My Glory Days of 2022

Was it the ecstatic dances, the pizza nights around at my sister’s, and her partner Keith having made a few thousand pizzas over the years? Christmas Day was pretty good, although we lost one during the year, .We got to eat the best pavlova in Australia courtesy of Phillip.

My two highlights occurred in the last week of the year, totally unexpected. At 68 years old I had given up on my heart being touched in a romantic way, yet this is what happened when n amazing woman, whom I had never met up to that moment gave me a ride home from Dance on a sultry Naarm/Melbourne evening here where, I, the failed public servant, career-wise and the Alternative GP and women’s sexuality coach heading back to Preston from Kangaroo Ground, quite a drive. Not formulae you would give any chance of success. I don’t know if anything will come of it, but that ride was the most enjoyable 40 minutes I have spent in the last decade.

The second occurred when at a moment’s whim on New Years’ day, instead of replying to the annual Facebook parade of Happy New Year with an even bigger Happy New Years’ firework display, I simply wrote back: Love Yoe. and their name, It was nice of Paul Kelly, one of Australia’s most prominent singer/songwriters and two members of our Federal Parliament to acknowledge them, and yes, one of the first names was Anthony. But this simple message I received via messenger the following morning was all the regard I really wanted. It simply stated: That os the first time in 5 years anyone has told me that they loved me, Thankyou. So, please tell your loved ones that you love them on a regular basis.

Time for the Marc and Angel list:

  1. Appreciate what you have.
  2. Focus on things that really matter
  3. Define your own meaning of life, and pursue it.
  4. Embrace life’s Challenges.
  5. Find the balance that allows you to be who you truly are.
  6. Love your body enough to take care of it.
  7. Limit your time with negative people.
  8. Treat others the way you want to be treated,
  9. Set a good example.
  10. Accept what is, and live for the possibilities that lie ahead..

Now it is time, for the quotes and songs. Over the years I have used 12,000 quotes and 5,000 songs. I suppose that makes me a bit of a maven at it. here we go.

Do you believe in your Glory Days, do you tell stories about them round the dinner table like I do?

I am a bogan boy from the bush. I have a love for the Geelong Football Club in the AFL, Go Cats.

Time after Time, it slips by.

As we travel down our life’s journey. Our Glory Days change’

What was your name again?

Sometimes we have to be dragged screaming towards what will be our Glory days.

Luckily vinyl has made a massive return.

My bucket list profession is world champion, pro surfer.

This is why I ran marathons for 5 years, the joy of smashing your feet into footpaths for 200km a week.

Reminds me of the School Prom.

I agree, it is our duty to be present at this exact moment.

In search of these, grown men even believe the BS about joining the Armed Forces.

What if every day was our glory days?

That is why people get pissed off at concerts when artists want to play their latest creations.

I want to make a couple of points in closing, We still have time. I was having a cuppa with Mother Earth the other day, and she said that she really didn’t want to write humanity an eviction notice, as she likes our sense of humour. It’s up to us, Because we can, It’s our time.

One of my goals for 2023 is to raise a million dollars for the organisation that I volunteer for that has helped restore my soul so if you have enjoyed reading my words, here is the link to throw them a few bucks:. Seems WordPress will not allow me to add the image, here is the link:

Until we meet again, which I guess will be twice a week. Also if you enjoy it, I would appreciate a review, my last one was pre lockdown in 2019


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