Do you write Love Letters?

I write Love letters, yes by hand to anonymous people.

I took up the practice when I came across a Ted talk The idea of receiving letters from strangers appealed to me so I looked up the website as you do and signed up about 12 months ago.

I have written about 60 love letters in that time and have had the gift of expressing unconditional love as it cannot have conditions, you do not know them. I’ve written to China, The Philippines, the good old U.S of A., England, Germany and Australia where I live. You are told a little background about the person and away you go. Write on!!

I have also taken up the practice of writing Love Letters to people I know as well, Its quite a beautiful thing to do , to acknowledge the reasons you love another person in your community. If I don’t have their address I email them one, but much prefer using my colour crayons as it appeals to my inner child.

I use distinctly Australian cards that an organisation I sponsor, Indigenous Community Volunteers produce. I get about three packs for an additional $20 in sponsorship, so that covers me for three months and its all tax deductible.

So some questions for you –

1. Who do you love that you would take time to write a letter to?

2. Are you open enough to receive a bunch of love letters from strangers?

3. Are you open enough to receive a love letter from family or friends?

4. What is stopping me doing this beautiful practice?

If you want any easy access to self love I recommend you take this on, if five letters is too much you don’t have to write to everyone, just as many as your heart and soul can handle, it will open them up in ways you cannot foresee.

Namaste till next time , my friends



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