Give with All of Your Heart.


I chose to write on this because I recently watched the inspiring Youtube about Narayanan Krishnan, chef turned social worker  who gave up feeding the wealthy in his home city to feed the poor and the homeless, he stated that it wasn’t just about the food it had to also come with love for it to have any effect.

They say the heart is home to our soul and the mind is its advisor, more often than not when we follow our heart it turns out for the better versus the supposedly logical or illogical ideas the minds seems to offer up. The heart is the core of our joy, creativity and loving, It is when the heart is touched by a mighty passion that we perform at our best because nothing can stop us from achieving that which we intend to have happen as did the Incans when they built Macchu Picchu so many years ago.


Love is not discussed in the business world as it is deemed to be about making a profit over emotions such as love. Yet What is Love was the most searched question on Google in 2012. The ancient Greeks decided it was too complex to have one type of love and therefore they had six different words for six different types of love. The two most common are agape, love for everyone and pragma, the deep love that develops between couples over time. People do not tend to remember how much they earned over a lifetime but whose hearts they touched and who touched theirs.

A great exercise to strengthen your heart is to for the next 24 hours notice negative emotions when they happen. Behind each negative emotion there tends to be a negative thought. Notice what you are thinking and turn it around, flip it into something more positive. If you hold that negative thought for more than thirty seconds, start your twenty four hours again. This trains you in focusing on your positives, what you do brilliantly and what you wish to do better not what you did wrong.


What is Love to you? To me it often the simple things, the lick of a family pet, the laugh of my elderly mum, the passion I have for Interculturalism, my favourite music, the music of the indigenous people of my country, but is also the complex things such as the work of Medecins Sans Frontieres, doctors who work in the most dangerous places in the world to provide medical aid to the victims of war, plague and other disasters providing love to these people which would otherwise be unavailable.

If you are living the life you love you may have worked through these six questions:

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

We all had dreams as children as to what we would do and be when we grew up, they were often crushed out of us as impractical and not a way to make a real living. So if you have been given the chance again to relive those dreams what have you chosen.

Is this an action that you would defend and be happy to explain to your parents?

Our major relationships are often with our parents and siblings, they know us the best as they have spent the most time with us. Can you tell your parents with passion what you are up to and have them get it.

Is it making the world a better place?

Self love is important but is what you are spending your time on improving the situation for others, giving them a heart felt service, lifting them up from the place they have fallen down to. This is an important question to have answered to be in love with your life.

When you think about it calmly. Does it feel like the right thing to do?

A lot of people meditate, when you meditate on what you are doing to fulfil your life, does it feel AOK, I should be doing this over anything else, simply the right thing to do.

Does it make you a better person?

If you are operating from your heart space, are you being a better person because of this or are you still the same self centred individual, one would hope not as you have spent the time and effort to investigate what it is that inspires you on a day to day basis.

Will someone else’s life be enriched as a result?

As I mentioned previously you do not remember how much money you have earned when you reflect on your life but who you have touched and who has touched you. As you fulfil your passion remember it is in the giving of your openheartedness that touches and enriches others lives. The focus in fulfilling your passion should be out there, the love of self is the internal quest.

If you give with all your heart I believe you will never work another day in your life, as you will love what you do and you will be living a life of passion.

Namaste until next time, my friends.



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