve been doing some good work on your shadow.


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