Make a Heart felt decision!

Beautiful Heart

Our life is filled with day to day decisions that we need to make to get from point A to B. Such as I will leave at this time to get to where I need to go to, I will continue doing the thing I do to make money even though it does not inspire me and it is definitely a job not a passion, and what will I give my priority too to make it through to another day.

When I walked out of Melbourne Clinic Psychiatric unit after 28 days just four months ago, which was my fourth internment in the last 10 years I vowed that I would never return. I have kept getting into these situations by not listening to my heart and just giving up. It seemed easier at the time, a seemingly silly thing to do that put me in a often called looney bin, but your mind is a fascinating beast when left to control itself.

So what have I done since then, I have taken the opportunities that come my way courtesy of my heart. Four workshops, two of the same to cut the mental ties that constrict me. I discovered that I had killed my sexuality 10 years ago in a toxic relationship that I was unwilling to walk away from powerfully and that this prevented me from being in another. My mind was providing the your’e just getting old story, reasonably believable at 60. This story was another one blocking my access to the beauty of my new friendships, I was harbouring the thought its not okay to be twice as old as your tribe, at one of the workshops I linked up with a 22 year old, someone a third of my earth years, it was like we had known each other for ever.

In one of the workshops Michele, the workshop leader http://www.WithinWithoutCoaching asked me had I put myself in the blog I wrote about my favourite ten thought leaders, Listening from my heart I could see this as a possibility, when I wrote the article my mind did not allow this but I have taken it on from my heart felt space. Another opportunity I got was totally unexpected, I attended the International World day of peace in Melbourne, Australia and met this remarkable woman, Emeli Paulo from I had gone there to meditate and abuse my body with Yoga not to gain access to what stops me, this is the promise Emeli made in the mini workshop she ran, I discovered when it gets to great I run away, so I wrote on my card: Stop Running Away.

What is the difference between a heartfelt decision and a thought from your mind – the heart felt decision can transform you, mind thoughts you simply survive, I know this is good enough at times but no more in my life, thank you very much.

So my request, open your heart and soul and make decisions form there, your life will transform, I promise you. Namaste until next time my friends.


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