Everyone’s Right of Place.


Do you ever feel out of place? There is a fabulous quote that says we are all geniuses within but try to get a fish to climb a tree and it doesn’t get very far. Its points at that age old wisdom that one has to find our passion in  life to truly discover the genius within. Albert Einstein liked lists as I do so I would like to feature one of his to back up that everyone has a right of place and what we can do to find ours.

1. Follow Your Curiosity.

The world has billions of things to learn, from different cultures to new scientific discoveries. As we grow older we are trained to settle down, fight this with every muscle in your mind, body and heart.

2. Perseverance is Priceless.

I posted a quote about that every one has the same 24 hours as Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela etc. etc. It drove my brother to distraction. Things get done by people who see roadblocks as opportunities not reasons to stop.

3. Focus on the Present.

Eckhart Tolle is visiting my city, Melbourne Australia on Tuesday. His book The Power of Now says it all about the power contained with in this statement. You can’t do anything about the past, The future is yet to happen and will be a past moment of the time that make a difference, the present is the instant in which it  occurs.

4. The Imagination is Powerful.

I love the joy of children playing together, they don’t need computer games and video’s, all they need is their pure, uninhibited imaginations. They can create dragons, imaginary super heroes and countries. Education systems seem to try and crush this out of them as they grow up and become more “mature”, perhaps it should be called the clone system.

5. Make Mistakes

It is said Edison broke thousands of lightbulbs on his journey to discover the one that worked. Don’t wait to have everything perfect before you have a red hot go, you will not start. Mistakes can also be called new opportunities to expand.


6. Live In the Moment.

86,400 seconds in a day. We sleep a lot of them so that we can be alert in the others we are awake. If you are in a funk about something somebody did to you 10 years ago who is missing the opportunity to be the best you can possibly be in the moment. Answers itself. I used to do this but took action about it as I sensed it was costing me my vitality day to day.

7. Create Value.

I have lots of friends who are in the healing profession and face the dilemma of how to charge appropriately for their services. The price of what I am willing to pay for an item or service to me is determined by the answer to the question did I get value being Yes. So this is one time you do not look inwardly for the answer but focus on your audience, did they get value.

8. Don’t Expect Different Results.

How often do you think If Only? This is the booby prize in your life education. What happens happens for a purpose, it may not be nice but our job is to not repeat the dose and grow from the experience. Yes we will go through grief, anger, frustration but the premise is to get the coaching, It couldn’t have happened any other way than how it did.

9. Knowledge Comes From Experience.

As we age we have the opportunity to gain Knowledge. This is different from existing and repeating the same things over and over again. We experience an event in our lives and some times we get an aha moment from it and our knowledge grows which we can pass on t those following in  our path. Aboriginal elders in Australia live by this premise “In our culture, decisions are made for the communal good and the community is considered above the individual need.”

10. Learn the Rules and Then Play Better.

Each of our Societies are governed by a set of rules for each area of its existence. If we want to make great change its our job to know these rules and manipulate them and play the game better than the mediocre players such as many of the political parties that exist as our “rulers” these days.

We all have a right of place and it is our responsibility to discover what that purpose is for each of us individually. Albert has written a very powerful list that can help you access this for yourself. get out on the track and place one foot in  front of each other and begin.

Namaste until next time , my friends.



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