The Best of the best

It is 12:01am in Naarm/Melbourne, exactly a year after I wrote my last blog. the day I promised I would return to the airwaves with my meanderings about Life at I am an Interculturalist. Even though I wrote only one blog in 2022, It was visited by 3.598 visitors for 4,899 views in 120 countries China being the 6th highest readership. smashing down the firewalls that say no to freedom, That is what comes from having 4.8 million words floating around the airwaves about possibility, people are dying for it.

I used to write a top ten influencers on the airwaves every year, then along came Covid and Cest la vie, and this practice ceased.

So once again, I make my offering to the ether of the universal airwaves. My top ten, congratulations to the finalists, I do not rate you one to ten, but honour you for the difference you make to the planet with your modalities.

I am going, to begin with, the Australian contingent, of which there are five, go you good things, we make up 50 per cent of the best offerings on the world wide web. In no order:

Dane Tomas: The Dark Wizard of the Australian Conscious Movement. Ex Rapper, entrepreneur, and Creator of distinctions galore. Why I have included Dane is that I am jealous of his I don’t give a fuck, let’s get something done attitude, something our beautiful community of First World Problematic wanna-be gods and goddesses sorely lack, including myself.

I have made chai for my beautiful friend Phoenix for the past six years. She is the holder of the Dancing Freedom modality, which is based on the elements. The session is in three parts. The transformational bit where Phoenix allows you to get in touch with the energy of Mother Earth through her words Then there is the dancing bit, where you get to feel better about yourself for two days listening to the best-compiled music, check it out over on Mixcloud under WhiteCalf, you will never have to spend a dollar on purchasing dance music again. Then there is my bit, The drinking of Chai, caffeine free of course, we can’t have people drinking black tea chai at 10.30 at night, can we. This is the part where you get to follow up those lustful thoughts about that person on the dance floor because you can actually speak to them, as the dance floor is a silent space. I intend to retire Phoenix from the practice of the music, she has trained enough goddesses to do the dance bit, but none of them has the power of her voice.

Sigourney Belle Weldon is someone I have never met in real life. But I know she will have made a profound difference in my life every time I read her powerful words, Her latest offering is called Holly Wealth, it will be profound as all the rest of her work has been.

I have recently begun volunteering at this simple man’s organisation, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Naarm/Melbourne. Yes, we provide them with basics like food, health and legal assistance. But what we really do, is return the dignity that was stolen from them by governments of both ilks in our country when they created the disgusting distinction, of boat people. If you have a spare million dollars to donate to a worthy cause, tax-deductible of course, check out our ASRC website, there is a link there, we accept any currency.

I did not know this remarkable woman six months ago. We became FB friends and she taught me to laugh again with her posts. To say she is a genius at it is a gross understatement. All of you other thought leaders on this list, I ask that you throw everything you have got at her. Ally is only beginning her journey, but she is going to be magnificent. I think Ally only has a personal Facebook page, so Ally, when you start receiving Facebook friend requests from Iceland and St, Kitts, the most expensive tourist island in the West Indies, don’t be concerned, they are from the same DNA as us.

Now we head overseas and meet Marc and Angel Chernoff, two university lovebirds out of Florida. Without a doubt the best list creators on the planet, Yes I have regularly stolen them to include in my blogs so I look smarter than the average bunny. Their books are sensational, Google their name and you will find a link.

Out of Canada, meet Danielle LaPorte, creator of the Desire Map and other classics. I used to buy her planner each and every year, the postage was more than the cost of the planner, but it was worth it for the little vignettes lying within. Danielle has lots of free stuff. I wrote an application to become her freelance copywriter recently. I have not had a real job for ten years so my CV was my words, I suppose that is what a copywriter is meant to provide, so,

well and good.

Ex bad boy of the music scene, a lover of the white powder. Mastin created The Daily Love blog, with 800,000 followers, most of who were recognised as of the female variety. Mastin walked away as he knew this was not his true calling, he does the most extraordinary trauma work available.

Luminta, better known as Purpose Fairy, is out of Romania. Also a great creator of lists, but I value her for her authenticity, She has a great giveaway called 15 Things you should give up to be Happy, this is what swept her to fame.

Just a Facebook group I think, I may be wrong, but I know that I reshare each and every one of their offering of possibility.

Creator of the sublime Est Trainings back in the 70s. Werner was crushed by the muggles when they found out what it was providing humanity, It is still around in the much more sanitised form known as the Landmark Forum. Back in the day, it was two weekends, so the trainers half destroyed your identity then back to work for a week to return for the job to be completed, WTF. Werner created all the distinctions that they still use today. If you want a year’s free training in two hours watch his stuff on Youtube, especially on Leadership and Compassion and you will wonder what all the fuss about Tony Robbins and Jordan Peterson is all about, these people are but rank amateurs in his presence.

That is the list, The first slogan I created: It’s up to Us Because We Can, it’s Our time. My ethos in life: Love and Respect for All, Everyone Included.

A distinction for you in regard to Social Media: Facebook is your Vision Board, so do not let anyone shit in its pace, do the work – Byron Katie. Never post on Instagram, there is a trick that does it for you with your Facebook posts. I have never posted on Instagram and have 5,000 followers who love what I post, little do they know, I find Twitter useful to release frustrations, still, the only place you can call Donald Trump a cunt and get away with it, LinkedIn, my new baby is where the big bucks are, you definitely have to do the work, I have gone from a 40 out f 100 rating to 68 and I have only written three of my own posts. My bogan friend Adam Holohan, out of Sydney, where I learnt my superpowers for the cost of one of his books, it only took me 28 months to think, damn, I might give this a try, and spectacular results followed.

All the words, where they come from. I have spent easily $100,000 on trying to feel better about myself over the past 30 years. Imagine my surprise when I woke up after a simple zoom session on the nurturer archetype, which was obviously me, having been the World’s Greatest Volunteer for decades with a hundred thousand dollars of the most profound wisdom lodged in my body, and for the steak knives they had given me a voice, something I had wished for my entire 68-year life, yes I am an old fucker, aka Elder.

See you in the arena of life: I was having a cuppa with Mother Earth the Other day and she was a bit sad. She really didn’t want to write an eviction notice to humanity, she loves our sense of humour.

I will steal one of Dane’s distinctions to close, Peace Out.


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