Recreate Your Reality!!


What’s life reflecting back to you? As you travel on your journey is your existence a proud statement about what your passions are. All the great thinkers and inventors changed the current paradigms that existed prior to the acceptance of their ideas or invention. I believe there is a new movement occurring that is changing the planets vibrations for the better and that we will have to go through a near cataclysmic transformation of our existing paradigms before we reach this space.

Throughout history there are continuing examples of empires rising and falling  There is a great map of the persian empire from 8000 B.C. to current day that illustrates this perfectly in a soundscape that goes for a minute and eleven seconds., all these emperors and kings and queens imagined they would last for ever yet they did not.


So why do we live our lives like each and every moment is stuck and things will never change when the evidence points to the exact opposite.  The market for something to believe in is infinite and our logical minds crave Belief even  when it is not healthy for us and shuts down the possibilities available through the recreation  of our realities moment to moment.

Each new meeting with another soul is an opportunity to recreate how we relate to the world. They say the greatest gift you can give another is to actually listen, not wait to people finish so you can pass on your own judgement or wisdom. What if you could relate something somebody said to you three months ago in a conversation, I admit to not being too great at this and have to keep practicing the noble art of listening.

Whole Body Listener

I have been recreating my reality in the past few years and have notice that my tribe has changed and that most of the people I consider close I have not known more than three years. I love Albert Schweitzer’s quote –

In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out

It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another

human being. We should all be thankful for these people

who rekindle the inner spirit.

At the tender age of 60 I have done many things in my life, some extraordinary, some flakey. I discover my passion two years ago, it is the ethos of Interculturalism: Love and Respect for All, Everyone Included. I wish to see a world where that is the paradigm we live by. I work at an Intercultural Centre and have created an open Facebook group for people to get on board sharing this world wide . When it gets all too much and I fall into but this is impossible I talk to one of these  new friends across the world I have made that believe in the change that is coming and get rekindled each time.

So three questions to assist you in helping you recreate your reality when it starts to weigh you down.

1. Is your perception true ?

– Byron Katie makes this the first question  of her inspirational worksheet attached to her transformational process in  The Work . If the only person we ask is our selves with our attached judgements and evidence the answers we come up with are somewhat limited.

2. Have you found your passion ? 

Bored doing what you do, Many thought leaders say you will never work another day in your life when you discover what you truly love doing. Don’t accept that you have to stay where you are, begin your passion as your hobby and work towards it becoming your livelihood, one step at a time my friends.

3. Who is your Tribe ?

I had a real problem with all my new friends being half my age until I got to see that its about who you really are not how old you are and it was these people who were my soul people and would be the ones who are up to making the difference that is happening to have the new paradigms occur on the planet.

There is no reason to get stuck in a reality that does not empower you, all the tools and people are out there.

Namaste until next time, my friends



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