Bliss Is my Essence!

What makes your life thrive? I attended this amazing workshop on this subject this week called Thrive, funnily enough, going along not knowing what to expect. My friends Arion Light and Jules Sutherland have created this sacred space to help people access their vision and set out steps to have miracles occur in your life.

A courageous group of about 20 turned up, some with their vision pretty much worked out and others who where there to find words to express theirs. We go through life discovering  things that inspire us but often do not go past that as we lack the support or knowledge on how to make them concrete.

The premise was offered that visions are not results driven but come from the heart because the head or mind can find all the reasons why they will not work. We did a breathing exercise to access our big vision, mine is to gift my book, Ten Words, transform a Life to the world by June 2015. I have always intended to write it but never saw it as a gift to the world so something shifted in the exercise.

As we meet monthly we then worked on a little vision for the month, something that would inspire us to fulfil our big vision, I chose to complete the first draft of the first two chapters, I only have the book title and the chapter names as I write this. I really don’t know how to turn ten words into 20 to 50,000 but as my phone buddy Kira said don’t think about the number of words just write them and see what happens.

We then moved onto the essence of the vision doing another breathing exercise to access this, its amazing how you can access your hearts essence when you focus on the breath and not the head. I have five core desired feeling form the work  I do with Danielle La Porte: I am Peace, I am Bliss, I am Love, I am H.O.P.E. – Helping Other People Evolve and I am Abundance. Bliss kept resonating with me during this exercise so for this month my essence is bliss and my commitment is to write in a blissful state.

We then set out our core actions/practices out, I will be writing for half an hour each weekday and for two hours on Sunday and be in contact with Balboa Press about having my not yet completed book published.We then asked for help in regards to having our vision come into reality so I now have a phone buddy for a call each day at 7.30 a.m. to empower the day. I am feeling more and more blissful and its only two days into the month and loving my new Thrive community.

To contact Arion Jules and Danielle

Namaste to next time my friends