Women of Faith

I have been coming across some women I have known for years who have returned to the faith of the words of jesus Christ, one of them pointed out the difference between this and organised religion, which was about patriarchal power and money grabbing from their parishioners, AKA the Hillsong phenomenem, where the head pastor lives in an 11 million US mansion.

I had always believed that Jesus Christ was not a christian but a prophet of love, in some of his actions you could see him as a revolutionary badass e.g. the whipping of the traders in the temple etc. What brought these women , Vanessa, Karina, Margaret and Alex to make this decision. The following story by my friends Marc and Angel Chernoff poinnt to what it may be:

“Once upon a time, there was a girl whoo could do anything in the world she wanted. All she had to do was choose something and focus. So one day she sat down to a blank canvas and began to paint. Every stroke was. more perfect than the next, slowly and gracefully converging to build a flawless masterpiece. And when she eventually finished ainting, she stared proudly at her work and smiled.

It was obvious to the clouds and the stars, who were also watching over her, that she had a gift. She was an artist. And she knew it too. She felt it in every fiber of her being. But a few moments after she finished painting, she got anxious and quickly stood up. Because she realized that while she had the ability to do anything in the world she wanted to do, she was simply spending het time moving paint arond on a pieve of canvas.

She felt there was so much more in the wrld to see and do – so many options. And if she ultimatelly decided to do something else with her life, then all the time she spent painting would be a waste. So she glanced at her masterpiece one last time, and walked out the door into the moonlight. And as she walked, she thought, and then she walked some more.

Whie she was walking, she didn’t notice the clouds and the stars who were trying to signal her, because she was preoccupied with an important decision she had to make. She had to choose one thing to do out of all the possibilities in the world. Should she practice medicine or design buildings? Or teach children? She was utterly stumped.

Twent five years later, the girl began to cry. Because she realized she had been walking for so long, she had become so enamored by everything she could do – the endless arrays of possibilities – that she hadn’t done anything meaningful at all. And, she learned, at last, that life isn’t about possibility -anything is possible. Life is about making a decision – deciding to do something that moves you.

So the girl, who was no longer a girl, purchased some canvas and paints from a local craft store, drove to a nearby park, and began to paint. One stroke gracefully led into the next as it had so many moons ago. And as she smiled, she continued painting through the day and into the night. Because she had finally made a decision. And there was still some time left to meet in the magic that life is all about.

And a list to support this theory:

  1. You only get one life to pursue the dreams that make you vome alive.
  2. Someone else’s approval is just another opinion.
  3. The only opinion of you that matters is your own.
  4. Some people will never give you their approval anyway
  5. Everyone’s journey and perspective on life is totally different.
  6. Firsthand experience is often necessary for personal growth.
  7. Your intuition requires no approval.
  8. Life is too short to wait any longer.

Time for some quotes and music:

And especially in the now.

hat is greater to trust than your own faith.

It goes both ways, we know that.


You regain self love when you find your faith, that is why you glow.

And it gives you the strength to make it all the way.

Recover your lifes purpose, find your faith.

Its in the knowing, karina told me that.

These women of faith seem to have found that, they glow with it.

Are we willing to walk through that wall.

Its a daily journey, Faith.

On that journey, it is wise to remember this.

Faith has some compaions, like this group of habits.

This is a vital part of the recipe if you wish it to come out perfectlly.

Well its time for a few of my words, when I had faith I used to write koans to save the world, here are two of them: Love and respect for all, Everybody included and It’s up to us, Because we can, it’s our time.

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Namaste until next time I write, my dear internet friends in 160 countries world wide, OMG.